Recapping George Zimmerman’s 2nd Bond Hearing

In summation, TruTV cuts out for commercials at the worst timing ever. So, the below may not be fully complete but it’s what I gathered from their live courtroom feed…

The 2nd bond hearing was seemingly used to introduce more information rather than rule on a new bail.

“I understand what you’re doing. You’re almost doing a reverse Arthur. Putting in the evidence to show what you think…perhaps the state was unable to do so.” ~ Judge Lester

For example, O’Mara addressed witnesses and spoke about the Zimmermans spending/moving around the donations, George Zimmerman’s bloodied head (which apparently wasn’t actively bleeding when the EMT witness showed up) including medical records from the day following the shooting, and the fact that Zimmerman was ABSOLUTELY crying for help per Robert Zimmerman (this disagrees with George Zimmerman himself during a statement to Sanford PD, 2 independent forensics experts, the FBI, etc.).

De la Rionda introduced Zimmerman’s probation officer who confirmed that no booze or guns were found in his two visits to the Zimmerman’s residence. [Note: I’m guessing there’s something to suggest Zimmerman consumed alcohol or possessed a firearm while on probation.]

I was shocked at how O’Mara handled the bond hearing. He introduced a handful of things that were confusing to Zimmerman’s case such as medical records showing only a LIKELY broken nose/head abrasions requiring soapy water, now recanted MMA style fighting witness statement from “John” (witness #6…not #20 or #9 as O’Mara suggested), and admitting that his client was acting like a paranoid idiot when allowing his wife to lie under oath. To top it off, O’Mara asked if Zimmerman could address the judge one on one without cross examination in an attempt to explain his inaction during Shellie’s testimony. Of course, Judge Lester didn’t agree to the terms and said something like, “He shouldn’t be apologizing or explaining anything to me — it’s the court and judicial process that he’s accountable to.”

In the end, O’Mara claimed that Zimmerman should be granted bond again because he’s being unjustly charged with a crime and shouldn’t be locked up until the trial takes place in a year or so. That’s his #1 argument and completely contrived in my opinion. O’Mara never uttered the words Stand Your Ground but is, at the least, taking the self defense angle. In order to take a self defense angle, we’d have to hear from the person (Zimmerman) that was supposedly protecting himself (as the aggressor) for the charges to be considered unjust.

Update from 7/5 – Zimmerman’s 2nd Bail Set at $1 Million by Judge Lester:$1000000/

I admittedly don’t get and/or follow law but another bail amount being set for Zimmerman after everything that’s known to date is absolutely ludicrous.

Without being said, the State of Florida has already proved their general judicial incompetence during Casey Anthony’s trial but is the entire judicial system in the US completely messed up or just Florida (and/or presumably most of the deep south)?

Thank you, CommonSenseForTheChange.

Judge Kenneth Lester’s court order:

It was mentioned on twitter that the 2nd bail amount may have been set by Judge Lester to avoid the possibility of a higher court overturning the case.

Again, I’m no regular follower of the seemingly warped judicial system but if true, this explanation finally makes some sort of sense.

Update from 7/5 – Zimmerman’s Legal Team Pleads for Donations:

This is what our judicial system has come to?

And, O’Mara states Zimmerman isn’t a danger to society. Hmmmm. Trayvon Martin, the officer he punched at a bar, his ex-fiancée, those that hired him as party security, and his doctor’s records definitely noted a history of Zimmerman’s aggression.

Update from 7/6 – Zimmerman Out of Jail Again:

Judge Lester better hope Zimmerman can keep his thoroughly documented – even in medical reports – mood swings under control over the next year or so until the trial. Otherwise, Lester and O’Mara will have a lot of explaining to do.

Also, if her husband had mood swings caused by Vyvanse (see bottom of Zimmerman’s doctor’s report) during their time together, Shellie Zimmerman will have lied under oath…again.

Lastly, from the above BBC link:

“The racially charged Trayvon Martin case has divided the US.”

I highly disagree. If you thoroughly look into what happened during Trayvon’s final 30 minutes or so, there’s no divide…at all.

Update from 8/30 – Appeal Court Removes Judge Lester in George Zimmerman Case:

Thank you, CommonSenseForChange and willisnewtown.

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