DWI Arrest for todd palin

As seen here, here, and here – this holiday weekend is not getting any better for the palin family.


While it’s hard not to blame the continually incompetent mccain camp for not vetting sarah palin, it’s definitely her responsibility to NOT accept the VP offer knowing all of the skeletons in the family’s closet.

2 thoughts on “DWI Arrest for todd palin

  1. wow- the Palin family is someone every white trash American can relate to- if only she’d gain 100 pounds. I thought leaders were supposed to be honorable and have character qualities that the rest of us could be inspired by. It disgusts me to live in a country where such losers are candidates for our highest ranking positions. If Americans actually vote for the bitch, I’m going to law school.

  2. Interesting perspective Lisa, although I respectfully disagree…I’d be interested to see your admittance to Law School, that being allowed, I’d be even more surprised at your graduation…you’re quite the angry Lib aren’t you? What does going to law school have to do with ‘countering’ America’s voting for the next VP?…just curious.

    You were either intoxicated or stupid at the time of posting this, which is it?

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