Libya: Barack Obama’s Camp David Accords?

Ugh – I’m going to be wordy. Bear with me. Therapeutic blog postings are my favorite as previously seen here and here. Alternatively, you can skip to the last few paragraphs (See: green font) if you’d rather not bore yourself with a bunch of text.


In my opinion, there’s nothing more important than (legitimately) earning excessive amounts of money and success. Nothing. We all (obviously) die. There’s (likely) no heaven. It seems smart to make as much money as needed to create your vision of heaven on planet earth. I’m not quite there yet but in due time…in due time. Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness has neither had money nor happiness. I understand this is my own demented opinion but if you came from a lower middle class family or worse, I’m probably resonating quite well with you right now. Capitalism – if you will – is to be revisited in some form below though I just caught myself rambling almost incoherently. Ha!


As mentioned here, I continue to think the Afghanistan War is necessary (for the very short time being – I.e. July 2011 as originally drafted by the administration) now that we have a competent commander-in-chief. Meaning, I’m not against conflict, war, spending money, killing innocent people, etc. for worthwhile objectives. That worthwhile objective being the execution of Osama Bin Laden.


A potential ROI is the sole reason I supported the Iraq War. Yes, I supported the Iraq War. I didn’t care about liberating Iraqis – others did. I didn’t care about (not) finding WMDs – others did. I didn’t care about making the region more stable for the sole purpose of protecting Israel – others do.

As a capitalist, I cared that we maintain competitiveness with China by gaining access to Iraqi oil fields since they (smartly) dropped cash instead of bombs for access to Iranian (and eventually Iraqi) oil fields. In fact, I exhaustively supported the Iraq War all the way up until finding out we liberated their country and then were priced out of oil field contracts. At this point, I demanded a troop withdrawal. Thankfully, 2008’s election happened and no combat troops exist in Iraq today.

Since our invasion in 2003, I’ve become worldlier (I hope) and more compassionate. I’ve not only become a functioning adult but a – how do you say – pure capitalist. That is, make a good product and reap the benefits…not pile a bunch of garbage “assets” and sell them to an unsuspecting buyer. Or, fracking, destroying water wells, and making people sick in the name of making a buck. Or, murdering innocent people for access to oil fields.


I’m a Barack Obama supporter. If you aren’t, check out But, I won’t be volunteering/donating like ’08 because of his…

  • Cowardly handling of the Public Option. Have a backbone.
  • Idiotic tax cuts for the rich quid pro quo. Change you can believe in?
  • Willingness to sit on the sidelines as unions took a thrashing. Sure you’re a democrat, brah?
  • And now his insane decision to attack Libya…

I’m staunchly against trying to liberate the world when we are firing teachers, recklessly consolidating school districts, eliminating band/art programs, cutting after school programs/sports, stripping collective bargaining rights, etc. in the name of (supposedly) balancing budgets.

If we’re going to spend an estimated $1 billion per month in order to earn – let’s say – $2 billion in oil profits, I understand (didn’t say support) attacking Libya. For those that have made it this far in the posting, I’m cognizant of the fact that this could come off as heartless. But, as mentioned above ad nauseum, I’m a capitalist (yes, in favor of extremely robust social services) so I understand (again, didn’t say support) such a mindset.

All of this said, Obama hasn’t stated an acceptable reason to attack Libya. If it’s to make a few billion dollars, be honest and say it…I’d respect that. If it’s to save the people of Libya, may I suggest we start first by saving the people of Gary, IN? Then take a little road trip over to Detroit. Maybe a swing through Cleveland on the way to Newark would be a smart idea too. Once we’ve saved the people of America and have a budget surplus – ha – I’m all for liberating the world one fcked up Middle Eastern country at a time. Or, lest we forget, Tibet and Darfur are pretty jacked up too.

Yes, I’m finally getting to my point…

A majority of Americans don’t care about the Middle East. At all. Actually, that’s wrong – some Americans do care about the Middle East in one capacity: Conquering it. Reference the (original) 70% approval ratings of both the Iraq War and these Libyan attacks.

Carter learned our Middle Eastern disinterest the hard way with a 20ish% approval rating, landslide loss in 1980, and one of the most misinterpreted presidential legacies of all-time. As Carter was wasting day after day at Camp David trying to negotiate a treaty with two groups of people that will instinctively NEVER get along, gas prices were skyrocketing, inflation was on the rise, and unemployment was upwards of 10%.

Sound familiar, Mr. Obama? Glad to see you back in DC – can I suggest a trip to Detroit as soon as possible? I’ll host…we can talk about capitalism, oil profits, humanitarianism, etc. over some Shawarma and Sam Adams.

2 thoughts on “Libya: Barack Obama’s Camp David Accords?

  1. Great post, there are parts I found issue with, but I will say, I agreed with the majority of it. This is one of the finest posts (yes I read it all) that I have read since you began your site. Thanks for writing it, it was a joy to read.

    Ryan THE Conservative

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