Welcome to BccList.com!

If you’ve landed here – on the front page – I have to warn you of 2 things…

1) I used to blog a lot in 2008/early 2009…like multiple times per day. Then the election ended, the economy started to recover (as predicted in early 2009), I consequently got bored of blogging about nothing, and transitioned to 140 character rants on twitter.  Regardless, as of late, I apologize for the day/week/month lapse in postings.  I also apologize that I’m not blogging about anything substantive – politics and/or business – since nothing “pressing” is really going on right now.

2) Unless otherwise noted, I only post about something if I’m the first – or nearly the first – blogger to post about that “topic.”  Meaning, you’ll see some posts like Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift, Tiger Woods on Vanity Fair cover, or koala sex in the background of an Andy Roddick interview, etc.  But, don’t think, “Wow – this guy just posts everything that everybody else posts…lame.”  I’m usually on it early or I won’t waste the time with a blog entry.

Anyhoo, enjoy the blog postings below or you can use the search function in the right hand panel of the mainpage to find a specific BccList.com blog posting.

Update: Number 2 above isn’t necessarily applicable now…I’ve gotten even lazier in 2011/2012 and just post therapeutic blog postings and stuff I think is great.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to BccList.com!

  1. Nowadays, it is a trend that more and more bloggers migrated to social media sites like twitter or facebook. This is due to the fact that we don’t need to write lengthy post. Sometimes, you just ran out of ideas on what to write in blog.

    • Ryan, I noticed that the other day! There was a number I was happy to hit back in the day – I can’t remember it – but you said that hitting it wouldn’t be an issue. I know the number was way, way, way less than 300,000. Thanks for not only the visits but for making BccList.com something I still enjoy maintaining. I’ve been meaning to email you regarding the midterms and will do so soon…I’ve been slammed.

  2. Dershowitz concluded by levying harsh criticism of Florida’s law enforcement and agreed with Goldberg that this indictment was handed down in part because of the irrational media coverage of this incident. Dershowitz went further and said that Cory helped to create the hysteria.

    She was appointed to stop race riots. That was her job. And as she put it, to do justice to Trayvon Martin. Not to do justice to George Zimmerman, not to do justice period. Just to do justice to the alleged victim in this case. She has a terrible reputation in Florida for always over-charging, and she was picked specifically for that… No jury – except one frightened that the New Black Panthers might kill them if they vote for an acquittal or that they might cause race riots – no fair jury would find anyone guiltily here of second degree murder.

  3. Have you listened to this audio interview..
    [audio src="http://gzlegalcase.com/documents/statements/audio_interview_0229_3.mp3" /]

    • If the State would just play this in closing arguments….it clears all doubt about whether or not GZ was lying & fabricating a cover up story, and shows the lead investigator helping him….He even admits he wishes he would have listened to the operator telling him not to follow. Praying for justice, and peace for Treyvon & his family…Thanks for your great work…

  4. Greetings Neighbor- And BLESS YOU for your brilliant and thorough work! Good God how I wish you were the attorney for the State!! My son attended Bentley Elem directly across the street 2004-2008 & we have acquaintances in TheRetreat so this is personal to us. We live in Lake Forest, another Sanford gated community, and I have shopped at that same Target since the day it opened (literally) taking my infant child, and always felt very safe. Your theory on Taaffe initiating things makes perfect sense! Have you ever presented your info to say HLN? I wish you would! And have you been allowed to take your data to the prosecution? THEY NEED YOUR HELP, yesterday….email me anytime sharont79@gmail.com. I’m so concerned about the proceedings, ‘reasonable doubt’ is very easy to convey, as we learned in the Casey Anthony days, and another outcome like that may be more than my heart can tolerate…..Justice for Treyvon, may he RIP…And peace to his family, may their hearts heal. Our prayers go out to them….

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