Arab Americans for mccain Button

This is a (REALLY FUNNY) joke, right?

I’m definitely buying one of these because it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, this means mccain would get a $5.00 contribution from me.  Damnit.

Oh well, I’ve blown at least $5.00 worth of his ad spend by Googling mccain periodically (cough, frequently and from multiple ip addresses) and then clicking on his sponsored link.  Of course, I do this solely to learn more about his sound – I mean senile – policies.

P.S.  Andy, stop turning into me – you radical.  Nice find though I’m not sure how stumbled upon this in his store. I visited his store – through the google sponsored link of course – but, couldn’t find it until I googled “Arab Americans for McCain.”

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