Off to the Motherland (Italy) for 2 weeks.

Hopefully, a revolution (ha!) less intense than the creepy Ron Paul Revolution is started in the interim.

P.S.  Air Altilia is about as worthless as you can get and we haven’t even got to the airport.  I won’t go into details until possibly post trip.  Mom, pray for us.  Glad we added the optional trip insurance through our travel consultant.  Hey, as long as the plane lands – right?

Bernanke/Bush – Raise the Fcking Interest Rate You Idiots!

Consumers (you and me if the word “consumer” doesn’t resonate) are paying RAISED interest rates for mortgages and credit cards – so, why keep cutting the rates (or hinting that you’ll leave them alone for the remainder of the year) as more US dollars have been released into the market thus making the value of the dollar worthless?

The Divided States of America is already under the pressure of horrendous inflation – Gas is $4.30+ a gallon and milk is $3.99 a gallon.  Why?  Supply vs. Demand.  Of course not.  Why are economists, the administration, etc. unwilling to say the word INFLATION?

Check out the definition of inflation.  If those gas and milk numbers in my random blog posting aren’t convincing enough check out “hard” data…

Of all that the bush administration has fcked up on, the handling of the current inflation issue may be what’s remembered most clearly since this joke of a process has happened since as he’s embarrassingly tried to close out his last 12 months (7 and ticking now).  Naw, maybe the iraq “war” and denying constitutional rights may stand out most clearly.  But, this is a joke.  For Bernanke to hint that he doesn’t plan on raising the interest rates during the remainder of 2008 is fcking insane.

Richard Fisher is the smartest guy in the room…

Why am I blaming a worthless bush administration?  Bernanke is another crony put in a position that he isn’t qualified for…

Analyst concerns

But not everyone is pleased.

Some commentators say the Princeton University economist has little experience outside the academic realm.

The nomination also marks the third time in as many years that the president has turned to Mr Bernanke for a sensitive post.

In 2002 Mr Bush put him on the Fed’s board and this year made him chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisors – prompting concerns that he may be “too close” to the Republican government.

“He worries me as the next Fed head. He’s very tied to what Bush wants too. Having been made the head of the CEA, Bush has gotten to know him, and feels in control,” said John Tierney, credit strategist, Deutsche Bank.

Mr Bernanke is a leading advocate of “inflation targeting” – an approach widely adopted in Europe – under which central banks set a target for inflation and stick to it.

However, Mr Greenspan believes central banks should keep markets guessing on how tough they would be on inflation.”

Arab Americans for mccain Button

This is a (REALLY FUNNY) joke, right?

I’m definitely buying one of these because it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, this means mccain would get a $5.00 contribution from me.  Damnit.

Oh well, I’ve blown at least $5.00 worth of his ad spend by Googling mccain periodically (cough, frequently and from multiple ip addresses) and then clicking on his sponsored link.  Of course, I do this solely to learn more about his sound – I mean senile – policies.

P.S.  Andy, stop turning into me – you radical.  Nice find though I’m not sure how stumbled upon this in his store. I visited his store – through the google sponsored link of course – but, couldn’t find it until I googled “Arab Americans for McCain.”

David Broom – The Real World: New Orleans – You Dirty Dog!

So, I was watching some late night Chapelle’s Show – I guess it’s on Fox via syndication – and The Mad Real World bit was on so of course I couldn’t turn it off and get some sleep. Wow, great stuff. “What’s the square root of this apartment?”

Anyways, this Chappelle’s Show episode closed out with David Broom from The Real World: New Orleans singing his ever sooo popular yet short song, “Come On Be My Baby Tonight.”

Of course, I reminisced about…

a) How “The Real World” used to be good. Or, was it that I was a college student with plenty of time on my hand and nothing else on tv when Seattle, Hawaii, New Olreans, and Chicago aired?

b) How David Broom from The Real World: New Orleans was the counter clerk at Osco on Southport (it’s now a CVS) in either 2004/2005. I can’t remember the exact year but I’m 75% sure it was in 2005 before I moved to Lincoln Square. I’m not shiatting you. He checked me out for a pack of gum one night. I took a double take, looked at his name tag, and walked away shaking my head. How can you be on “The Real World” and not land a sweet job? Are you kidding me? I went to that Osco many times afterwards and never saw him again.  Update: Burchie – lived in the same neighborhood – confirmed seeing him working there too in 2004 or 2005.  I wasn’t imagining things!

After wondering whatever happened to David and hoping his performance during this episode of Chappelle’s Show was ANOTHER “break,” I searched the internets and found out apparently you can’t land a good job or easily get laid either if you appear on “The Real World.” Almost one year after appearing on Chappelle’s Show he was caught with a $10 whore – literally – in Chicago. The link is safe for work.

P.S. Remember Dan Renzi from The Real World: Miami? Same problem different violation. This link is also safe for work.

“Atkins Diet” + a 3 Hour All You Can Drink Party = Nightmarish Hell (I Think)

I don’t read much and I hate history, so, I’m sure adage exists that states: “A day without a lesson learned is a wasted day” or some equivalent. FDR, Churchill, Lincoln, Kennedy, Obama, etc. had to have said something in this manner.

Regardless, along with…

…I have (recently – last night) learned you should not consume the amount of alcohol you normally consume during a 3 hour all you can drink party if you’ve…

a) not been drinking as much as you normally do because of the vico/valium tag team – see racquetball post.

b) been trying to cut a quick 20 pounds in 14 days (wrestling style) using an unhealthy variation of the Atkins Diet.

Specifically, I’ve only been eating every imaginable meat, cheeses, nuts, and salads.  While I don’t really remember how I got home AND forgot to say goodbye to anyone (including my wife and the person the party was being thrown for) I have lost 9 pounds in 7 days and vodka and soda water with a slice of orange isn’t half bad. Hey now!

So, Ericka – I had a great time at your party. Sorry for bailing. Have fun during your summer adventures in Oklahoma. Whoops – thanks for the correction – I mean Kansas. My bad.

Welcome to the good life

P.S. – I am well aware that the above picture could possibly land me on Hot Chicks with Douchbags. It’s worth noting, I think/hope we were posing like this to mock those that wear sunglasses indoors at night though I don’t really remember what prompted the photo op. errrrrr.

P.S.S. – Last night, I somehow lost (imagine that) the grossly huge and green Tom Ford glasses seen above. Thus, they won’t be making another appearance.  John, I feel your disappointment 300 miles away.

A Thousandaire Says, “Buy Ford Stock!”

There are several reasons I think Ford is a decent enough of a long term buy though you’d have to be willing to hold stock for 2-5+ years…

a) Ford is at a historic low since Bill Clinton took office in 1992. Strange coincidence that US automotive makers found Clinton’s 8 years in office to be very fruitful, eh? So, we (as traders) would be buying low. You can’t get any cheaper than $5.81. What, $3.61 a share?

b) Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian raised his stake in Ford recently. You don’t second guess Kerkorian like you can Carl Icahn – though, it’s known Kerkorian likes to dabble around with US car makers and then get frustrated.

c) Plain and simple, Ford is actually making cars that look decent and that people would actually consider buying. I like the new Fusion, Focus (it’s weird but ok enough), Edge, Flex, and even the Taurus.  Though, the Taurus line would more profitable if Ford completely and utterly destroyed the name “Taurus” and reverted back to calling the line the 500 like they did circa 2005-2007. Whatever. Regardless, after 10 years, did the higher ups at Ford finally realize the focus groups they were testing the designs of their vehicles on have consistently been dead wrong? There had to be focus groups, right? Tell me the design of an automobile didn’t lie solely in the hands of a bunch of dorks on an engineering team.

d) Ford is making some profits while their US sales are slumping. What’s that mean? A challenge to the US consumer to do something to help a US company. Maybe people will start thinking twice about buying that new Honda, Toyota, Subaru, etc. if Ford keeps posting profits, the car lines are solid, US sales suck, and the rest of the world is saving our country’s pride & joy company.

e) The hiring of James Farley. Don’t know who James Farley is? Check out this article. Briefly, he helped Toyota own the world by leading up the Lexus and Scion line. Do you know those commercials being aired with people cluelessly thinking a Ford car doesn’t exist that would fit their needs and they realize they’re wrong by test driving a Ford and then they buy one? Or, how about the commercials that tout the advanced/modern technologically the new Fords have like Microsoft Sync. These advertisement and marketing campaigns are James Farley’s brainchilds. He’s come to Ford for one reason – to help them kick everyone else’s a$$. In Farley I trust…

Within 5 years, it’s solely my point of view (and I never give trading advice though I follow the markets regularly) that you’ll have the chance to sell Ford’s current $5.81 stock for $30+ a share. Not a bad trade! Of course, all of this assumes we’re only given what’s currently known

“And I Ain’t Even Know How It Came To This – Except That Fame Is – The Worst Drug Known To Man” – Jay-Z

It looks like I’ve worn out my stay on the Neal E. Boyd circuit (we’re just pawns in his game of chess. I don’t play chess if that sentence doesn’t make sense) as’s hits are seemingly trending negatively from 200+ a day.

So, though a few days “old,” onto something political.

Having volunteered for Obama’s campaign over the last 7 months, I can definitely confirm his non immediate campaign staff and volunteers are pretty worthless. Sort of young versions of Michael Scott~ish type leadership at the bottom of the campaign barrel. Super Tuesday was pretty weirdly run/coordinated and their call center is a nightmarish hell. It sort of makes you want to make calls from home. Nonetheless, we’ll luckily be voting for the candidate and not his lower tiered campaign staff and volunteers.

Update: The Onion with some solid work for the first time in forever…

Ries, thank you.