Ann Arbor News – Section E – General Announcements

After just over a year and 551 postings, this is my single most favorite blog posting. And, unless something unforeseen happens, it could easily be my favorite posting of all time.

I was visiting my parents a few weeks back. Like everyone else under the age of 35, I never read the newspaper. Ok, I read the NY Times on Sunday. But, for some reason, I was drawn to the Ann Arbor News laying on the kitchen table. I rarely make it past the first section and sports page of the Ann Arbor News since it offers nothing else worthwhile. Anyways, I luckily flipped to Section E. Click image below. If it’s blurry when the page loads, left click on it again – maybe even a few times.

To recap, Eric is going to get taunted by his friends – if he has any – for the rest of his life. And, his dad is grammatically challenged. Moreover, “Sexi-Rexi” needs to be saved by the animal protective services ASAP. WTF is wrong with people? God, I love this posting!


P.S. Yes, Eric is pictured with Sexi-Rexi in his “Happy Birthday” picture. Oh my god – I think Eric’s Dad has lost it.

8 thoughts on “Ann Arbor News – Section E – General Announcements

  1. Oh my. I’m scared that I may live in the same county as these loons. Chances are, Eric has no friends. This’ll be tough to top. Dear god!

  2. His dad and Sexi-Rexi come into my store all the time and while Sexi-Rexi is quite pleasant, his owner is, shall we say, less than pleasant. Sexi-Rexi will often wear an orange vest with the words “SERVICE DOG” spelled out in duct tape. We serve food, so only service dogs are allowed in. It might be true, though. I saw his owner without the dog on campus one time and he looked so depressed, like he was missing half of himself.
    Last year’s birthday announcement (we’re avid Sex-Rexi followers at the store) included the line “I want you forever.” Eric didn’t get an announcement last year…

    • Small world. Interesting story.

      I apologize for pointing out his father’s grammatical challenges and saying he’s lost it especially if he needs a Service Dog.

      Eric didn’t get an announcement last year – hahahahaha.

      Well, I officially love Sexy-Rexi – aka “The King of Kings” – too.

  3. Today I read the most bizarre obit of a dog – Sexy-Rexi. It compelled me to google for other postings, and I found your site. Sadly, Sexy-Rexi died on July 4th 2010.

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