Craigslist Killer’s Wedding Website – 58 SCREENSHOTS – + Philip Markoff Updates

Ouch – the wedding website for Megan McAllister and Philip Markoff:

The site has been yanked but I managed to get screen grabs of each page early this morning. Below is a screenshot of the homepage – more to come (update: click here for all 58 screenshots from their wedding website) when I get back in front of my home PC tonight…


Update 1: Here are all of the screen grabs I captured from before the site was taken down early this morning:

Update 2: Here’s Megan not yet facing reality:

Innocent until proven guilty but IP Addresses are like DNA – they don’t lie. I hope she can get through this difficult time in her life. Fortunately she’s still young and wasn’t harmed.

Update 3: Why did Phil need money so bad? The site had a honeymoon poll (again, more screenshots tonight) and there was an option to vote for Mohegan Sun Resort. Seriously – a casino in Connecticut for a honeymoon? Yeah, yeah – he was in med school so they were broke. The poll even indicated they would take a real honeymoon in 8 years. But, a casino in Connecticut made the list of 4? Gambling problem? We’ll see…

Update 4: Unbelievable…

“Prosecutors say they traced an e-mail address used to set up an appointment with masseuse Julissa Brisman of New York City to Markoff, who was on his way to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut with his fiancee when he was arrested by Monday afternoon.”


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Update 5 (from 4/22/2009): If Phil ends up being the Craigslist Killer, maybe the motive is more than a “simple” gambling problem…

Gavin and Brenda, thank you.

Update 6 (from 4/23): Markoff supporters put up Facebook Group named “Phil Markoff is Innocent Until Proven Guilty”…

I’m speechless. Great use of social networking, guys! Errrr.

Angela, thank you.

Update 7 (from 4/24): Gun Matches Bullets in Craigslist Murder Case…

Markoff’s defense team is going to have to pull of a OJ Simpson dream team~esque performance. Wow, the pressure on the BPD investigators must be pretty intense about right now.

Update 8 (from 4/25): Philip Markoff tells family “forget about me.”

Maryanna, thank you.

Update 9 (from 4/27): Philip Markoff solicited sex from men and transsexuals on craigslist via email address Shiat keeps getting weirder and weirder. Wow…

Tina-Bee, thank you.

Update 10 (from 4/30): Craiglist killer’s fiancée (Megan McAllister) visits jail not wearing engagement ring – aka Megan has ended the engagement with Philip.

Maryl, thank you.

Update 11 (from 6/22/2009): Dude is smarter than I thought.  Looks like Philip Markoff used prepaid cellphones and anonymous email addresses.  It’s a shame he (reportedly) wasn’t smart enough to hide the victims’ panties and/or the murder weapon better.

Update 12 (from 8/15/2010): Philip Markoff finally killed himself. Suicide by pen to artery and plastic bag for suffocation is what’s reported. Rot in peace…

Update 13 (from 8/17/2010): The suicide was way more elaborate than originally reported. Check out the details here…

Don’t forget to check out the comments — most from 2009 & 2010 — below!

150 thoughts on “Craigslist Killer’s Wedding Website – 58 SCREENSHOTS – + Philip Markoff Updates

  1. Thanks for posting this; this dude reminds me so much of serial rapist/murderer Paul Bernardo, who was an accountant at Price Waterhouse.

  2. LJ – yeah, there’s definitely something weird about the dude’s look.

    If he ends up being the killer, I’m not sure his absolute intentions were to kill. I assume we’ll hear during the trial that he needed some loot. When one of the victims fought back, he flipped out and started shooting her. Very strange to say the least.

  3. It won’t take long to get his cell phone records and they’ll know if he was in all three areas during the nights in question.

  4. Yeah, every email received by the people he robbed/killed will include an IP address. Assuming the emails came from him – that’s what court is for – he’s so screwed. Weird that an intelligent person – well, book smarts – would make such amateur mistakes.

  5. Unless he’s innocent, he’s obviously a sociopath. It’s not unusual for a guy like this to show a normal face to the world.

  6. Good job with the screen grab…poor girl, not sure why she’s defending him, the hair near his temple gives him away on the surveillance video…not to mention you prob don’t want to be married to this guy while you have financial troubles.

  7. >But, trying to explain emails from any
    >device he owns – IP address – will be an
    >uphill battle for his defense team.

    IP alone isn’t evidence. It’s probable cause.

    Living in the city, having an unsecured wireless access point can create a defense against that — “Yeah, it’s my IP, but I’m a moron so anyone could’ve connected to it…”

    Forensic evidence on his actual devices, that’s evidence. “The IP matches the broadband connection, and this computer we seized in the apartment has evidence of accessing that email account at that time, he stated no one else had access to the apartment other then himself and his fiancee, and she has an alibi.” THAT’S evidence.

    Finding a bootable Linux DVD that wouldn’t have left any forensic evidence PLUS the IP address, now you have some good circumstantial evidence.

    IP alone though? Not a big challenge.

    • “IP alone isn’t evidence. It’s probable cause.”

      That is incorrect. IP alone IS evidence. It’s called “circumstantial” not probable cause. It is up to the jury or judge to decide what WIEGHT to give that evidence just as they will with any other piece of evidence having probative value.

  8. i’m so glad the site was pulled. The poor girl shouldn’t have had to be dragged into this. it’s very inappropriate for the media to report on his personal life in this way. since it implicates the fiance. wrong, wrong, wrong!
    and everyone must remember she is not on trial!


  10. My guess is he did it to pay for gambling debts. I can only imagine how much he owed. My G-d! He could have done anything else, including pray, and pray some more, and keep praying. Instead it looks as if he accidentally killed. That’s if he’s guilty.

  11. Dr Megan coming soon!

    A killer can be in medical school, that is Ok, I am petrified that Megan Mcllister is in Medical school too. women are supposed to get the vibe about the guys they are dating, but she is either clueless or ignored it all for the \”catch\” she managed to net. A smart wealthy stud. Beware of this Dr Megan mcallister, she will have a diffferent last name soon, but can anyone trust her judgement? When she changes her last name the state should make it public as we have a right to know our doctor. This guy seems far better than amanda knox, atleast normal reactions in court. AGAIN, I would never have thought Megan is a medical student too, the vanity and greed in the website looked like a spoiled brat. GOOd they are getting into medical schools too with all thier stamina and wealth. We need fair representation of blondes as doctors.She could make a good OBGYN with all the bimbos and thier husbands wanting to se her

    • All medical students are weird! Take it from me. I don’t get the motive though…in a few years he could’ve been making upward..600K / year! Just borrow…no problem. His Uncle is a lawyer. He didn’t look like he was hurting for money. There would have to be more to motive!

  12. They’ll track him by his MAC address on any device he used. IP is close, but the MAC will narrow it down to the specific network card that (Ethernet or WIFI – any device) that the messages were coming from.

    All network cards have a unique MAC address (ID).

  13. I say we let the story unfold – you know how they can change so quickly.

    I would hate to condemn him while people who actually know him defend him. Karma is a bitch and if he is guilty, with luck the justice system will work (for a change).

    The biggest problem? The media jumps on stories like this and we have an instant ‘first impression’ opinion of an issue, crime or occurance going on somewhere in the world. We jump to conclusions and create opinions while we really know nothing more than what ‘reports’ tell us.

    Do some searching….don’t believe everything you read or see on TV!!!There are many of these ‘occurances’ that never happened or didn’t happen in the way the media reported it. Who do you think the media answers to?? One ‘occurance’ started a world war. Check out information on the Lusitania. Pretty powerful stuff.

  14. Don’t trust this so called ironclad evidence that the DA has. They found a pistol, ammo, duct tape and plastic zip ties in his apartment, I have those items in my house. And don’t think that he had the only appointment with that young girl that day, it doesn’t normally work that way. She probably made numerous appointments with “clients” and used the hotel room as an office. I don’t have to say what normally happens at the end of a massage in a hotel room do I? Unless they have physical evidence linking him to her in the hotel room the DA is being negligient by doing interviews and painting this kid as a murderer. Time will tell the story.

  15. I don’t feel sorry for her. The police found items of violence, gun and ammunition, and panties he kept from each victim — in THEIR apt. She knew he was gambling — A LOT. She went with him. He was on his Blackberry in the photos after every crime. She was helping him spend his money at the casinos. WHO was he emailing after each victim? WHERE did she think he was and WHERE was he getting the “new” money after each crime? She is either an accomplice to his stealing (not sure on the murder) or willfully ignored his addictions — she’s an addict, too.

  16. The last name Markoff is rare amongst gentiles, so his father is most likely Jewish.

    As for the blonde hair, blue eyes, his mother is probably a shiksa.

  17. I hadn’t heard of this before now! It’s so interesting that people can be completely different than we view them.

  18. Regarding IP Addresses, they are BS. I can grab a proxy at any moment (Proxy TOR comes to mind) which will give you a completely different IP then mine. Thing about that. IP is no where near enough evidence.

  19. Craigslist needs to take this disgusting section OFF their site. By being the middleman and encouraging outlandish behavior they are quietly promoting crud. Wake up CRAIG!

    • Back when they didn’t have an Erotic Services section on Craigslist, the hookers spammed up Casual Encounters. Now that CL is charging to post on Erotic Services, they’re spamming up Therapeutic Services, where us REAL massage therapists advertise. Or, I should say, used to – they killed the category. At least if they have their own section, you can simply choose not to look.

  20. Bill-
    Many people have those items in their houses, I agree. However, there have been 3 similar instances and he’s on the surveillance tapes at all three hotels.
    I don’t feel sorry for her, either. To be completely honest, I think she was in on it. I think she liked the money that they made when they made it, but hated when they lost it…Who could be that oblivious to the person she lives with?
    The girl was not dragged into this by any means. SHE sent an email to ABC, therefore throwing herself into the mix.

    It’s such a scary story…you can’t trust anyone anymore!

  21. America has grown, and is fast growing more and more wicked. This kind of thing has unfortunately become increasing commonplace. One has only to travel to other parts of the country, or the world, and watch a local or regional news report. Every evening, in a local context, their are murders, beatings, rapes, robbery, and a multitude of sinful acts. Not to mention the ones which are never reported, all occuring daily in every town and city across America. Craig’s List is as guilty as this evil, derranged young man, for allowing their site to be pool of filth, and now blood, for these kinds to swim in. Morality, respect for life, and common human decency, no longer exists in the United States. The religious and moral Jew is scoffed at, by the Ivy League, educated, secular, atheistic Jew. Just as it is with Christians. Our nation is being propelled every more rapidly over a great precipice, by a force so evil and malignant, that the people being ignorant of our precious heritage and form of government, will lose it. I am a practicing Christian. I believe as was stated by a previous blogger on this site (Brother53). I believe that as a Christian, and a Mennonite, that Christ forbids us to take up arms against any person, or our government. However, there are forces afoot, which will not permit our liberty to be stolen and “changed”, into a Robespierreian monster. These elements are growing more restive, and with each passing day, as America is disessembled before our eyes, they are plotting revolution. Philip Markoff is only a symptom of a toatally lawless age. Without God he, and America are doomed to perdiction. We may mourn over the lives and blood of the poor mixed-up woman he murdered, and rightfully so. However, unless we stop as a nation and a people, and mourn for ourselves a thousand fold more, the blood and mourning that will result from the coming revolution, God forbid, will devastate and fill every household. We need to repent. We need to weep for America and for Philip Markoff.

  22. I agree wholeheartedly. I am not speaking of religion or religious people. Cain was religious. His brother Abel was innocent and lamb-like, with a pure heart toward God. Cain slew him because his “religion” was from below. One quarter of humanity was slain at the very beginning by Cain. We have only to look at the diabolical history of that manmade system which has filled the earth with Cain’s false spirit and violence, from that day, to the wicked Pharisees who demanded the blood of Christ, to the wars and inquisitions of popery, to the protestants who slew the nonviolent Christians of the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, to the Jews and Muslims, to the death camps in our age, to those who bow the knee to a God they know only through a book, ie. The Bible, which they call the Word of God, but do not know Him experientially in the heart. Christ said, THE LETTER KILLETH, BUT THE SPIRIT GIVETH LIFE. And, YOU SEARCH AND SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES, BECAUSE IN THEM YOU THINK YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE, BUT YOU DO NOT COME TO ME FOR THE LIFE. So, that false religion of Cain, which is still afoot a waging war against the Lamb and His true faith, is to be fought against by the power of that spirit, which was in Abel, and which has had its true adherents all these many centuries down to today, at this very hour. The divide and conflict between the two has been waxing greater and greater in our age. AS this age draws to a close, and I hope it will be soon, it will be fully revealed. Until then, let your religion be that of a meek and quiet spirit, which loves your neighbor, and yes those who hate you, as God through Christ has loved us, and leave not one hoof print in Mystery Babylon or her places and temples of Cain’s religion.

    For those interested, I highly recommend reading the 17th century Quaker work: THE JOURNAL OF GEORGE FOX

    • I am a Christian and you lost me after the first sentence. The ordinary reader (not God-oriented) isn’t even understanding half of what you say. I think you would be better off just praying over the situation and leaving a short response to that effect.

  23. Someone in the throes of addiction just wants it to stop. This guy was approaching if not already at the bottom of his personal fall – too bad he couldn’t figure out some other way to stop his downward spiral. As with a lot of addicts – he used whoever got in his way for whatever he felt he needed.

    Seems his main problem was how incredibly stupid he was. One of the article I read said he felt superior. I don’t see superior – I see unrealistic and someone very much in denial.

    Think about it – anyone who has read a true crime book lately or watched an episode of Law and Order would know better than to keep evidence in their apartment.

    Once the fiance gets over the shock she can console herself with the knowledge that she may have been a victim down the road.

  24. Why are people blaming craigslist? They should look at the laws and see that if we had legal prostitution it would safer and regulated.

  25. I think Megan is living in a such a fantasy world that she can’t see reality. She was going to be a doctor, was going to marry a doctor, and therefore can’t fathom that this perfect guy (educated, to be doctor, son of a dentist, tall blond guy) could be a criminal, specifically a nascent serial killer. As you can imagine, this shatters her perfect, fantasy, happily ever after world. I think that she’ll realize that she was duped, and that she’ll grow very jaded very soon. Poor thing. (I agree with someone above, her website was kinda annoying.)

    According to the New York Daily News, some of Philip Markoff’s friends reported that he was a misogynist and racist (not verbatim). Can’t imagine that he would the treatment his non-white male clients would have received had he become a doctor.

  26. People are stuck on the IP addresses and forgeting that there photos of him at the site. So there two pieces of evidence here without counting the cell phone calls. He is placed on the site and soon we shall learn about his DNA in that room or on the body. Listen photographs donot lie -coupled with an ip address, ofcourse he is the killer. I looked at those photos and it is him.

  27. Plus from what i understand the lady killed was a massuse and very active alcohol addict support person. She helped so many people with a drinking problem at the AA and believed that people can change. Plus there was a massage table in the room. So i don’t think she was a prostitute because if she was then why take the professional massuse table. I believe she is a visiting massuse and just had a bad client. Too bad for her – she was so loved in her community from what i saw on television.

  28. I cant believe all the people who posted hateful things on her comments page!!! I am recently engaged and cant fathom what kind of emotions his fiance’ is going through. This is a very tragic episode in her life.

  29. I wanna know y its a shocker??? Most killers of the sort are normally white men. Im not sure y its always a shocker when a blonde haired blue eyed white person from a “good home” slices someone up. Get over it!!!
    His woman is in denial, she prob was in on it with him, if it was a black or latino person it wouldnt be on the news, and it would not be a shocker because all darkies are criminals right?????
    Also y are white folk scared of black folks when they the main ones doin the exact same crimes as the others. Shouldnt u be scared of your cousin, or friend, brother dad?…. NOt me dn lock ur door when i walk by or follow me in a store( which still happens by the way) lock ur door when when ur family come to visit.

    • IL chick, you would have done better not to boast of being an educated black women.

      If you were graduated from a private school, I recommend based on your writing that you ask for a refund.

  30. Erv – the comments on their wedding site (Guest Book) were very hateful. It’s the only section I skimped on. Meaning, I only included two April 20th comments in my screen grabs. There were at least 20 more screenshots but people were trying to be funny and failing miserably. So, I decided to stop and move onto to other areas of the site.

    IL chick – are you sure your God condones (racist) generalizations?

  31. No Longer – Are (racist) generalizations only OK when white folks or the white-owned, lamestream (m)ass media make ’em?…which they do All The Time!

    Jus’ wonderin’…


    • That is a good point. I don’t like to think of myself as this or that in context to race or color. Whenever anyone mentions the race or color thing, it just clouds up the water. Can we just have a meaningful conversation without the race card always being pulled?

  32. The truly creepy thing about all of this is that no one in his immediate sphere of influence had any clue. You can’t detect these kinds of people…they’re too good at faking “normal”. *shudder*

  33. In response to:
    Muki Says:
    April 22, 2009 at 9:41 pm
    People are stuck on the IP addresses and forgeting that there photos of him at the site. Listen photographs donot lie -coupled with an ip address, ofcourse he is the killer. I looked at those photos and it is him.

    OK – photos don’t LIE?? In this day and age I could take a photo of myself and add the skyline of Paris behind me if I chose to. It would look EXACTLY like I was there. Photos in magazines of supermodels are truth? Are you serious?

    If you think photos don’t lie, go to and check out their faux photography pages…believe in setups – they happen.

    Once society stops believing every single thing the media,government and religions shove down our throats – we’ll be able to remove the blinders and think for ourselves. Sadly, most of you like the dark.

    I’m not saying he is innocent or guilty – I’m saying that there is alot we DON’T know yet – and although I agree speculation is ‘fun’ – how would we feel if it were us? I’d imagine we might be screaming setup too. We can ‘speculate’ forever (or until there is a verdict, I suppose) but none of us realize what a situation like that is like unless we are involved.

    But who knows – guilty or innocent, there is not ever going to be enough justice for the victim or her family.

  34. …I’m not surprised at all. There is more of his kind and her kind out there. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be more of this hidden society (I didn’t know he was a murder) BS_

  35. Yes, there are sociopaths out there, and pschyzophrenics (sp) that seem normal to the “naked” eye. I was married to the latter, and during our dating period, he said all the right things. His Mr. Hyde side never showed up till after the wedding.
    He was so good at covering up, that all my female instincts were dismantled. It was very strange, and very creepy. It took me 2 years after our 7 yr marriage to resurrect my instincts. Poor girl! I’m glad she found out sooner than later!!

  36. I think it is very possible that Philip Markoff was set up to take the blame for the crime.
    Bernie Made Off with the money. So, I think the cops could be Off the Mark in blaming Philip Markoff. Philip really has no motive for killing her. Maybe someone else had a motive, someone high up in the government, a government offical. Maybe the young woman was going to expose an affair.

    Maybe the cops planted the womans clothes in Philips apartment. Cops plant evidence all the time you know.

    Another thing that I find interesting is that he was born Philip Carrol and changed his name to Philip Markoff? Markoff is not a common name. There are only two Markoff’s in all of the United States?

    I think all of you are Off the Mark. Your all ready to believe what you read, hear on the News or what the government tells you. Most of you have convicted him and haven’t heard the evidence yet. Remember the Warren Commissions Report. Their conclusion was way OFF the Mark. At first we bought it, over the years the more evidence we heard the more we believed there was a conspiracy. Most people believe there was a conspiracsy and they were right. When E. Howard Hunt was on his death bed he confessed and he named names. The conspiracy when all the way back to LBJ.

    Oswald was the Patsy in the JFK shooting. I think we could have another Patsy here.


  37. A person’s looks has nothing to do with whether or not they are a serial killer. Those kinds of statements just show how shallow a lot of Americans still are.

  38. Phil Markoff looks guilty in court. The media has been suggesting that he’s handsome and preppy. I think he’s preppy looking, but more on the nerdy side, and not very attractive for a young white man. His image is more befitting of a killer than the other way around.

  39. Explain to me again:
    the actress/model advertising on Craigslist to give messages, at an expensive downtown Boston hotel? Prostitution? Not that it has anything to do with her being killed, but why hasn’t the news media said anything about this?
    And what is Mel Steffir talking about? Is he confusing Markoff with Maddoff? Why on earth would there be a government conspiracy that ended on killing an “aspiting actress/model”?

  40. It happened to Marilyn Monroe too – why not an up and coming actress?
    Loose lips sink ships…and apparently, she had TWO sets goin! Heidi Fleiss also comes to mind here – but she blew the lid on everything before they could off her.

    Why does it sound so unusual to people?? How hard would it be to gain access to a home/apt and leave items behind!?

    And as for IL Chick – most killers are normally white males? Here’s what I found(using my caucasian University education);

    A lack of understanding of base rates can lead to misinterpreting research findings and forensic results Consider the oft-quoted fact, “Serial killers are usually white males.” While technically correct, this statement is incomplete. To understand it properly, the relevant base rates also must be considered. Three different studies of serial murderers found black offender proportions of 16, 20, and 20 percent, and female offender proportions of 9, 10, and 16 percent. According to the 2000 census, the U.S. population is 75 percent white and 49 percent male. So, while disproportionately male, the only reason most serial killers in the United States are white is because most of the population is white. More important, all else being equal, serial killers are less likely to be white in predominantly black or Hispanic areas.

    The racial thing is totally irrelevant here. Being a Christian simply means you too are a sheep regardless of your race, color, creed, beliefs or blind faith. You choose your own littered path. Still, all of what is truly happening with this case will be revealed in time.

    Thanks for playing, Il Chick. T’was fun!

    • It sounds like you know much more about this subject than I do. Perhaps you woundn’t mind expounding? Specifically I would be interested in non-white serial killers. Richard Ramirez comes to mind. Could you please provide additional names? Thanks

  41. LJ – yeah, there’s definitely something weird about the dude’s look.

    If he ends up being the killer, I’m not sure his absolute intentions were to kill. I assume we’ll hear during the trial that he needed some money. This kinda scares me. I mean a serial killer or not, I don’t know. Atleast I got some what of answer because I wanted to read about this article.
    Thanks for posting up this article.

  42. What is so shocking about a white man killing women? Come on this isn’t news.

    I’m glad his obnoxious wedding announcement website was taken down. Normal people don’t do things like that. No one cares how these two loonies met and ‘fell in love.’

    I bet everyone of Megan McAllister is the laughing stock of all her female peers. I bet people are making fun of her stupidity so bad she can’t get out of bed.

    I hope she drops out of medical school. I wouldn’t want her touching any family member of mine.

      • It might be a bit much, but this is the truth. She probably was so proud of herself for bagging a ‘rich one’ she didn’t care if left at odd hours and came home smelling of stripper blood. She ignored it all because she was so into blogging on her marriage announcement website.

        With people like this it’s all about outward appearances. I bet her fiance’s arrest is like a pie in her face.

        She looks like a self-promoting moron who’s probably going to end up a spinster.

        So sad. Too bad.

  43. Who the EFF cares if he’s Jewish.. It has ZERO influence on this situation.. he is simply an effed up human being doing effed up s**t.

      • I agree completely. Frankly, I’m amazed that your willingness to permit free discussion of his ethnic background elicits an inane, personal insult from “No Longer…”. S/he’s probably Jewish – and in typical fashion, hyper-defensive to the point of obnoxious aggressiveness whenever anyone acknowledges some reality (such as an alledged killer having a Jewish name) that reflects poorly on the tribe. Give “No Longer…” another two posts and we’ll be hearing about Auschwitz, the Holocaust, and how anyone who points out that Markoff is a Jewish name is just like Hitler, ha ha.

  44. Yes, everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

    However this guy looks enormously guilty.

    Not only do the police have the videos,and the IP address—one of the victims has specifically identified him as the perpetrator.

    Yes his ethnic background is not important, in fact it’s completely irrelevant. Examining his family background, however, is fair game.

    The prayers?

    1.There is no scientific evidence establishing the existence of gods or for that matter anything supernatural.All evidence is to the contrary.

    2.There is also, consequently no evidence what-so-ever, (other than anecdotal) that “prayer” accomplishes anything at all.

    • “Yes his ethnic background is not important, in fact it’s completely irrelevant. Examining his family background, however, is fair game.”

      WTF do you think “ethnic background” is? It IS family background writ large. Indeed, if details regarding his immediate family are “fair game” as you say, then there is certainly some valid reason to understand what his broader, cultural origins might be. Who are you (or anyone else, for that matter) to determine what is and is not open for discussion in a free society?

      • Dear Mr. You’re a dork:

        What would matter regarding family background are things like does he have 2 parents, was he abused, did he suffer from extreme poverty or was he spoiled with wealth, was he bullied in school, was he a bully??? etc.

        His ethnic background is not relevant.

        BTW, I made no reference about what you or anyone else has a right to openly discuss.

        I can see that with your use of words like “dork” and “WTF” that the class and dignity you add to this forum can only be greatly appreciated.

  45. I think its now pretty clear that Philip Markoff is half-Jewish.

    His dad, Richard Markoff, is a full blooded Jew and General Dentist. Mom is a blonde Catholic shiksa who serves cocktails at a casino.

    He got dad’s nose and mom’s hair.

  46. I admit, I’m a gawker, but I am impressed in your screen shots that you blocked out the faces and names of children. Well done!


  48. Mr. No Longer Mass Emailing, you do sound like an intelligent person, and I agree with everything you’ve said, but like Joshua, I wondered about whether he was Jewish or not. Just curiosity, that’s all, but I do believe that EVERYthing about what makes him who he is, is important.

    I’m SO glad they caught him. It’s frightening to think he could have become a doctor… wouldn’t want her to be MY doctor, either.

    I’m with you on spitting in the face of a relative who could have done this – he KILLED an innocent woman (no matter if she was or was not a prostitute), ruined his whole family’s life, plus his girlfriend’s life and her whole family.

    Thanks to the police who caught him!

  49. Some of these comments are actually shocking. What the heck is a “Jewish nose”??? For godsake do people really still say and believe things like this? And somehow his girlfriend just HAD to know–was probably in on it with him? Yes, I am a true believer in free speech but sometimes what people say and think scares the crap out of me. I think as a group, the human IQ level is dropping rapidly.

  50. He is absolutely 100 % guilty….No one so far has realized that as soon as they nailed him, there has been NO MORE attacks on ANY other women, which proves right there that HE IS THE ONE….

  51. Innocent until proven guilty. I hope none of you are arrested and charged with something you didn’t do. Then on top of that the Media has convicted you on TV in front of the whole nation. Then there are people on blogs like this saying how bad you are and that your mate is stupid for knowing you.

    Just because you get arrested and accused does not make you guilty. Cops lie and plant evidence. How would the cops know whos underwear they were? Like I said above they did it to Oswald. What that means is that they can do it to you too.

    Most of you should be standing up to what our Fore Fathers wrote down in the Consitution of the United States. Most of you act and talk like King George. Your Innocent until proven quilty. If you don’t defend these rights no one will defend yours.

    Jesus was convicted, tried and sentenced to death. We all know he was innocent. I think he was a Jew too. Jesus knows very well what it is like to be convicted and sentenced for something he didn’t do.

    Do you?

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  54. Can you please also post those photos documenting the collapse of the third building, World Trade Center 7? It would be particularly useful to see – from the air – the extent of impact damage to WTC 7 prior to its collapse.

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  57. Jewish? Christian? A robot from Uranus? Who gives a sh-t
    what race he’s from? He murdered someone because he had sex and
    gambling issues, plain and simple. He couldn’t go leech off his
    rich dad or hard-working mom, so he had to find other means to get
    money. How simple; find a hooker on craigslist, send e-mails back
    and forth, get to know her, buzz her up to some penthouse room in a
    luxuriant hotel, hit her over the head with the butt of the gun
    because she won’t give it up (either form-money of ass) then shoot
    her 3 times in the chest. Bam! Bam! Bam! Free money. Free sex. And
    nobody, none of his family or friends, could tell that something
    was wrong with ‘sweet innocent little Phillip’ as he was growing
    up? Give me a break! This so-called ‘good looking, nice kid’ (wipe
    your eyes or glasses off if you believe that. Your judgment is too
    cloudy. He’s far from being Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise)got a rise out
    of dominating and controlling women. I’m amazed that he didn’t do
    this to the women in his family. Maybe he should have done that to
    a big burly trucker with an even bigger wallet?! See how long he’d
    have survived as Bubba was ripping his intestines up through his
    throat! Also, when children are abused, either mentally or
    physically, even through a divorce, don’t they tend to hurt and/or
    kill little animals? And as they get older don’t they sometimes
    hurt and/or kill bigger animals, children, women, and men because
    it gives them some sort of adrenaline rush? Makes no sense to me.
    Why don’t they just get a girlie mag and make a date with
    themselves in the sh-tter for a half an hour?! Better yet, have
    their parents take their whiny asses to a shrink and unload all
    their baggage on him for $150.00 an hour. That’s what he’s there
    for. In closing, this young guy knew exactly what he was doing,
    from the time he answered the prostitutes’s craigslist ad (God, why
    do you let things like craigslist exist? WHY?!)up to the time he
    bashed the young girl’s head in. If a person can’t keep his
    emotions and feelings in check, he needs to get checked in at the
    nut house. And I’m sure he was into a big gambling debt, as well.
    This was probably one of the main problems that started his roller
    coaster ride into regions unhown. He was too spoiled to go see
    Doctor Fraud. Plus it would reflect back on his parents. “I’ve got
    loony for a son!” Heaven forbid if the neighbors ever found out…
    And how sad is it that his fiancee’ was blinded because he kept
    everything hidden from her? That’s not a friend, lover, whatever.
    That’s a total stranger, someone who can never be trusted. But once
    again, she fell for the ‘blond hair, blue eyes, and smart’ (how
    smart do you have to be to murder someone? It wasn’t the perfect
    crime, he got caught.)

  58. just wondering why Andrew Miller (the guy’s ID who Philip
    Markoff used to buy the gun) won’t state how he knew Markoff and
    why is there no photo of Andrew Miller to be found anywhere on the
    web (supposedly they resembled each other)…the news reports all
    state Miller is cooperating with the investigation but very little
    details are provided and all state he won’t elaborate on how he
    knew Markoff …. could Miller have had access to Markoff’s
    apartment?Until we know their exact relationship it would seem to
    me there are other possibilities to this story.

  59. This guy is evil he had everything a man could want………A beautiful wife, a straight A student at medical school, awsome friends who cared about him, if he never did all those crimes he could’ve been living in a beautiful beach house playing with his 4 or 5 children him and his wife were planning to have. Philip markoff was living the dream until he bought that gun……..

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