BccList.com Mentioned in the Miami Herald

The following is an interesting article by Frances Robles of the Miami Herald regarding “amateur sleuths” blogging about the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin shooting — I’m sincerely honored that BccList.com is mentioned…


3 things worth noting…

1) Dan Linehan from Wagist.com insists Zimmerman was the person heard screaming for help in one of the 911 calls. There’s absolutely nothing credible to support this assertion.

Two independent forensics experts said it was Trayvon crying for help. (edit: One forensics expert said it was NOT Zimmerman screaming for help and one expert said it WAS Trayvon’s voice) And, the FBI only stated they couldn’t confirm with 100% certainty who was heard.

In fact, nobody has said it was accused murderer yelling for help other than Zimmerman (and his family). Zimmerman (and family), having already lied under oath, have also said his mouth was being covered by Trayvon during the scuffle. But, of course, there are no breaks heard in the screams for help leading up to the fatal gunshot. Keep in mind, as noted in evidence dump #2, Zimmerman’s ex-fiancée said the injunction he filed in response to her’s was basically a mirror image of what actually happened the night of their fight in 2005.

2) Did Trayvon Martin get denied a cigar at 7/11 and then have the hooded guys buy him one? It doesn’t matter – at all – to his murder later that night but…

After (possibly) being denied tobacco at the 3:02 mark of the below video, Trayvon pays for his snacks, leaves, 3 hooded guys come in complaining about the weather (6:26 mark), they ask for 3 and then 4 cigars, leave, and a figure (possibly Trayvon) is seen walking left to right past the store window at the 9:14 mark.

To clearly reiterate, Trayvon Martin (possibly) obtaining a cigar obviously doesn’t justify being murdered by a crazy armed vigilante.

3) Jeralyn Merritt from TalkLeft.com apparently believes harassment, assault, aggravated stalking, Murder 2 (I’ll add the possibility of a premeditated Murder 1 charge), etc. are legal.

Moreover, before accusing Trayvon Martin of doubling back, she may want to check out map 2 which explains the 2+ minute gap in Zimmerman’s statement and coordinates well with Brandy Green’s, Witness #8’s, and Witness #2’s statements:


Then again, debating George Zimmerman supporters is worthless.

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George Zimmerman Evidence Dump #2 – A Deeper Dive

Yes, this posting should have gone up within a week of evidence dump #2 being released — I’m a little behind. I’ve yet to thoroughly review the jailhouse calls but I’m publishing this posting now to preface an upcoming posting. Thank you CommonSenseForChange for the assist — especially regarding Zimmerman’s ex-fiancee’!

All pages cited are from this document…


Page 29: Witness 2 said the shadows were running from left to right. W2 lives east of the path. So, the running motion she described is from south to north. Note — Gilbreath ambiguously mentioned shadows running as evidence during bond hearing 1. This witness statement is horrible for the defense and seems to coordinate well with DeeDee’s statement and this map…


Page 78: Zimmerman said he followed Trayvon. He doesn’t mention trying to obtain an address. Like the video reenactment, I speculate that during the trial there will be absolutely no admission of Zimmerman trying to do anything but get an address for the dispatcher.

Page 78:
Osterman mentioned Zimmerman cried for help to 3 different neighbors and then Trayvon covered his mouth seconds before the shot was fired. I didn’t hear any breaks in the screams for help until after the shot was fired. I know this has been mentioned before — even during bond hearing 2 — but I had never seen evidence suggesting exactly when Zimmerman’s mouth was supposedly covered.

Page 79:
Osterman stated he accompanied Zimmerman to the video reenactment because Zimmerman didn’t understand the process. I guess a near associates degree in criminal justice doesn’t teach you much these days, eh?

Page 79
: The 5th and 6th paragraphs confuse me. Is that still a statement from Osterman?

In the 5th paragraph, a list of burglaries are cited. In the 6th paragraph, is Osterman saying Zimmerman never mentioned any burglaries or home invasions to him? If so, which one is it?

In the 6th paragraph, is Osterman saying Zimmerman never actively patrolled the neighborhood? Statements on pages 108, 109, and 111 would disagree. Which one is it?

Page 89: Like Manalo, the name of Zimmerman’s bro in law (Wilson) wasn’t redacted. There’s likely nothing of value there…I just made a note.

Page 95:
Who is the community management point of contact? What beef did Zimmerman have with him/her?

Page 99: The 2nd paragraph is weird. Who interrupts to ask if the neighborhood watch was registered with the police? Whoever this witness is, they must be familiar with neighborhood watch programs and law enforcement.

Page 99: Zimmerman again (2nd time) says he followed Trayvon. He doesn’t mention trying to obtain an address. As mentioned above, I speculate that during the trial there will be absolutely no admission of Zimmerman trying to do anything but get an address for the dispatcher.

Page 106: Did Zimmerman really ask somebody why they were outside (smoking a cigarette)? That gets your ass kicked in a lot of neighborhoods. It would be interesting to know this person’s stature and/or ethnicity. The statement was taken from a female. The person Zimmerman questioned about being outside was a male. I’m guessing they were boyfriend/girlfriend? Regardless, per paragraph 6, it looks like the male didn’t want to divulge more info about the incident to the FBI. Balls of steel.

Page 110: The only other person besides Osterman and the individual on page 135 to say Zimmerman didn’t actively patrol the neighborhood. Statements on pages 108, 109, and 111 would disagree. Which one is it?

Note: Both individuals on page 110 and 135 serve the RTL HOA in some official capacity. Both make it clear nobody from Neighborhood Watch patrolled the community. That apparently isn’t true per 108, 109, and 111. Why are these two individuals insistent that nobody patrolled the neighborhood?

Page 113: Who did Zimmerman “stare” down? It would be interesting to know this person’s stature and/or ethnicity.

Page 118: Undoubtedly Joe Oliver. The female mentioned in paragraph 3 is…? Sondra?

Page 128: Undoubtedly Taaffe. Mostly black teens crossed through the open area? And, some of them smoked blunts? And, most ignored him while talking on their cellphones?

Trayvon was possibly smoking a cigar (per the 7/11 video, Trayvon seemingly got denied a cigar and possibly had the 3 guys seen after he leaves the store buy an extra one for him) and talking on his cellphone while walking through the open area near Taaffe’s. Coincidence that Taaffe would add random ass things about blunts/cellphones to his FBI statement?

Page 137:
Zimmerman again (3rd time) says he followed Trayvon. He doesn’t mention trying to obtain an address. Like the video reenactment and as mentioned a few times above, I speculate that during the trial there will be absolutely no admission of Zimmerman trying to do anything but get an address for the dispatcher.

Page 141: Zimmerman’s ex-fiancee’ said he smacked her in the mouth. They got into an argument which escalated into a pushing match. Zimmerman kicked her dog in the stomach and the ex-fiancee’ moved out the next day. Though Shellie has already lied under oath, she mentioned Zimmerman didn’t show aggression (paraphrasing) of any type during their relationship. Did such aggression get “cured” before Shellie and he met?

Page 141: Zimmerman was caught by his ex-fiancee’ lying on the bed with his teenage neighbor playing with her baby. Has anybody spoken to the former teenage neighbor especially given Witness 9’s statement?

Page 141: Zimmerman’s ex-fiancee’ caught him stalking her at a new residence. The ex-fiancee’ called Zimmerman and asked him where he was, but he lied and said he was elsewhere. The ex-fiancee’ told Zimmerman that she saw him leaving her residence. Zimmerman asked if he could come talk to her about a sick grandmother. So, Zimmerman was lying and manipulating then — what stops him from doing so now?

Page 142: Zimmerman refused to leave his ex-fiancee’ new place of residence and asked if he could sleep on the couch. Zimmerman snatched her cell phone and put it in his pocket. The ex-fiancee’s dog bit Zimmerman on the face and she was able to retrieve her phone and call the police. Zimmerman ran before the police arrived. Zimmerman’s ex-fiancee’ filed an injunction against him on the advice of a responding officer. Did such aggression get “cured” before he met Shellie?

Page 143: Zimmerman turned off his mother’s electricity, locked the box to it and departed leaving his mother with no electricity. This was done because Zimmerman’s mother and ex-fiancee’ got into an argument. Did such aggression (against his mother!) get “cured” before he met Shellie?

Page 144: Zimmerman has a bad temper according to his ex-fiancee’. She thought this may have been a side effect of Zimmerman’s use of Accutane. In Zimmerman’s medical report the day after the shooting, the drug Vyvanse is mentioned to cause mood swings in Zimmerman. Was his bad temper and mood swings “cured” before he met Shellie?

Page 144: Zimmerman’s ex-fiancee’ says Zimmerman would exhibit “road rage” while driving. Did Zimmerman’s “road rage” get cured before he met Shellie?

Page 182 and 183: Officer Smith seems rather unprofessional. Those transmissions were sent via government supplied devices, right? Is he currently active, on leave, or terminated after these messages came to light?

Speaking of Officer Smith (and more to come within the next few days)…

Page 10: Sergeant McCoy notes a gun lying on the front seat of Officer Smith’s car.

Page 23: Officer Smith removes the gun from Zimmerman’s holster at the police station after Zimmerman went to the bathroom and possibly washed his hands (plus what else?).

Which statement is correct? Was Zimmerman’s gun already secured at the scene or was it secured at the police department?

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George Zimmerman’s Site Relaunched

I refuse to post a link but below are a few screenshots.

Did somebody really think the animal fondling (center) and match.com looking (top right) pics on the homepage were a good idea after the 2nd evidence dump? And, I really miss the classy godaddy banners and paypal buttons from the first version — Robert Zimmerman Jr. must be tied doing some web design for other accused murderers.

Zimmerman’s site being relaunched isn’t blog posting worthy so I’m closing the comments.

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Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman 2nd Evidence Dump Released

A .pdf version of the 2nd evidence dump can be accessed here…


Thank you, blog commenter “question everything trust no one.”

The calls can be accessed here…


Thank you, CommonSenseForChange.

I haven’t reviewed the 2nd evidence dump yet but per twitter, it seems like the FBI made a conclusion (or was it a summary that will be part of an eventual conclusion?) that Zimmerman wasn’t racist. From what I understand, the FBI only noted statements from current coworkers and friends. Meaning, the FBI didn’t report Zimmerman’s former middle eastern coworker who said the accused murderer harassed and bullied those he considered less than him:


The dump also mentioned that Zimmerman purchased a gun after Trayvon Martin’s shooting and before being charged with 2nd Degree Murder. Is there video of Zimmerman shooting and/or holding the new gun in his right hand? Zimmerman claims to have fired with his right hand during the reenactment but he writes left handed and was possibly in possession of a left handed holster.

It was also revealed on twitter that Zimmerman was caught using a single’s dating website when he was previously engaged. I wonder if Shellie and George have worked out any trust issues? If not, she can always talk…it’s not too late…yet. As is, Zimmerman could potentially (though not likely) walk free as Shellie serves out a perjury conviction. Think Zimmerman would weigh his options while Shellie’s behind bars?

Blog commenter “aussie” points out a doozy on page 111…

“[Unidentified Female Witness] would see Zimmerman drive around the neighborhood with his car lights off. She would also see him check the walkways with flashlights late at night.”

Neighborhood Watch patrolling — with your lights on — is one thing. Creeping the streets — with your lights OFF! — is another. As commenter “jo” mentions, it’s a shame somebody didn’t call the cops on Zimmerman for suspicious behavior while creeping.

As for Chad, he was apparently playing video games while using headphones as Trayvon may have been trying to get inside their presumably locked house. Quite a call by blog commenter CommonSenseForChange all the way back on 5/29:


Update from 7/14 – Who Is Air Marshal Mark Osterman and What’s His Relationship with George Zimmerman?

Miami Herald report regarding Mark Osterman:


Mark Osterman’s firing from the Seminole County Sherrif’s Department:


Mark Osterman’s facebook page:

http://www.facebook.com/mark.osterman.1 (Yes, both Mark and his wife Sondra Osterman “like” pro George Zimmerman related pages on Facebook)

Blog commenter Leelee points out that Mark Osterman has been present a few times in the evidence so far…

1) Shellie Zimmerman called him after the shooting.

2) At the re-enactment, he can be seen near a parked truck at the 1:05 mark here:


3) At Sanford Police Department with Zimmerman on February 29th in this video:


Blog commenter aussie also notes that Mark Osterman can (possibly) be seen in the M & I bank video. He’s (possibly) the last person shown to use the ATM around 6:37 pm (did Osterman see Trayvon Martin and alert Zimmerman?) in the first axiom amnesia clip below.

http://trayvon.axiomamnesia.com/video/mi-banking-surveillance-video/ (May require you to download a DivX video player…booo!)

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/AMCW9.png

Thank you, Leelee and aussie!

Update from 7/16 – Witness 9 Accuses George Zimmerman of Molestation, Zimmerman Family of Racism:


I’ve been labeling Zimmerman as the creepy guy chasing unarmed teens through a neighborhood (before eventually shooting them) for sometime now. I’ve also mentioned above the creepiness in which Zimmerman patrolled the GATED community with his lights OFF late at night while on Neighborhood Watch. But, this obviously takes it to the next level.

Note: As of 2:00 pm EDT, this story isn’t on CNN’s homepage. Hmmmmm — why not?

Thank you, blog commenters jo So Interesting.

Update from 7/17 – Zimmerman says O’Mara knew about $37,000 in donations received:


What are the repercussions of a defense attorney lying to the court? Ouch!

Update from 7/17 – Zimmerman blew $36K in 18 days on phones, Internet, credit cards and bills:


Didn’t O’Mara state Zimmerman spent the money raised judiciously? Paying for 12+ month contracts upfront seems rather erratic. I must understand a different definition of judicious.

Also, Osterman indicated that Zimmerman lived a frugal life in his statement to the FDLE. I must understand a different definition of frugal as well.

Update from 7/24 – A Deeper Dive into Evidence Dump #2:


The above posting is the 4th of 5 postings that includes updates regarding the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman shooting. The others can be found here…

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Recapping George Zimmerman’s 2nd Bond Hearing

In summation, TruTV cuts out for commercials at the worst timing ever. So, the below may not be fully complete but it’s what I gathered from their live courtroom feed…

The 2nd bond hearing was seemingly used to introduce more information rather than rule on a new bail.

“I understand what you’re doing. You’re almost doing a reverse Arthur. Putting in the evidence to show what you think…perhaps the state was unable to do so.” ~ Judge Lester

For example, O’Mara addressed witnesses and spoke about the Zimmermans spending/moving around the donations, George Zimmerman’s bloodied head (which apparently wasn’t actively bleeding when the EMT witness showed up) including medical records from the day following the shooting, and the fact that Zimmerman was ABSOLUTELY crying for help per Robert Zimmerman (this disagrees with George Zimmerman himself during a statement to Sanford PD, 2 independent forensics experts, the FBI, etc.).

De la Rionda introduced Zimmerman’s probation officer who confirmed that no booze or guns were found in his two visits to the Zimmerman’s residence. [Note: I’m guessing there’s something to suggest Zimmerman consumed alcohol or possessed a firearm while on probation.]

I was shocked at how O’Mara handled the bond hearing. He introduced a handful of things that were confusing to Zimmerman’s case such as medical records showing only a LIKELY broken nose/head abrasions requiring soapy water, now recanted MMA style fighting witness statement from “John” (witness #6…not #20 or #9 as O’Mara suggested), and admitting that his client was acting like a paranoid idiot when allowing his wife to lie under oath. To top it off, O’Mara asked if Zimmerman could address the judge one on one without cross examination in an attempt to explain his inaction during Shellie’s testimony. Of course, Judge Lester didn’t agree to the terms and said something like, “He shouldn’t be apologizing or explaining anything to me — it’s the court and judicial process that he’s accountable to.”

In the end, O’Mara claimed that Zimmerman should be granted bond again because he’s being unjustly charged with a crime and shouldn’t be locked up until the trial takes place in a year or so. That’s his #1 argument and completely contrived in my opinion. O’Mara never uttered the words Stand Your Ground but is, at the least, taking the self defense angle. In order to take a self defense angle, we’d have to hear from the person (Zimmerman) that was supposedly protecting himself (as the aggressor) for the charges to be considered unjust.

Update from 7/5 – Zimmerman’s 2nd Bail Set at $1 Million by Judge Lester:


I admittedly don’t get and/or follow law but another bail amount being set for Zimmerman after everything that’s known to date is absolutely ludicrous.

Without being said, the State of Florida has already proved their general judicial incompetence during Casey Anthony’s trial but is the entire judicial system in the US completely messed up or just Florida (and/or presumably most of the deep south)?

Thank you, CommonSenseForTheChange.

Judge Kenneth Lester’s court order:


It was mentioned on twitter that the 2nd bail amount may have been set by Judge Lester to avoid the possibility of a higher court overturning the case.


Again, I’m no regular follower of the seemingly warped judicial system but if true, this explanation finally makes some sort of sense.

Update from 7/5 – Zimmerman’s Legal Team Pleads for Donations:


This is what our judicial system has come to?

And, O’Mara states Zimmerman isn’t a danger to society. Hmmmm. Trayvon Martin, the officer he punched at a bar, his ex-fiancée, those that hired him as party security, and his doctor’s records definitely noted a history of Zimmerman’s aggression.

Update from 7/6 – Zimmerman Out of Jail Again:


Judge Lester better hope Zimmerman can keep his thoroughly documented – even in medical reports – mood swings under control over the next year or so until the trial. Otherwise, Lester and O’Mara will have a lot of explaining to do.

Also, if her husband had mood swings caused by Vyvanse (see bottom of Zimmerman’s doctor’s report) during their time together, Shellie Zimmerman will have lied under oath…again.

Lastly, from the above BBC link:

“The racially charged Trayvon Martin case has divided the US.”

I highly disagree. If you thoroughly look into what happened during Trayvon’s final 30 minutes or so, there’s no divide…at all.

Update from 8/30 – Appeal Court Removes Judge Lester in George Zimmerman Case:

Thank you, CommonSenseForChange and willisnewtown.

The above posting is the 3rd of 5 postings that includes updates regarding the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman shooting. The others can be found here…

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George Zimmerman Video Reenactment Lies and Interview Discrepancies

For some odd reason, Zimmerman’s defense released all this info…


I’m guessing the more info Zimmerman’s defense team releases, the more messaging they feel they can control? I’m not quite sure but nothing from the above link is flattering and/or helps their client’s cause.

So, I’ll start with the lies and discrepancies seen in Zimmerman’s video reenactment — it can be accessed here:

I’ll eventually get to the lies and discrepancies from Zimmerman’s interviews and statements. I’ll keep the comment section of this posting open but please try to cite only lies/discrepancies with Zimmerman’s video reenactment, interviews, statements, etc. If you’d like to comment on something else, the following blog posting is wide open!


The major issues with Zimmerman’s video reenactment:

1) Zimmerman’s not able to effectively explain how nearly all the crime scene evidence and Trayvon’s dead body ended up so far south of the T. You can clearly see the investigators wanted this answer but instead Zimmerman starts walking south and “can’t remember” how he ended up where he did south of the T.

“I think I stumbled and I fell down.”

“I think I was trying to push him away from me.”

Of course, unless Zimmerman was “attacked” from the north (he stated Trayvon supposedly came from the south behind some bushes), there was no reason for Zimmerman to have ever been an inch south of the T.

Note: I assume Zimmerman recants the bushes comment from his initial report since he conveniently “didn’t see exactly where he (Trayvon) came from” during the reenactment video.

2) Zimmerman tries to show investigators that his scuffle with Trayvon Martin occurred behind 1211 Twin Tree Lane. The correct location was one house further south behind 1221 Twin Tree Lane.

Why short change how far he and the unarmed teen were from the T? Because, as mentioned above, Zimmerman had about 24 hours and I assume a few conversations with his father (a retired judge) to figure out he shouldn’t have been even an inch south of the T if he was simply returning to his vehicle when attacked from behind. Meaning, the closer to the T, the better for Zimmerman’s defense.

3) Frank Taaffe stated his friend was way further down the path (to the south) than what Zimmerman’s reenactment video suggests…

4) After Zimmerman’s 911 call ended minutes before, he should have been back in his Honda Ridgeline waiting for police as instructed — so, not anywhere near the T — when he was attacked.

Per Zimmerman’s video reenactment, let’s dissect his version of the happenings via a map (of course) and note some more discrepancies…

5) The non emergency dispatcher asked Zimmerman to report any other suspicious activity around the 1:34 mark of his call to police. If we believe anything Zimmerman has said – that’s been extremely tough so far during this entire case – he supposedly started following (or stalking, harassing, and preying upon) Trayvon Martin in his vehicle at this point. So, to reiterate, Zimmerman wouldn’t have moved his vehicle supposedly parked on the north side of the clubhouse at any point before the 1:34 mark of his call since he was giving a play-by-play of Trayvon’s front side and wasn’t asked to keep an eye on the unarmed teenager.

It would have taken Trayvon (almost exactly) 60 seconds to walk from where Zimmerman’s car was supposedly parked on the north side of the clubhouse to where he supposedly starts running (per Zimmerman’s call/reenactment). So, if Zimmerman left his parking spot at the 1:34 mark of his call – Note: I don’t hear anything that proves the car was in gear/following Trayvon – he would have seen Trayvon starting to run around 60 seconds later or around the 2:34 mark of his call.

When did Zimmerman first report seeing Trayvon run? The 2:08 mark of his call to police…about 34 seconds into Trayvon’s walk and his supposed vehicular pursuit.

60 seconds (time it would have taken Trayvon to walk away from Zimmerman’s vehicle before he started running)

– 34 seconds (the math from Zimmerman’s call)

= A 26 second gap.

6) Frank Taafee stated Zimmerman’s truck was parked facing west when he got out to pursue Trayvon (so, not east as Zimmerman indicated during his reenactment)…

Given 2) and 6) above, I assume O’Mara is going to have to trash Taaffe since the reenactments Zimmerman and he gave don’t even remotely coordinate. Given Taaffe’s nature, that may not play out too well for the defense.

7) MOST DAMNING: At the 6:09 mark of his reenactment video, Zimmerman stated Trayvon circled his eastward facing truck sometime after the teen took off behind the houses. So, this reappearance of Trayvon would have been after the 2:08 mark of Zimmerman’s call to police. Without being said, after Zimmerman sees Trayvon run at the 2:08 mark of his call, he never mentions him reappearing.

I’m not sure as to the significance of this fabricated story but I didn’t include Trayvon circling Zimmerman’s car in his reenactment map because it’s literally impossible and a flat out lie.

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Debating George Zimmerman Supporters Is Worthless

I’m not sure why but I decided to get my hands dirty with some Zimmerman supporters recently on Twitter. In doing so, the obnoxiousness spilled over to the comment section of the original blog posting.

This was a mistake on 2 fronts — 1) The “debates” returned little/no results… 2) There are a handful of other loose ends I’ve been trying to tie up regarding Trayvon Martin’s murder and engaging Zimmerman supporters wasted a decent amount of time.

So, let’s take a look at the defense Zimmerman supporters offer for their confessed murderer and my responses…

“Zimmerman’s injuries are proof that he had every right to protect himself under Stand Your Ground (or Self Defense).”

If Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin – and the attack was unprovoked – Stand Your Ground (or Self Defense) could be considered by Judge Lester. However, Stand Your Ground (or Self Defense) is not applicable in this case seeing that Zimmerman unlawfully assaulted, harassed, stalked, and preyed upon Trayvon Martin before the scuffle began. Meaning, you can’t unlawfully bring on a confrontation and then be protected by Stand Your Ground (or Self Defense). And, it’s worth noting, only Zimmerman (who is accused of lying/withholding information during the bond hearing) has stated that Trayvon Martin started the scuffle.

Stand Your Ground clearly states…

A person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another.

Of course, Zimmerman’s minor injuries — a LIKELY (but unconfirmed) broken nose, no brain injury/concussion, head abrasions that required no bandage the night of the shooting and warm soapy water as treatment, etc. — don’t reflect an attack that would have resulted in imminent death or great bodily harm.

Moreover, a lack of injuries/DNA on both Zimmerman’s and Trayvon Martin’s hands plus witness statements indicate there was only a mild scuffle – at worst – leading up to the fatal shot.

“Since Trayvon was acting suspicious, Zimmerman had every right to see what the unarmed teenager walking home with some snacks was up to.”

What was Trayvon Martin doing that was suspicious? Ducking under an awning during a rainstorm isn’t suspicious behavior. Wearing a hoodie during a rainstorm isn’t suspicious behavior. Running during a rainstorm isn’t suspicious behavior. Running during a rainstorm while somebody has been eerily watching you from their vehicle isn’t suspicious behavior either.

So, what was suspicious — being a black teen in a gated community? I contend that if Trayvon Martin was a white male/female, Zimmerman never watches, reports, chases, or murders him.

“If Trayvon Martin was so scared, why didn’t he just go home and lock himself inside after running away from Zimmerman?”

Brief background: I’ve settled on 2 maps (update: 4 total maps now…these 2 from 2012 and these 2 from 2013) since my original posting on March 27, 2012.

Most Zimmerman supporters that blame Trayvon for his death because he wasn’t at home when the confrontation began have only seen (some version) of this map…


And, not this map (which lines up perfectly with Zimmerman’s call to police, DeeDee’s statement, Witness 2’s statement, and Brandy Green’s interview the day after the shooting)…


Update from 6/27/2013: Or these 2 additional maps from 2013… https://bcclist.com/2013/06/27/two-new-maps-of-the-george-zimmerman-and-trayvon-martin-chase/

Moreover, Trayvon’s body wasn’t found with a key on it. Was he locked out? Regardless, is it illegal to sit on your back porch, catch your breath, and talk on the phone to your friend after being chased by a creepy man? After watching a few Scream movies, I probably wouldn’t go inside my house either in fear the perpetrator/murderer would follow me inside.

“The 911 operator never told Zimmerman to stop chasing, stalking, harassing, preying upon, assaulting, etc. Trayvon Martin.”

This is one of the more baffling points Zimmerman supporters are trying to make. As everybody has heard, between the 2:24 – 2:28 mark of his 911 call, the following is said…

Operator: Are you following him? [2:24]

Zimmerman: Yeah. [2:25]

Operator: OK. We don’t need you to do that. [2:26]

Zimmerman: OK. [2:28]

The wind interference from Zimmerman running stops around the 2:43 mark of his call. So, he eventually stops running but not until 17 seconds after the operator tells him the Sanford Police Department doesn’t need him following Trayvon.

Note: The wind interference stopping only means Zimmerman stopped running. Meaning, especially as map 2 and Dee Dee suggests, Zimmerman continued his pursuit of his unarmed neighbor.

“The 911 operator never mentioned that Zimmerman should return to his vehicle.”

This is another baffling argument that Zimmerman supporters are trying to make…especially since Zimmerman confirms that he’ll meet the officers near the mailboxes.

Operator: OK, do you just want to meet with them at the mailboxes then? [3:42]

Zimmerman:Yeah, that’s fine. [3:43]

Of course, shortly after the 3:43 mark, Zimmerman realizes he’ll need to end his unlawful vigilante pursuit of Trayvon if he returns to the vehicle. So, instead, Zimmerman offers a cellphone number that the responding officers can reach him at.

Zimmerman: Could you have them call me and I’ll tell them where I’m at? [3:49]

Operator: OK, that’s no problem.

You can’t fault the operator for taking Zimmerman’s suggestion of having officers call his cellphone number since A) The operator has already told Zimmerman to stop following Trayvon at the 2:26 mark and B) Zimmerman was strangely giving horrible directions to his parked vehicle the entire call.

“Tracy Martin said it wasn’t Trayvon crying for help during the 911 call where the fatal shot was heard.”

This tidbit of info from Officer Christopher Serino comes in page 56 of the original Evidence Dump…


“On 2/28/2012 at 1030 hours, I met with Tracy S. Martin (next-of-kin) to the decedent, Trayvon Martin, and _________, at the Sanford Police Department 815 W. 13th Street. The purpose for this meeting was to provide the decedent’s next-of-kin with a status update of the progress of the investigation into the shooting death of his son, Trayon Martin.

In order to provide a better understanding to Mr. Martin as to why the individual who shot his son was not arrested and charged with homicide, I decided to allow Mr. Marlin to hear all six 911 calls received by the Seminole County Communications Center regarding the incident involving his son and George Zimmerman. In order to facilitate this, I escorted Mr. Martin and _________ from the interview room area to my work station desk. I played the recordings on my desktop, and upon playing the 911 call placed by_________ in which a voice is heard in the background yelling for help multiple times, I asked Mr. Martin if the voice calling for help was that of his son. Mr. Martin, clearly emotionally impacted by the recording, quietly responded “no”, This encounter was not audio recorded, and no further questioning in the matter was conducted. Sgt. Leon Ceisla Was present during the playing of the 911 tapes for Mr. Martin.”

What’s suspect about the above passage?

1) The fact that the 911 audio recordings weren’t played in the investigation room.

2) The fact that Tracy Martin’s supposed admission wasn’t recorded.

3) Officer Serino’s choice of defensive/hostile words (underlined) like “decided” and “encounter.”

4) The fact that the calls were played for an emotionally impaired Tracy Martin only 2 days after Trayvon was killed.

Lest we forget, the FBI can’t (yet) confirm with 100% certainty who the person is crying for help:


As part of an analysis released this week, the FBI did not make a final determination either way, citing several reasons, including the fact they came during “an extreme emotional state,” that there weren’t enough words to make a good comparison and that the sound quality was low and distant.

But, 2 independent experts — and I presume eventually the FBI — have confirmed the cries for help did not come from Zimmerman:


“Zimmerman had a concealed firearms license and had every right to be armed.”

From the Neighborhood Watch Manual for the National Neighborhood Watch Program:

Patrol members should be trained by law enforcement. It should be emphasized to members that they do not possess police powers and they shall not carry weapons…


Trayvon Martin would be alive if Neighborhood Watch rules followed:


National Sheriff’s Association Statement on the Neighborhood Watch Tragedy in Sanford, Florida:


What other arguments have you heard from Zimmerman supporters? Feel free to leave a comment (and your response)!

This is an excellent article from theGrio:

Trayvon Martin – 15 facts you need to know about the unarmed teen shot in Sanford, Fl by vigilante George Zimmerman

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