Therapeutic Blog Postings Make the World Go ‘Round

Blogging soley because of boredom has become itself boring – hence, my posting frequency has tanked significantly. But, blogging as a means of therapy – I know, that sounds overdrammatic – is awesome. Here’s one of the most therapeutic posts I’ve ever written.

This posting will end up being equally as therapeutic.

The below rant is my part of a text message conversation recently had with a friend (Democrat) who was upset about the midterm election results…

Dems will definitely be ok (nationwide) in 2-6 years. Economic and general direction of country is a mirror image of 94. But Clinton lost both chambers then.

[her response]

Clinton took crap in 1993/1994 for the stimulus needed after bush 1. bush 2 had 2x his father’s time to ruin our country. That said, a much bigger stimulus was used now but I predict an economic boom larger than Clinton’s. Assuming Obama runs and wins again.

[her response]

Dems got all the “controversial” stuff passed. Now they put their feet up for 2 years and watch the effectiveness of their plans work out.

[her response]

Legislatively this current congress should get a ton done between now and January since senators like Blanche Lincoln (rightfully) lost and they don’t have to worry about saving their job by voting more conservative. We’ll see though.

[her response regarding the ass kicking dems took in Michigan]

The last thing MI needs is to become more conservative by cutting spending on well founded projects. The state is already drastically behind the times as it is. What’s next – No new computers…you get a typewriter instead?

Adding a long overdue open letter to Rick Snyder…

You earned my vote – congrats. No, seriously – that’s saying a lot. I can’t stand republicans and rarely vote for them. However, Virg was a horrible candidate and Michigan’s democrats have had absolutely NO VISION – especially from 2000-2006/7.

But, you won’t earn my vote again in 2014 if you infuse your ridiculous social/moral opinions into the governor’s office. Nobody acting in the best interest of Michigan wants to hear about your insane position against stem cell research. Nobody acting in the best interest of Michigan wants to hear that you stupidly think marriage is only meant to be between a man and a woman. Nobody acting in the best interest of Michigan wants to hear your idiotic position that our government has a say over a woman’s womb.

The only thing people acting in the best interest of Michigan care about are JOBS. That’s it. JOBS.

Best of Luck,


4 thoughts on “Therapeutic Blog Postings Make the World Go ‘Round

  1. This was an election where the people spoke, and conservatism made huge gains. The American people rejected ‘tax and spend’, no matter the party lines. Democrats with their wild agenda of socialization of medicine and excluding republicans from participating in the process in a meaningful way is what ultimately determined this outcome. Obama has been arrogant, yet steadfast in his agenda. The problem with that is the American people do not agree with his agenda.

    The determining factors for ’12 will be who is fiscally responsible; it is imperative for Republicans to do everything in their power to repeal Obama-Care. Even if they are unsuccessful, this positions them in the best interest of the majority of Americans, which ultimately is the objective of elected officials. This is not a time to concede to Obama for the Republicans; such an action will gel the two sides together and make ’12 confusing for everyone, giving way to independent and tea party candidates to make huge gains.

    The key to economic recovery will be less federal government intrusion, getting the Union thugs out of the mix, and creating sustainable jobs that are competitive in the world market place.

    If Republicans will hold to this perspective, the democratic party is going to have to re-structure and will subsequently ‘sit out’ for at least the next 10 years.

  2. I would like to follow up my post with: Palin in ’12 for President. I believe she could beat Obama any day, any time…

    Ryan THE Conservative…thoughts? discussion?

    • As an Obama supporter, I’m begging the republicans throw Palin out there. If they do, 2012 will the biggest electoral landslide win for a candidate since Reagan in 84.

      IMO, Pawlenty is the only republican (currently being talked about) that can beat Obama. His negatives are so low right now. He unnecessarily went too far right for most Americans over the past 18 months. We’ll see if that gets corrected before Iowa. With Pawlenty going right and Crist going centrist, you can probably disregard this winning ticket from happening though…

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