POLL: How Long Will It Take for Obama to Right bush’s Ship?

It took 8 years to get into this mess and by the sounds of it – Morning Joe panel from earlier today (3/6/09) – the media is quick to think everything should be fixed in 30-60 days. Thoughts?

I’m going with less than 12 months since this recession has already lasted longer than the average recession lasts.   If not, I’ll venture to guess we’ll be living in bush’s depression by 1/1/2010.

Yeah, yeah – there’s a tired and old argument that the democrats controlled the Congress from 2006-2008.  Keep in mind, Congress didn’t have enough of a majority to do anything constructive as the Titanic (us) took on water.

National Debt Reminder:


6 thoughts on “POLL: How Long Will It Take for Obama to Right bush’s Ship?

  1. To bad there was not a selection for never, however 4+ years will do. Washington’s vision and conversly the American public is in 90 increments. Which is 87 days longer than the liberal media.

    Real pretty chart nephew with some rioughtous editing to totally ignore world events. As your core readership just has a fleeting memory of Reagan and only the picture of Carter in your cribs as the benevelant “Rich Benafactor from Washington”.

    As a research exercise take the chart back to 1901 then we have something to discuss such as:
    1. Inherint recessions following wars
    2. Defense buildups
    3. Wars that engendar a rapid defense buildup, due to military being underfunded in previous years.
    4. Federal Reserve playing with money supply and attempting to hold off start of a recession.

    My self I have never been portrayed as a Religious man but for a number of years I have been praying for a depression. Reason being most individuals under the age of 60 have never been through “HARD TIMES”

    Hard times depressions/recessions clear all of the crap out of your head, teach you what is really important.
    1. Survival, food, roof over your head (even if shared)
    2. Work – time to man up take what is available even when your sick
    3. Acreage – food and 250M of clear fire along with the arsenal to protect it.

    Recessions/Depressions are times of cleansing the landscape of weak business and people. Once survived it will alter your thinking for life. Never will you ever be overextended, without protection, and not totally self-reliant.

    Country Boy will always survive – even if from Manchester

    Uncle Archie

  2. Oh, the good ole days of the 90s. If not for 8 years of failed policies, we wouldn’t have to say the D word. Oh well, once everything works itself out, maybe we’ll never have republican leadership up top again. I’ve got faith that Americans aren’t stupid enough to vote in another dubya equivalent.

  3. Great Post Uncle Archie! The far left kookiness of this poll, coupled with bs colored graphics, are just too silly. There are too many young and ignorant brainwashed and unwashed that vote for Marxism willy nilly.

  4. Ricardo, you can get the same data by visiting the United States Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Public Debt. Young and ignorant? Ha! Regardless, I guess it’s good we’re finally fixing the mess caused by the last 8 years.

  5. I couldn’t have said it any better than Uncle Archie…glad to see the post!

    Country Boys will ALWAYS survive.

    Ryan THE Conservative

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