“And I Ain’t Even Know How It Came To This – Except That Fame Is – The Worst Drug Known To Man” – Jay-Z

It looks like I’ve worn out my stay on the Neal E. Boyd circuit (we’re just pawns in his game of chess. I don’t play chess if that sentence doesn’t make sense) as BCCList.com’s hits are seemingly trending negatively from 200+ a day.

So, though a few days “old,” onto something political.


Having volunteered for Obama’s campaign over the last 7 months, I can definitely confirm his non immediate campaign staff and volunteers are pretty worthless. Sort of young versions of Michael Scott~ish type leadership at the bottom of the campaign barrel. Super Tuesday was pretty weirdly run/coordinated and their call center is a nightmarish hell. It sort of makes you want to make calls from home. Nonetheless, we’ll luckily be voting for the candidate and not his lower tiered campaign staff and volunteers.

Update: The Onion with some solid work for the first time in forever…


Ries, thank you.

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