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1) I used to blog a lot in 2008/early 2009…like multiple times per day. Then the election ended, the economy started to recover (as predicted in early 2009), I consequently got bored of blogging about nothing, and transitioned to 140 character rants on twitter.  Regardless, as of late, I apologize for the day/week/month lapse in postings.  I also apologize that I’m not blogging about anything substantive – politics and/or business – since nothing “pressing” is really going on right now.

2) Unless otherwise noted, I only post about something if I’m the first – or nearly the first – blogger to post about that “topic.”  Meaning, you’ll see some posts like Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift, Tiger Woods on Vanity Fair cover, or koala sex in the background of an Andy Roddick interview, etc.  But, don’t think, “Wow – this guy just posts everything that everybody else posts…lame.”  I’m usually on it early or I won’t waste the time with a blog entry.

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Update: Number 2 above isn’t necessarily applicable now…I’ve gotten even lazier in 2011/2012 and just post therapeutic blog postings and stuff I think is great.

Michael (Mike) Brown and Darren Wilson Reenactment Video

I admittedly fast forwarded to the 2:44 mark. Like immediately. I didn’t even check for the source. It could have been from wherever. I think it was the first non youtube, non fox news video or listing I stumbled upon.

To unnecessarily reiterate, I had no idea what type of portrayal I was going to get for this Michael Brown Darren Wilson reenactment video. I  haven’t found the audio on this “too new of a media set-up” other than the gunshots. I could hear those.

So, not knowing what you’re going to get after the 2:44 mark, watch this:


Brendan Gibbons Rapes in 2009, Expelled from U of M 4 Years Later

The “sexual misconduct” occurred November 2009 and Gibbons was expelled December 2013. That was swift…


The truth will set you free, Brady…

Michigan coach Brady Hoke said at a Dec. 23 press conference that Gibbons didn’t travel to Tempe, Ariz., for the Dec. 28 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl because he was dealing with a family matter at home.

Earlier, on Nov. 30, 2013, Gibbons sat out the football team’s regular-season finale against Ohio State after team officials said he suffered an undisclosed muscle injury in the week leading up to the game.

“He’s a little iffy,” Hoke said on Dec. 16. “He’s kicking a little bit. But I don’t want to over-kick him. I’ve never been a kicker, so I can’t imagine that (muscle) problem. So he’s a little iffy.”

In hindsight, I’m sure Hoke probably wishes Gibbons’ answer back in January 2012 after U of M’s Sugar Bowl victory was anything but “Coach always tells me to think about (raping) girls.”

Update 1: From August 2013 (at least someone is doing their job)…


The Business of Guns

Earlier this month, I received an email from a researcher (Michelle Cox) at OnlineMBA.com asking if I’d review a video that they recently published:The Business of Guns.

It’s a well done and thought-provoking video but there’s not much to review. Meaning, the proof is in the pudding/has been debated ad nauseam. Some may be “shocked” by my stance regarding gun control — I’ve been planning to post something since Aurora — but, the bottom line is we need to take our country back (to sound like a Tea Bagger) from the gun industry.

The full posting including a transcript can be found here: http://www.onlinemba.com/blog/business-of-guns

Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

So begins the precedent that people can follow/scare unarmed people all over gated communities for no reason at all and then shoot them dead when there is retaliation of any sort.


That, or, The Trayvon Martin Foundation can attempt to reform our shitty laws and judicial system. RIP kid — you had no shot.

Bottom line: You can’t do something unlawful and claim self defense. In Florida, scaring somebody is considered assault. Assault is unlawful. That said, Zimmerman couldn’t claim self defense or Stand Your Ground.

For some reason, the prosecution didn’t do their job explaining this to the jury. It’s a sad day — again — for our judicial system.