Happy Anniversary! 3 years ago today…

3 years ago today, I…

– was fighting off a really weird flesh eating bacteria that was going around Chicagoland. True story, gross – I know.

– was horribly hungover because a buddy (Aaron) failed to make sure I got home at reasonable hour after the rehearsal dinner. We stumbled in around 5:30 am I was told. Ok, I’m obviously to blame but my wife SPECIFICALLY left him in charge and I don’t remember much after 3:00 am. Ha!

– while running 30-60 minutes late for my wedding, dropped a case of beer bottles in the grocery store parking lot which exploded all over the place and somehow sent chards of glass into my Crocs. Dont judge – Amongst others, Matt Damon was wearing them back then. Ha! Note: I still wear Crocs. Some things never go out of style, right? 😛

– in haste, clipped my ear on the car door and drew blood after dealing with the aforementioned beer.


– was told by my best man an hour or two before the pictures that his tux was stolen by a bum on the Metra train after he fell asleep. I gave him plenty of fair warning to stop with the prank if he was kidding. He didn’t and was joking.

Needless to say, the last 3 years have gone much smoother. Love you, Mar – happy anniversary!

P.S. Conor, I’m not whoring out my blog. Stop getting all pissy…

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary! 3 years ago today…

  1. That was a nightmare and I thought you were just being overdramatic. Which one of us was crying through our wedding ceremony? I forget…Oh wait, it was you wasn’t it?! What a wonderful day. Love you.

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