David Broom – The Real World: New Orleans – You Dirty Dog!

So, I was watching some late night Chapelle’s Show – I guess it’s on Fox via syndication – and The Mad Real World bit was on so of course I couldn’t turn it off and get some sleep. Wow, great stuff. “What’s the square root of this apartment?”

Anyways, this Chappelle’s Show episode closed out with David Broom from The Real World: New Orleans singing his ever sooo popular yet short song, “Come On Be My Baby Tonight.”

Of course, I reminisced about…

a) How “The Real World” used to be good. Or, was it that I was a college student with plenty of time on my hand and nothing else on tv when Seattle, Hawaii, New Olreans, and Chicago aired?

b) How David Broom from The Real World: New Orleans was the counter clerk at Osco on Southport (it’s now a CVS) in either 2004/2005. I can’t remember the exact year but I’m 75% sure it was in 2005 before I moved to Lincoln Square. I’m not shiatting you. He checked me out for a pack of gum one night. I took a double take, looked at his name tag, and walked away shaking my head. How can you be on “The Real World” and not land a sweet job? Are you kidding me? I went to that Osco many times afterwards and never saw him again.  Update: Burchie – lived in the same neighborhood – confirmed seeing him working there too in 2004 or 2005.  I wasn’t imagining things!

After wondering whatever happened to David and hoping his performance during this episode of Chappelle’s Show was ANOTHER “break,” I searched the internets and found out apparently you can’t land a good job or easily get laid either if you appear on “The Real World.” Almost one year after appearing on Chappelle’s Show he was caught with a $10 whore – literally – in Chicago. The link is safe for work.

P.S. Remember Dan Renzi from The Real World: Miami? Same problem different violation. This link is also safe for work.

5 thoughts on “David Broom – The Real World: New Orleans – You Dirty Dog!

  1. Wish he would turn up somewhere on these internets. I went to college with him and lost touch with him when he left to do The Real World. Still miss him.

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