Neal E. Boyd is a New Superstar on the Scene – “america’s got talent” Recap


Just wait until everyone in America sees the video of Neal E. Boyd reaching his stardom on “america’s got talent” from earlier tonight!

The guys here absolutely loved his performance. Rather than watching the clinching game of the NBA finals – albeit a shiat game – I can’t believe this show (or all of FOX’s/NBC’s TUESDAY primetime) was on the television of a single straight male and one of the other single straight males in attendance loved it.

Jerry Springer is very good at pointing out when people are clearly standing up and cheering.

P.S. The first news article about Neal Boyd – former insurance salesman.

Update: I’ve been taking some pretty good heat regarding the above poll. Check out some of the comments/responses here.

Update 2: Neal E. Boyd won america’s got talent.  Maybe he can get either an arm or cock extension with the $1,000,000 prize money so he can reach his unit.

16 thoughts on “Neal E. Boyd is a New Superstar on the Scene – “america’s got talent” Recap

  1. hilarious that you posted this, b/c while flipping around during the game last night, I somehow landed on “America’s Got Talent” right around the time that the Neal E. Boyd “behind the scenes” segment was starting. ha. I have 1)never watched this show, and 2) knew nothing about this guy, but I totally got sucked into it.

    The hilarity of Jerry Springer’s knack for pointing out the obvious and need to “heighten the tension” by telling us that the audience was standing (post-audience pan) and that that “almost never happened” and also telling us how emotional Boyd was (post-close up shot of a teary Boyd) was just classic. And by classic I mean absurd. Cue in the sad music during the segment about his family and background and you’ve got yourself a Hallmark movie. Or maybe an Afterschool Special about the boy who can sing like an angel but can’t find his cock. (Boy’s alcoholic father to awkwardly be played by David Hasselhoff.)

    After that unnecessarily lengthy comment, I must say that I really liked Boyd and his performance. And he seems to have a sense of humility about him. I hope the kid wins…and if he doesn’t, I’m sure he’ll be signed now anyway.

  2. yeah, i got hooked on this show last season. it’s like american idol, but instead of just crazy singers, you see all sorts of crazy stuff. dog shows, stage parents, impersonators, etc.

  3. Hello…..Neal is definitely very talented but I have to comment on the ‘mean-spirited’ comments people or ‘childlike’ persons are leaving on this website and on ‘You Tube’….I will say what I said on ‘You Tube’….Those of you that feel that it is necessary to make comments on this gentleman’s physical appearance, for the purpose of whatever reasons, fail to see how ‘mediocre’ your view of the world is…..shallow and insignificant your comments are and lot in life will probably end up being….so again ..Neal , Great going and please continue to sing OPERA on the America’s Got Talent Show…as that is what they will expect..your other songs are great too…versatile voice but they will be expecting more opera…..Thank You for your talent…..Janet from Lakeland, Florida.

  4. his other web sight not working…cant wait till it does so i can hear more
    him ..paul potts and andre…another 3 tenors i hope ?
    i dont get everyone comparing him to matter what he is DAMN good! and i bet the lads would LOVE to do another three tenors…you ROCK NEAL!

  5. Neal is definitely a talented opera singer, but his story rings hollow for two reasons…
    1) He got the idea to sing opera, specifically Nessun Dorma, on America’s Got Talent from Paul Potts, who won the Britain’s Got Talent competiion with the same song (look him up on YouTube)
    2) He passed himself off as a simple insurance salesman, but he has studied at the New England Conservatory and performed at the Kennedy Center… Please give us the performer’s whole story.
    I hope Neal pushes the envelope and picks something unique and more challenging for his next song.

  6. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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