The Release of “A Mild Form of Madness”

PRESALE is on now – release date 4/4. See links below for ordering info.

A former colleague of mine is releasing a book (sickly priced under $14). With certainty, it will be unique, interesting, thoughtful, humorous, etc, etc. Here’s a description from the author…

“Wanted to send a little shout and let you know that, if interested, Walton Street Publishing has it’s first title for sale, A Mild Form of Madness, which I’ve happened to piece together over… the better part of the past decade while rambling around with a pen and paper. I’m not about to tell you I’m the reincarnation of Emerson, but I will say that you may be inclined to have some laughs and be immersed into a very relative and detailed version of the world, and it’ll probably live up to or surpass the majority of reality television entertainment options beaming through the tube or the explosive-laden sexual thrillers at the theater. In other words, you’ll get your money’s worth, and feel some serious Chi-styled moments throughout the narrative. In all there are several hundred characters, some of which you may or may not recognize, and plenty of fluid moment.

So far as its construction goes, I’m glad to say it was printed and bound here in the States, in Michigan, where they can use the manufacturing, and the paper within is 100% recycled. The interior was edited by Joshua James Sopiarz, the front cover is a mixed media work done by local Chicago artist Ryan Antonio Karey, and the rear is a screen print produced by another Chicago artist, Jane Kathryn Cornell. All told it’s fairly alright lookin’ and unique…granted I’m obviously biased as a motherfucker, but still, it’s alright.

The first edition consists of 3500 copies in total, and they will all be hand numbered and signed. The piece is 360 pages in total…the writing only goes through 346, because I bought some extras: the final 14 are blank so as to provide a little space for people to use as a journal or sketchbook if so inclined.

So yeah, that’s about it. If interested, the book can be purchased at: or via the link on the Walton Street Publishing Facebook site,

Many thanks for hearing me out, I sincerely hope all of you are feeling well and enjoying life. Feel free to pass the word on this release to any people who love Chicago, mountains, animals, dig being outside, cycling, crime, love, hate, revenge, politics, religion, violence, wage slavery, delirious situational comedy, bad words, poetry, or hold mad love for their family and mates…if so they’ll probably dig this piece.

Stay cool n’ be well; love ya”

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