Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

So begins the precedent that people can follow/scare unarmed people all over gated communities for no reason at all and then shoot them dead when there is retaliation of any sort.


That, or, The Trayvon Martin Foundation can attempt to reform our shitty laws and judicial system. RIP kid — you had no shot.

Bottom line: You can’t do something unlawful and claim self defense. In Florida, scaring somebody is considered assault. Assault is unlawful. That said, Zimmerman couldn’t claim self defense or Stand Your Ground.

For some reason, the prosecution didn’t do their job explaining this to the jury. It’s a sad day — again — for our judicial system.

Two NEW Maps of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin Chase

Back in 2012, I posted these 2 maps hypothesizing George Zimmerman’s pursuit of Trayvon Martin (including timing from Zimmerman’s call to police)…


A month or so ago, I received an email (not from a bcclist commenter) asking if I considered the option that Zimmerman arrived at Retreat View Circle and headed south (instead of walking back west towards the T).

While I originally suggested Trayvon may have taken this route home, I never drew out a variation of Zimmerman pursuing in such a manner. So, there are 2 new maps below — the 1st suggests Trayvon reached home via the inner path and the 2nd suggests he took Retreat View Circle.

Map 3.1 from 6/27/2013…


Map 3.2 from 6/27/2013…


Why are these 2 maps (and this one) so intriguing?

  • At least 2 witnesses have stated they saw shadows running from south to north before the scuffle began and the shot was fired.
  • Zimmerman has 2+ minutes to account for from when his call ended with police to when the scuffle with Trayvon Martin began. Any of the maps depicting a south to north chase account for this gap in time (since it would have taken time for Zimmerman to get from north to south on Retreat View Circle).
  • Brandy Green – Tracy Martin’s girlfriend – stated the day after the murder that Trayvon was sitting on her porch and then somebody shot him up by the T.

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Notes from Rachel Jeantel’s Day 1 Testimony

Rachel Jeantel Zimmerman TrialA few things I noticed after watching some of “Dee Dee’s” day 1 testimony yesterday…

  • I understood everything Rachel was saying and was just as annoyed as she was for having to repeat so many statements. But, I wish somebody would have advised her to remain composed and on point no matter how unnecessary she thought repeating her answers and the questions were. You could tell West was fucking with her by asking dumb/confusing/detail laden/”boring” questions, pausing for long periods of time, and acting overly calm when she was obviously anxious.
  • Didn’t it seem like Rachel was trying to tell the court/jury that she thought Trayvon was directly outside of Brandy’s house/porch before being chased (from south to north) that final time?
  • Rachel mentioned telling Trayvon that Zimmerman, the creepy man watching him, could be a rapist. There’s nothing significant to her assertion other than bcclist commenters previously imagining what it would be like fleeing from a potential rapist in the dark rainy night. I.e. Not wanting to lead a predator back to the house and Chad.
  • I think the defense was prepping Rachel for an upcoming bombshell by asking why she thought it took Trayvon 30 minutes to get to the mailboxes from 7/11. There could be more to this story based on her dodgy response, the 3 hooded guys that bought 4 cigars after Trayvon was denied a cigar and left 7/11, and Trayvon’s sealed cellphone records. Regardless, as mentioned here, none of this means Trayvon Martin should have been profiled/chased/killed that night
  • It sucks that Rachel lied about both her age (makes sense, she’s extremely paranoid/watches way too much TV drama) and attending the wake…she had to admit this under oath yesterday.

Note: The above is a one off blog posting during George Zimmerman’s trial. This BccList.com forum posting — see the comment section here — is where the conversation is continuing.

John Guy Opening Statement George Zimmeran Case

I’m not quite sure John Guy’s opening statement could have been scripted/delivered much better. It starts at the 20:40 mark here…

Per Mr. Guy’s opening statement, most of the postings on BccList discuss the tangled web of lies that Zimmerman has spun regarding the shooting of Trayvon Martin but here are two pretty decent recaps…



Note: The above is a one off blog posting during George Zimmerman’s trial. This BccList.com forum posting — see the comment section here — is where the conversation is continuing.

I Forget — Was Trayvon Martin Armed?

Of course not…


So, weed/gun pics mean what — besides absolutely nothing — to this case?

One day, I hope to figure out/understand why the MSM is covering the case as they have been. Meaning, they’ve literally reported nothing of importance yet…nothing. Until then, I guess the goal is to incite emotion/pageviews from both sides?

Bottom line: No matter how many gun/weed pics Trayvon Martin had on his phone, Zimmerman can’t win a self defense (or stand your ground) case if — leading up to the murder — it’s well known/documented that he committed an act of assault by chasing an unarmed teen walking home with skittles and iced tea all over a gated community.

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Stand Your Ground Hearing for George Zimmerman?

This hearing — to be ruled by Judge Lester (assuming he’s still presiding over the case) — is the defense’s only hope in my opinion. I (rhetorically) wonder if the Zimmermans’ trying to game the legal system during the bond hearing(s) will come back to haunt them…


Thank you, Sharvey and diaryofasuccessfulloser.

Unfortunately for Zimmerman’s legal team, a potential Stand Your Ground hearing was announced on the same day I first started noticing the following YouTube video fly across twitter. Bad timing!

“You Got a Problem Homie?” Mash-Up:

Thank you, Sharvey and CherokeeNative.

Without being said, somebody is screwed and his initials are GZ.

Update from 8/09 – Why George Zimmerman Can’t Win a Stand Your Ground Hearing:


Update from 8/13 – Zimmerman defense appeals Judge Lester’s refusal to step down:


Thank you, aussie and willisnewtown.

Update from 8/13 – O’Mara: “I’m not sure this is a stand your ground case…but rather a “traditional self-defense” case.”


Thank you, aussie and willisnewtown.

Update from 8/30 – Appeal Court Removes Judge Lester in George Zimmerman Case:

Thank you, CommonSenseForChange and willisnewtown.

The above posting is the 5th of 5 postings that includes updates regarding the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman shooting. The others can be found here…

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BccList.com Mentioned in the Miami Herald

The following is an interesting article by Frances Robles of the Miami Herald regarding “amateur sleuths” blogging about the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin shooting — I’m sincerely honored that BccList.com is mentioned…


3 things worth noting…

1) Dan Linehan from Wagist.com insists Zimmerman was the person heard screaming for help in one of the 911 calls. There’s absolutely nothing credible to support this assertion.

Two independent forensics experts said it was Trayvon crying for help. (edit: One forensics expert said it was NOT Zimmerman screaming for help and one expert said it WAS Trayvon’s voice) And, the FBI only stated they couldn’t confirm with 100% certainty who was heard.

In fact, nobody has said it was accused murderer yelling for help other than Zimmerman (and his family). Zimmerman (and family), having already lied under oath, have also said his mouth was being covered by Trayvon during the scuffle. But, of course, there are no breaks heard in the screams for help leading up to the fatal gunshot. Keep in mind, as noted in evidence dump #2, Zimmerman’s ex-fiancée said the injunction he filed in response to her’s was basically a mirror image of what actually happened the night of their fight in 2005.

2) Did Trayvon Martin get denied a cigar at 7/11 and then have the hooded guys buy him one? It doesn’t matter – at all – to his murder later that night but…

After (possibly) being denied tobacco at the 3:02 mark of the below video, Trayvon pays for his snacks, leaves, 3 hooded guys come in complaining about the weather (6:26 mark), they ask for 3 and then 4 cigars, leave, and a figure (possibly Trayvon) is seen walking left to right past the store window at the 9:14 mark.

To clearly reiterate, Trayvon Martin (possibly) obtaining a cigar obviously doesn’t justify being murdered by a crazy armed vigilante.

3) Jeralyn Merritt from TalkLeft.com apparently believes harassment, assault, aggravated stalking, Murder 2 (I’ll add the possibility of a premeditated Murder 1 charge), etc. are legal.

Moreover, before accusing Trayvon Martin of doubling back, she may want to check out map 2 which explains the 2+ minute gap in Zimmerman’s statement and coordinates well with Brandy Green’s, Witness #8’s, and Witness #2’s statements:


Then again, debating George Zimmerman supporters is worthless.

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