Notes from Rachel Jeantel’s Day 1 Testimony

Rachel Jeantel Zimmerman TrialA few things I noticed after watching some of “Dee Dee’s” day 1 testimony yesterday…

  • I understood everything Rachel was saying and was just as annoyed as she was for having to repeat so many statements. But, I wish somebody would have advised her to remain composed and on point no matter how unnecessary she thought repeating her answers and the questions were. You could tell West was fucking with her by asking dumb/confusing/detail laden/”boring” questions, pausing for long periods of time, and acting overly calm when she was obviously anxious.
  • Didn’t it seem like Rachel was trying to tell the court/jury that she thought Trayvon was directly outside of Brandy’s house/porch before being chased (from south to north) that final time?
  • Rachel mentioned telling Trayvon that Zimmerman, the creepy man watching him, could be a rapist. There’s nothing significant to her assertion other than bcclist commenters previously imagining what it would be like fleeing from a potential rapist in the dark rainy night. I.e. Not wanting to lead a predator back to the house and Chad.
  • I think the defense was prepping Rachel for an upcoming bombshell by asking why she thought it took Trayvon 30 minutes to get to the mailboxes from 7/11. There could be more to this story based on her dodgy response, the 3 hooded guys that bought 4 cigars after Trayvon was denied a cigar and left 7/11, and Trayvon’s sealed cellphone records. Regardless, as mentioned here, none of this means Trayvon Martin should have been profiled/chased/killed that night
  • It sucks that Rachel lied about both her age (makes sense, she’s extremely paranoid/watches way too much TV drama) and attending the wake…she had to admit this under oath yesterday.

Note: The above is a one off blog posting during George Zimmerman’s trial. This forum posting — see the comment section here — is where the conversation is continuing.

8 thoughts on “Notes from Rachel Jeantel’s Day 1 Testimony

  1. “It sucks that Rachel admitted under oath that she lied about both her age and attending the wake. ”

    Are you sure that’s the exact way you intended to word that?

  2. Well as an African American I was very displeased with how she testified. I do realize she did not want to be put in that situation and is really wanting to get it over with. I can appreciate her blatant honesty because she could have said white guy following but she used the words that were stated out of Martin’s mouth, that made her testimony real and she seemed to not be mixing words or trying to impress but at the same time I am hoping that her irritation and her composure doesn’t mess things up. The prosecutors better get right on that with her because if not West will eat that up, he knows how to get to her now! I only hope that the jury could cipher what she was trying to say and just throw all the other things to the side. This young lady seems to me to be scared and wants to distance herself from what happened as much as possible. Her lieing about her age is simply because she was older than Martin and didn’t want trouble about it. West will try and get her angered and cause her to lose composure altogether in hopes of making the jury view Trayvon by the company he keeps.

  3. Well, guess whose angry and throwing pencils down and bursting out “JUDGE!” when he didn’t get his way?
    Hint, It wasn’t the young inner city AA!

    West: You have a different demeanor and attitude today, Ms.RG. Did someone speak to you last night? (a big no no)
    Rachael: No sir. Just not tired

    Just keep her on stand because :
    A. Def. opened door to racial profiling

    B. West actually screamed at her:” You weren’t concerned cause you knew TM was putting a beating on my client”

    Her answer:’ That’s crazy, TM not coming after creepy old man.

    It’s lunch but West had to ask for two breaks this morning.And he’s not the one under cross!

  4. I just want to hear what happened, what Rachel believes today, her testimony in 2013. I don’t care about things like who was present at previous interviews or how she came to her thoughts, just what she heard and what she remembers now. Defense is obscuring the truth.

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