Jennifer Granholm to be Part of an Obama Administration?


As originally seen on the Huffington Post under the header “Building the Obama Administration,” the following picture almost made me throw the computer and/or throw up.


Thankfully, this picture was simply from Obama meeting with peeps regarding the economy. Since Michigan is in the sh!tter solely because Granholm didn’t realize until 2007 that she needed to react on a HUGE economic collapse that started in Q4 of 2000, I hope Obama only invited Granholm into the meeting for data gathering and not any sort of advice. Please dear god don’t let Jennifer Granholm be ANY part of Barack Obama’s administration.

P.S. No, I am not sexist though – as noted on the blog – I despise Kathleen Sebelius (voice and Democratic response to bush’s last state of the union address), Hillary (voice, facial expressions, and fakeness), Claire McCaskill (voice, facial expressions, and inability to debate on meet the press), sarah palin (everything), Nancy Pelosi (everything but policy), and Jennifer Granholm (everything). Lisa Madigan, Caroline Kennedy and Michelle Obama get props!

1 thought on “Jennifer Granholm to be Part of an Obama Administration?

  1. Well now that Jennifer has the knowledge to lead a state downward into the abyss of depression. She is going to Washington to practice on a country. The neophyte leaders will probably make her secretary of Commerce. Oh happy days then Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Yooourk, New Jersey and Pennsylvania can join in the transfer of Garbage out of Toronto also. You noticed I did not mention anything about transferring wealth, damn Cannucks can make a penny scream. However they have no qualms about sharing their garbage and nuclear waste (from Hospitals) with us.

    Ah yes Michigan’s gift to the Democrats, Govenor Jenny and her handbook on outsourcing goverment. This Sundays Ann Arbor News spent a great detail space and ink on the musical chairs that starts with Jenny’s movement to Washington DC.

    Uncle Archie

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