Stand Your Ground Hearing for George Zimmerman?

This hearing — to be ruled by Judge Lester (assuming he’s still presiding over the case) — is the defense’s only hope in my opinion. I (rhetorically) wonder if the Zimmermans’ trying to game the legal system during the bond hearing(s) will come back to haunt them…

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Unfortunately for Zimmerman’s legal team, a potential Stand Your Ground hearing was announced on the same day I first started noticing the following YouTube video fly across twitter. Bad timing!

“You Got a Problem Homie?” Mash-Up:

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Without being said, somebody is screwed and his initials are GZ.

Update from 8/09 – Why George Zimmerman Can’t Win a Stand Your Ground Hearing:

Update from 8/13 – Zimmerman defense appeals Judge Lester’s refusal to step down:

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Update from 8/13 – O’Mara: “I’m not sure this is a stand your ground case…but rather a “traditional self-defense” case.”

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Update from 8/30 – Appeal Court Removes Judge Lester in George Zimmerman Case:

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