John Guy Opening Statement George Zimmeran Case

I’m not quite sure John Guy’s opening statement could have been scripted/delivered much better. It starts at the 20:40 mark here…

Per Mr. Guy’s opening statement, most of the postings on BccList discuss the tangled web of lies that Zimmerman has spun regarding the shooting of Trayvon Martin but here are two pretty decent recaps…

Note: The above is a one off blog posting during George Zimmerman’s trial. This forum posting β€” see the comment section here β€” is where the conversation is continuing.

4 thoughts on “John Guy Opening Statement George Zimmeran Case

  1. I hope the truth comes out. I’m going to read back through the transcripts I made . I started at witness #1 and got pretty far. So cool to finally see these witnesses!

    • I tuned in late today but thought the witness on the stand talking about movement from south to north was witness #2, not witness #1. My confusion as to why O’Mara was pressing her so hard — since witness #2 had mentioned south to north movement in the past — now makes sense.

      I’ll definitely need to revisit witness statements — I agree, it’s great putting a face/voice with a witness number!

      • These two are sisters and have similarities other than their names. They are easy to get confused. Some of their interviews got mixed up. So, DEFENSE didn’t realize she would be saying left to right. Score one for de la Rionda!

        Her sister w2 always said left to right. They have talked together about that night. It makes sense to me that as far south as they are they would have to notice it from the south if at all. In other words, if it was all at the “T” like Georgie says, these two would not have become eye-witnesses.

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