Woah, Woah, Woah – Let Me Clarify

I should clarify a few of this weekend’s postings due to some pretty intense emails…

While Obama is a tool for “forcefully” stating that families are off limits, I have no beef with bristol palin officially getting knocked up. I have no beef with bristol’s apparent shotgun wedding at age 17. I also have no beef with todd palin’s dwi. Lastly, I have no beef with sarah palin possibly covering up her daughter’s first child.

But, I do have a beef with mccain choosing sarah palin without vetting her appropriately especially knowing of her involvement in TrooperGate.


Seriously, this is mccain’s first shot at making a sound decision (unlike the bush administration over the last 8 years) and he FAILED as bad as anyone could imagine. In fact, bush couldn’t have even failed this horribly.

Bottom line, mccain could not have made a worse mistake in choosing palin. No, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY he knew bristol was pregnant before selecting sarah as his running mate. Choosing her is absolutely a ridiculous decision considering he had the more sane options of tom ridge or tim pawlenty available. I am not backing off my previous assertion that the gop wants to lose this election for some reason.

PSSSST – sarah and john, “abstinence only” sex education doesn’t work. It’s unfortunate you had to learn first hand the hard way publicly during a political campaign. Ouch.

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