Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

So begins the precedent that people can follow/scare unarmed people all over gated communities for no reason at all and then shoot them dead when there is retaliation of any sort.


That, or, The Trayvon Martin Foundation can attempt to reform our shitty laws and judicial system. RIP kid — you had no shot.

Bottom line: You can’t do something unlawful and claim self defense. In Florida, scaring somebody is considered assault. Assault is unlawful. That said, Zimmerman couldn’t claim self defense or Stand Your Ground.

For some reason, the prosecution didn’t do their job explaining this to the jury. It’s a sad day — again — for our judicial system.

88 thoughts on “Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

  1. I purchased the URL Trayvonmartinlegacy.com to give to the family.I hope they will accept it and use it to forward his legacy. I live in Jax., am a white grandmother and the trial was lost when the jury lacked diversity.

    Maybe,this will cause real change to occur as happened in Rodney King and LA whereas if GZ had been found guilty people would just close the door to the real wound festering.

    I am so grief stricken for Trayvon’s family. I understood the OJ verdict, nullification, the CA verdict had no cause of death,failure to search all search engines,jury hated prosecutor , overcharged,but this verdict? Reading now the state failed to explain how murder occurred and they failed to present all the work Tchiopi and others did on the clubhouse videos.

    I really think it wouldn’t have mattered with an all white jury in central Fl., legacy of Jackie Robinson.

    Thank you bcc.listers. It was always about justice but discounted early on as ” everybody needs a hobby” by the Miami Herald, no less.

  2. Thanks to all here. We know the truth about Zimmy Georgy. I am simply amazed that jurors are not told about racial profiling. They were not told everything. They did not get all the questions answered. I so wish someone would step in and explain it.

    Flabberghasted the real asshole got away. Or will he? Does he still have a passport? They might like him in Peru…

  3. I’m just disgusted, hope the state of Florida is proud of what they did to an innocent young man, just running out to the corner store.

    Looking at the picture of Martin’s body, makes me wonder, where was the side walk. His body is nowhere near a side walk.

    If Zimmerman fire into Martin from below, wouldn’t he be covered in Martin’s blood and DNA? Would the impact of a 9mm, at point blank range, be enough to lift Martin off of Zimmerman? Or would Martin, having just been shot through the heart, just collapse onto Zimmerman? How did Zimmerman get out from under Martin, without getting covered in Blood?

    This verdict is a shame…

  4. GOD BLESS you all, thankyou for this blog. I am at a lost for words. I am at work now after getting less than 6 hours of sleep. I had to pick my 16 year old up after he returned from a football tournament. Me and him had a talk and hugged. I love my son and I am so so SAS for the Martin family. I have cried on the way to work and am fighting back the tears. I didn’t think I could cry so much but evidently I can, if we are crying uncontrollable then imagine his family. What a terrible injustice. This young man will forever live on in our hearts. Lets brace ourselves for this next SYG case of the 17 year old shot dead at a gas station. Please keep Jordan’s family in your prayers, his parents lawyer says they text him last night and said that they have little hope for justice after this verdict.

  5. Ugly America at its best. Why? I don’t get it. How could 6 adult women not want to protect every Trayvon from the Zimmermans of this world. I don’t fucking understand it. I am happy to be in Australia, we have our issues, but we love our kids more than we love guns. I can’t say it enough, Trayvon I’m sorry.

    • In case you do not know it, and as a small homage to Trayvon and his parents, Sybrina and Tracey, whose dignity throughout has been a beacon for loving parents anywhere.

      On Children – by Kahlil Gibran

      Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Lifes longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

      You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

      You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the archers hand be for gladness; For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

      (I hope this hasn’t repeated, but I posted it before and it is not there)

  6. So, Trayvon was detaining Zim? that’s how they got from the T to John Good’s! and then Trayvon shot himself.

    Well, I have to apologize for wasting everybody’s time with logic and thought. The jury has now set me straight. NOT.

    Horrendous verdict. It would seem prudent to keep your gun concealed until the last second and then pull it like in a western film. Shock and awe. “Look at me!” Notifying would be a crime. Brandishing would be a crime. A warning shot (also in the movies) is a crime. The SAFEST, tee hee, thing to do is to bury a bullet deep into the chest of your problem, at least in Florida.

    I don’t think it ends like this.

    • You know, NLME, it is weird to think that the jury could have gone against GZ. That would have been okay. It was their call. The Zimm supporters would have adjusted. What a system where the state knows what really happened but has to let 6 citizens give their opinion to the contrary.

      Nothing from Austin. Nothing about white shirts or Frank Taffee. Why didn’t Rachel know anything about SUV circling? So much to ponder now.

      Where is George? Am I safe?

      • All of this is unsettling. The prosecution literally did not want to stand up and honor the verdict in which I can’t say I blame them. John Guy looked like he wanted to punch somebody. Looking at their faces I know their hands were tied. It is hard to get a guilty verdict when the defense has so many people in their pocket. Frank Taffe got on CNN and bragged to Nancy Grace about knowing the verdict and the juror holding out, she was livid and said he was lieing but I believe him. Trayvon never had a chance. Mark Garagos made the statement that he had a juror tell him once that they had already made their mind up on a verdict but just let it go an extra few days. I find that this is how it went down in this courtroom. Zimmerman did not look worried at all, he looked like he already knew the verdict. His brother went and had an interview right after the verdict where he claimed they were scared of vigilantes but yet there he was blaming Martin for his own death. Who wouldn’t want to kill this jerk. I thought it was very insensitive for them to hug and celebrate in the courtroom. I think judge Nelson was wrong for allowing that animation in. Martin looked like a beast of a man. The cardboard cut out was huge as well, there is no way that cut out was 5’11 either that or they made the Zimmerman replica rea lly short. I do not know why they could not introduce Zimmermans prior acts seeing how he was the one on trial, it was already established that Martin was not breaking any law the defendant established that. There is no justice in letting a child die in the rain for walking. It is a sad shame that that jury could not come back with manslaughter charge because there was more than enough evidence for it. I do not think they even considered it and it was all a ruse. This jury was not made up of any legal minds throw out common sense and act like a set of attorneys, that is puzzling to me. I do believe they were dishonest and knew about the case, I believe the also had contact on the outside. Call me crazy but something doesn’t seem right.

  7. I still feel extremely sad and sick over the verdict. Where was Trayvon’s protection? Why was it acceptable to rip away his right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? Is justice for all just a joke? Still too many questions with not nearly enough answers…

    At this juncture, I think it is most important for all of us to channel the negative emotions we are experiencing into something positive. We should all be taking an active role in our communities. I’d encourage all to let your local governing officials know through voting and conversation that what happened on 2/26/12 in Sanford, Florida should not be acceptable in your community or anyone else’s community. It’s time to clean up and clear up self-defense laws. Our communities need to be safe for all.

    • “At this juncture, I think it is most important for all of us to channel the negative emotions we are experiencing into something positive.”


  8. Justice for George Zimmerman
    He will never be free from responsibility for the death of Trayvon. His life is haunted. He needs plastic surgery and relocation -His parents will have to support him because he is unemployable.
    -no blood on sidewalk
    -they met at mailboxes, not any cut-through
    -unable to reproduce 911 screams
    etc .

    • B37 said initially that three wanted manslaughter and one wanted m2. Something stinks in that jury room.

      • Said the defense’s ME was very important, but when talking about him was talking about the veteran. Oh, and my bad, it was half guilty and half not guilty.

        • Went in thinking not guilty…didn’t understand laws, but talked people out of their choices based on the law. These six are as stupid as GZ.

            • It sure seems that way. W8 on Piers Morgan pointed out that adults always teach kids to run and fight when adult strangers come at them (especially in the dark/at night), so are we now going to teach kids to just stand there; then she followed that up with saying then their kids are gonna end up on the news as a missing person. LOVE her, lol.

        • OMG, it sounded like she thought that guy was brought on as some sort of “voice expert” and not “George’s friend”. So she didn’t consider at all or missed it altogether that this guy is 100% biased. He can believe what he testified to, but this guy is a stand-in for GZ’s own father, buying him suits and bringing him food.

            • @QETNO, I watched Anderson tonight. So when asked about GZ’s statements, Juror B37 said yeah, there were quote “FABRICATIONS”, but then she seemed to disregard it. Keeps going back to saying that the law didn’t allow her to convict someone of not acting sensibly.

            • George was not acting sensibly. But he also killed someone. He has no regret or genuine sorrow. Maybe it could be proved that he is a psychopath!

              Could be that Trayvon was defending himself. This jury was too stupid to see that. They should have listened closely to the judge’s instructions and then convicted GZ.

            • Half the jury had their minds made up before they went in. Heaven knows how they browbeat the other half into going along with them.

              They should have listened closely to the EVIDENCE but some were the kind who stick to their own bigoted story no matter what. B37’s explanations were full of things never in evidence but bandied about a lot, in the media she allegedly never sees.

  9. Aw, damn, I think I/we done fucked up your comments section. 😦 I’m sorry!! Delete em and hope it fixes the issue, please.

  10. When asked if she felt sorry for Trayvon Martin, the juror said “I feel sorry for both of them. I feel sorry for Trayvon because of the situation he was in, and I feel sorry for George because of the situation the HE GOT himself in.”

    • She excused his behavior away. She admitted he crossed the line, but thought he had learned his lesson, so she didn’t want him to go to prison.

      • I didn’t get to see the whole interview, just snippets online. But from what you’re telling me, it sounds like this juror really ignored just about every instruction there was, even while saying that she followed the law. Let’s see:
        1) she injected emotion into the decision by feeling sorry for the defendant
        2) she believed Serino when he said he thought GZ was telling the truth even though the jurors were instructed to ignore that statement
        3) did she say that she didn’t want GZ to go to prison? That would mean she considered sentencing, which jurors aren’t supposed to do. Who’s willing to bet she talked with her husband about the case at least during jury selection?
        4) she believed the animation, which is NOT EVIDENCE.

        Oh boy.

        • She didn’t say she didn’t want him to go to prison, but her words implied it. It seemed as if she kept admitting he comitted manslaughter, but she appeared to believe a trial was punishment enough. She stated the instructions and laws confused her, but claimed to follow the law. She really didn’t make much sense. It just sounded like a lot of excuse making, IMO. She didn’t get the time gap where TM and RG had a conversation between the car and foot chase. She seemed to think that if RG was telling the truth that the confrontation would have occured during the NEN call. There was just so much that she said that was ridiculous. She was still saying it happened late at night, lol.

          • Oh, she also could not say if TM ever saw, reached for, or grabbed the gun, but that it was reasonable for GZ to think so because GZ knew he had that gun on him, lol. Even though, GZ himself claimed he forgot til the very moment he needed it. She could not put herself in TM’s position, knew GZ caused the whole thing, but basically excused it all away and said she believes he’s learned his lesson.

            • Learned his lesson? Did she read the part in Osterman’s book (it was in evidence, but oh right, she probably didn’t have time to read it) , where one day there was a car with black people in it at the end of Osterman’s driveway. GZ runs into the house yelling for Shellie to get her gun (presumably because he thought they were New Black Panthers or something). Turns out they were friends of the neighbor. GZ will be getting his gun back. He is more paranoid than ever.

            • She also believed there was an inordinate amount of crime in the neighborhood. She only accepted evidence that was in favor of GZ. She tried to say TM was sneaking around and peering in windows. She is 100% biased. Isn’t this the woman who called TM a “boy of color” during jury selection?

          • Great, the instructions confused her. They ask ONE question after just a day of deliberation, was told they needed to formulate specific questions. And they didn’t do it. So they ordered dinner and gave up. Did she say she was the foreperson?

            • No, she didn’t say she was the foreperson. She made it sound like it was one of the other jurors, but did not give any indication as to which one took on that role. One person at the end still wanted manslaughter, but I guess just went along with it.

  11. Since this juror BELIEVED that TM gave the first punch, I am so very mad at the prosecution for sidestepping the possibility that TM punched GZ in the nose but with his LEFT NON-DOMINANT hand, which would have signified a DEFENSIVE move, not an aggressive move. I couldn’t believe it actually when BDLR brought up the suggestion that a tree could have caused GZ’s injuries. It’s one thing to discuss that possibility here on a blog, but it sounded utterly ridiculous in the courtroom.

    • The tree thing was reaching; BDLR should have emphasized GZ’s own statement about his head hitting the cement, or a sign, or something.

      • Yep, also I don’t remember them ever emphasizing the fact that TM’s body was several feet from the sidewalk. GZ himself said he shimmied away from the sidewalk.

        • I thought they also should have pointed out that if it did start at the T then JS and/or JM should have seen them there, but they did not because it started between the 2nd and 3rd houses. They should have pointed out the echo between the houses, which goes to discredit JL, and explains why some heard multiple pops. There’s a lot of points they could have pushed harder.

    • Ugh, it’s one thing to say that you can’t convict someone because the state didn’t prove their case, but what evidence did they have that TM attacked GZ except for GZ’s own unbelievable statements? I’m afraid that stupid animation that the defense made up left a deep impression on the jury. Again, I think the prosecution messed up big time by letting them keep that part of the animation. It should have been strictly still images to illustrate vantage points, nothing more. ARGGHHH!

      • She said she found that animation credible. She believed because one flashlight was at the T and the other one was further down indicated his story was true. Did she not look at where the phone was found? Let’s be real…this woman just isn’t bright…she heard screaming after the shot. She also confused witnesses. She knew GZ lied, but she just didn’t care.

    • How could Trayvon possibly been in defensive mode? If he really were afraid he was fast enough to have reached home long before Zimmerman would have even rounded the corner to have known which house he disappeared into. He was the man who knew fighting, had recently had a fight which he texted about, and was obviously dominant once the fight began. He was the only man who inflicted physical harm on his opponent as indicated by the injuries to Zimmerman’s face and head. He was the one who was seen on top by Mr. Goode and the forensic evidence indicates he was on top leaning over when he was shot.

      • To answer your question: Trayvon probably did make it back home to where he thought it was safe. I’m guessing he was resting on the porch when the creepy man, aka Zimmerman, reappeared from the south after “clearing” the back entrance.

        Why didn’t Trayvon just go inside? We’ve all seen Scream enough times to know that’s a complicated question to answer…especially for an unarmed 17 year old. Plus, there was no key found on Trayvon and Chad was playing video games with headphones on so he couldn’t hear any knocks/yells.

        • Let’s just keep it simple… TM was legally allowed to be there. It doesn’t matter if he was north, south, east, west, or running around the damn block. He did not have to go to BG’s house, and he sure as fuck did not have to get there by going a certain speed or within a certain time limit. He did not have to be afraid for four minutes; by law, he only needed to be afraid at the time he chose to use physical force. Let’s see…creepy ass cracker stares you down from vehicle, follows you with vehicle, and then later comes in your direction on foot. You are unarmed while on the phone; creepy ass cracker does not explain why he is following you, he never identifies himself, and then he goes to reach for something. Nothing to fear there at all! Btw, why does GZ walk towards TM swinging his arms after TM allegedly punches GZ?

      • You call Trayvon a MAN when he was two months past his 17th birthday? He was a MINOR. Zimmerman is the one who had MMA and police restraint training for three years three times a week at the Kokkopelli gym. Zimmerman’s “injuries” were a couple scratches on the back of his head that didn’t even need bandaids, the blood on his mustache came from two tiny pinpricks (gun recoil?) at the end of his nose. Zimmermanb

  12. I left this on earlier date so asking again. This morning DOJ reported wo new evidence not presented at trial they were unsure about charging hate crime, law is only 4 yrs. old. Could you send them vds. Tchiopi’s light. That wasn’t introduced at trial so maybe.

    Rachael was beguiling last night, too damn bad prosecution didn’t prep her. Too bad JN didn’t give jury instructions for pertinent part of SYG,e.g., if you’re the aggressor you do have a duty to retreat.

    Saw AC & BDLR last night, at least she wasn’t smiling.

  13. Thank you for hosting this Blog and all the research you did that made so much common sense to me. Thank you to people who commented positive and common sense statements in support for justice for Trayvon. Sad all over. But, there is suppose to be a civil suit – so please stay with that. People are rallying to make legislative change, I will participate in that for sure. Pray for the family, pray for the bigots, pray for our world and hopes we get better and not worse. A higher power allowed us ALL to be here so we ALL must have a right to be here and not just some.

  14. One of you brilliant posters wrote,before the verdict, that GZ would be convicted and everyone would feel justice was served when the bigger issue of race was still festering.And if he was found innocent,in a weird way it would be good.

    There is such media coverage of racism in America and this crazy SYG law,with over 1 million signatures on petition, that you may have been absolutely correct. Letting GZ go with no legal consequences may be the validation of him and his family’s goodness, in a far more honest and significant way than conviction could ever be.

    His murder will define America’s attitude towards young Black teens on the EXACT day he was dishonored. That verdict may honor him as MLK murder first opened our eyes. It will certainly remain in our collective consciousness far longer than if the jury had returned a quasi guilty verdict.

  15. Question I don’t know has been brought up, but how did a man that started a neighborhood watch not even know what streets were in the gated community. Reading through all of his interviews with police he is always looking for a street and even says at one point he says (when he was at the end of the T) he still didn’t know where he was.

    Something doesn’t smell right to me, sounds like he was following Martin and masking it then and afterwards as looking trying to find out where he was.

  16. This thread is coming to me out of order and all messages are single, unconnected. I’m still hoping: Justice for George Zimmerman.

    • Screaming Jay – Yeah, I’m pretty sure I broke the comments the other day, so you can blame me for them being out of order. Sorry, dude!

  17. LOL. You’ve followed this case from its inception and 16 months later you are claiming this is an unjust verdict because of Zimmerman’s “illegal scaring”?! Sorry, but the unlawfulness started when Martin’s fist hit GZ’s face. When you’re ready to accept reality, you’ll understand the verdict was basically from prosecution witnesses working for the defense mixed with heaps of reasonable doubt.

      • Martin didn’t exactly seem crippled with fear when he stood there staring at GZ and then came directly up to Zimmerman’s vehicle to “check him out” with his hand in his waistband, as stated in the police call. Since the main theme here seems to be speculation, I’m willing to bet if Martin just went about his business without brazenly approaching the car in an intimidating manner and simply just walked home, this would have turned out differently.

        However, to someone on the phone with police reporting a suspicious person – having them approach you like than and inexplicably run off just raises that suspicion to another level.

        There is no way to ever know for sure what staying in the car would have done. Would nothing have happened? Very likely. Could Trayvon have returned and demanded some answers from the creepy cracker in the car following him? Possible.

        We can sit and ponder all day about the what-ifs and maybes, or we can accept the verdict as justice because we didn’t convict someone based on speculation.

  18. Apparently anybody in florida wanting to invoke a self-defense defense just has to say “I feared for my life!” The girlfriend of Michael Dunn who shot the unarmed Jordan Davis (17 year old black teenager) over loud “thug music” (what Dunn called it), talked to police and was for the most part believable, until she suddenly “remembered” what Dunn said to her about being afraid. Listen here at 31:45 forward.

    “I feared for my life”? Who talks like that? Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? GZ wrote in his statement to police that he shot TM since he was “In fear for my life as he has assured me he was going to kill me.”

    Normal people who haven’t read up on self-defense laws I suppose would just say “I was scared sh@tless.”

  19. GZ’s nose is photoshopped broken the wrong way for a left hand punch. By the police station it looks normal! So, who used PhotoShop? Manalo? SPD?

    I can see why prosecution could not bring it up. This would question the police behavior. But I believe this brings Trayvon’s aggression into a new light. He was defensive after all.

    • Whonoze requesting screaming jay to contact them. Asking to only do so by blog as requestor doesn’t use FB or twitter. They are working on project to send to everyone.

        • I see Whonoze wants me to contact. Zimm fans will say the nose was swollen on the side he took the punch. I say the nose in that photo is the wrong color and doesn’t even look like GZ’s nose in any other picture. It appears to have broken in the wrong direction. Just my opinion.

          • Whonoze did a lot of work on that and proved the photoshopping, if I recall.

            The damage on the nose is:two punctate holes on the nose tip = recoil from the gun, abrasion at top right = hot shell casing.

  20. Can someone clarify something for me? B29 said she fought til the end, and that she would have been the one to cause a hung jury, but didn’t B37 say that the person who wanted M2 was the first to cave?

  21. Not guilty, but that was fairly predictable given the burden of proof and Florida’s self defense laws. What bothers me the most is we will never truly know what happened that night, we are still missing so many pieces of the puzzle and there will never be a coherent version of events.

    However, after over a year of following the case and analyzing evidence and statements I can say Zimmerman likely omitted, downplayed, back peddled, and exaggerated a lot of his narrative. I know I’m probably going against the grain here, but Trayvon probably could have done a few things different to prevent the outcome as well.

    I believe the catalyst for the whole event was Martin approaching truck, perhaps in a intimidating manner to get GZ to leave him alone. At that point I think it became very personal for Zimmerman as he may have perceived TM was communicating a threat to him, and all logic and reasoning began to escape GZ. Regardless, Martin is the kid. George is the adult, who probably should have realized property burglars aren’t going to engage people in the midst of committing crimes.

    I believe Martin approached the truck at the Clubhouse, not at Twin Trees like stated on the reenactment video. Zimmerman seemed to slip up and admit this during his more heated interrogations. The reason this is important is because it will establish both TM and GZ’s mindset leading up to the confrontation.

    Once Martin approached the truck, as described in the police call they were at the clubhouse. I do believe TM vanished quickly after that, maybe going on the other side of the clubhouse and then quickly running down Twin Trees and then returning to a regular walking pace as he approaches the cut through. Zimmerman was furious that this kid dared to approach him and slammed it into reverse and sped around the corner onto Twin Trees as he proclaimed “These assholes always get away”.

    However, Martin had not gotten away just yet, he spots him at the cut through walking as he furiously speeds down the street. Martin turns around and sees the headlights quickly and realizes this guy IS after him and then he runs off, as GZ described in the police call.

    So thats my perception of the events leading up to the fight, which led to GZ’s angry pursuit and Martin fleeing as this guy was barreling down the street after him.

  22. How come I can’t see or indicate that I’m responding to a post made today, September 5th and 6th? The last post seems to be Sept 1. We can only go back from Sept 1 and there is no button from that screen that says next, only previous.

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