BccList.com Mentioned in the Miami Herald

The following is an interesting article by Frances Robles of the Miami Herald regarding “amateur sleuths” blogging about the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin shooting — I’m sincerely honored that BccList.com is mentioned…


3 things worth noting…

1) Dan Linehan from Wagist.com insists Zimmerman was the person heard screaming for help in one of the 911 calls. There’s absolutely nothing credible to support this assertion.

Two independent forensics experts said it was Trayvon crying for help. (edit: One forensics expert said it was NOT Zimmerman screaming for help and one expert said it WAS Trayvon’s voice) And, the FBI only stated they couldn’t confirm with 100% certainty who was heard.

In fact, nobody has said it was accused murderer yelling for help other than Zimmerman (and his family). Zimmerman (and family), having already lied under oath, have also said his mouth was being covered by Trayvon during the scuffle. But, of course, there are no breaks heard in the screams for help leading up to the fatal gunshot. Keep in mind, as noted in evidence dump #2, Zimmerman’s ex-fiancée said the injunction he filed in response to her’s was basically a mirror image of what actually happened the night of their fight in 2005.

2) Did Trayvon Martin get denied a cigar at 7/11 and then have the hooded guys buy him one? It doesn’t matter – at all – to his murder later that night but…

After (possibly) being denied tobacco at the 3:02 mark of the below video, Trayvon pays for his snacks, leaves, 3 hooded guys come in complaining about the weather (6:26 mark), they ask for 3 and then 4 cigars, leave, and a figure (possibly Trayvon) is seen walking left to right past the store window at the 9:14 mark.

To clearly reiterate, Trayvon Martin (possibly) obtaining a cigar obviously doesn’t justify being murdered by a crazy armed vigilante.

3) Jeralyn Merritt from TalkLeft.com apparently believes harassment, assault, aggravated stalking, Murder 2 (I’ll add the possibility of a premeditated Murder 1 charge), etc. are legal.

Moreover, before accusing Trayvon Martin of doubling back, she may want to check out map 2 which explains the 2+ minute gap in Zimmerman’s statement and coordinates well with Brandy Green’s, Witness #8’s, and Witness #2’s statements:


Then again, debating George Zimmerman supporters is worthless.

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