Presidential Debate Ratings? – Time Tells I Guess

Impressive Obama victory speech.  I’m definitely looking forward to his general election victory speech on 11/4.

Given the fact that voter registration is up dramatically, I assume the first presidential debate will draw some decent ratings. Once Obama owns and confuses (in a good way) mccain within the first 60 or so minutes of the debate – like he did tonight – I assume ratings for subsequent debates will slightly decrease.

Can mccain concede the presidency before November 4th so he doesn’t have to endure sharing the stage with a man that understands what’s actually going on in the world?

Regardless, I can’t wait to see Obama work mccain during each and every debate. Burchie, we’ll definitely be watching everyone of these debates so I can point, laugh, drink, point again, and laugh a lot harder.

In all seriousness, my thoughts are with the mccain family as I hope he lives until/through the debates as they’re still a few months away and 71 years old is 71 years old. No, this isn’t ageism – the facts are the facts and the clock is ticking.

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