Why People Hate the Far Left

Rachel Maddow ran a segment tonight (featuring Andrew Exum) objecting to the war in Afghanistan/Pakistan.  Add her show to the list of shows I can never watch again.

Unnecessary Reminder Alert: During the Iraq War lead-up, we were told that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.  Saddam wouldn’t allow UN weapons inspectors into his country because he was a crazy fck .

I don’t think too many Americans would be questioning our involvement in a legitimate war had we worked in conjunction with the UN.  Hindsight is 20/20 and the rest is history – we didn’t work with the international community to find a solution, there were no weapons of mass destruction found, and the result is an entire world in shambles.

Unless you’re a 9/11 conspirator – clickthrough for info on a pretty interesting movie (yes, I bought it awhile back) – there are 2 things that absolutely can’t be debated…

1) Osama bin Laden coordinated an attack in which 4 of our airplanes were used as missiles to kill over 3,000 people on our soil.

2) We cannot stop killing cowards (and unfortunately innocent civilians) in Afghanistan/Pakistan until bin Laden’s worthless body – dead or alive – is hand delivered to our troops.

I don’t care how much this war in Afghanistan/Pakistan costs.  Osama bin Laden must be brought to justice in a timely manner.  If he can’t be located by a legit administration before some soon TBD pull out date, it’s gotta be safe to assume he’s not trolling around in Pakistan/Afghanistan.

So, in my opinion, Rachel is unequivocally wrong.   I guess there’s one less person watching a 60 minute program that continues to run ShamWow commercials featuring a spokesperson that is charged with beating the sh!t out of a prostitute.

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