More Lessons Learned

Along with the aforementioned…

I’ve also recently (last night) learned…

a) Haruska’s recent purchase of the $49 Elite Stainless Steel Buffet Server Warmer from Costco is the best investment any single person has ever made outside of those that purchased the Logitech Ipod Audio Station for $29*. As he mentioned, this buffet warmer is worth its weight in gold – he’d pay up to $200 for it as need be. I will definitely be picking one up soon.

b) Don’t eat from the buffet all night long as you will literally gain 6.5 pounds from your weight the morning before. Chicken strips, meatballs, and cheese sticks. Lord. But, the options for this thing are unlimited. Pulled pork, italian beef, sloppy joe, meatball sandwiches, nacho cheese etc.

c) Don’t ever take the challenge of trying to consume a tablespoon of cinnamon. It can’t be done – at least the way I tried it. Since I knew no other technique, mine was to simply throw it back in my mouth as far as possible and hope for the best.

It immediately turns into a concrete type substance, a cloud of cinnamon smoke comes out of your mouth/nose, and you begin choking horribly. Yes, Amy, choking more than the kid that I “beat” in the muffin eating contest though he nearly died. Running to the faucet and consuming mass amounts of water luckily loosens up this “concrete” and you can live to blog another story. I think gargling the cup or so of Half & Half helped too.

Cupples claims to have completed the mission at hand but you have to work up a good amount of saliva before and chew the concrete like cinnamon substance that forms. Of course, this was not mentioned until after I tried the straight shot. Nor, was there any time limit set. Regardless, I guarantee you that nobody can do the straight shot of 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. Make sure they have water nearby and don’t mind a cinnamon “drip” for the next three hours.

d) The Stanley Cup always goes to whichever finalist team’s fan base subscribed most to the NHL Hockey TV package – aka NHL Center Ice. This is a fail safe way to know which team is going to win. Conor: 1 subscriber. All other Pittsburgh Penguin fans combined: 0 subscribers. Hence, The Red Wings win the Stanley Cup.

e) No room full of guys want to look at blogs during commercials/intermissions of a Stanley Cup Final game. I won’t mention which blog I’m referencing.

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