HOAX – Did sarah palin Look Pregnant at 7 Months? Did sarah palin Cover-up 16 Year Old bristol palin’s Pregnancy?

WTF is going on?

(See Update 4 below – rumor is presumably a hoax assuming the picture submitted anonymously to BccList.com is real)

The following picture of sarah palin (right) doesn’t look like somebody 7 months pregnant, eh? I’m not saying, I’m just saying.


Even after reading the above iReport piece – there’s a lot there that supports the rumor – I would like to assume sarah palin covering up for bristol palin’s pregnancy is totally untrue and a completely insane rumor. But, I’m somewhat confused assuming the above photo from an Anchorage Daily News story is truly from when palin was supposed to be 7 months pregnant.

Shouldn’t this rumor – and palin’s other scandal – have been disclosed during the vetting process? Oh, that’s right, there was no real vetting process for her. Ouch…


This was mccain’s first important move and he only met palin once and spoke to her one other time. Has the mccain camp completely lost their minds?!? I’m not joking, I think mccain has OFFICIALLY lost his mind. Is the camp and/or gop even trying anymore?

P.S. If anyone finds a picture of sarah visibly pregnant, please send it as I can’t find one!

P.S.S. I will immediately update this posting mentioning the rumor was a hoax once sarah palin’s pregnancy has been verified.



Update 2: palin pregnant – actually looking pregnant – in 1989. Sort of a different look from the above…

Update 3: Somebody please send a picture/video showing sarah palin visibly pregnant! It’s not looking any better for the palin’s, mccain’s, gop, etc…

Update 4: See picture below – the rumor is a hoax.  Glad to see there’s a picture/video of her pregnant.  Please send any other photos as this is the first one that I’ve come across!  Regardless, one thing is for sure, bristol palin IS currently pregnant as seen on BccList.com here.

10 thoughts on “HOAX – Did sarah palin Look Pregnant at 7 Months? Did sarah palin Cover-up 16 Year Old bristol palin’s Pregnancy?

  1. Just to get the timeline right: The article in ADN was published on March 9, but the photo was taken on Super Tuesday, which would have been Feb. 5. So she would have been about 6 months along.

  2. Six of one, half dozen of another. She was in her late second/early third trimester and not looking more than a few hours pregnant.

    I’m still waiting for pictures that show this petite enough woman looking somewhat pregnant. In the interim, I’ll say this seems to be the worst vetting EVER of a VP candidate.

  3. “If you are influenced by the opinions of others, you will have no desire of your own.” I guess this looked good for a mast head but has no bearing as to what is posted.

  4. I don’t think it’s an opinion until there’s finally a picture (or video) that shows her looking more than 3 hours pregnant. The proof is in the pudding but we’re sans pudding.

    Will anyone take any republican politician for their word again after the last 7-8 years? Naw. Once I see proof, the posting gets IMMEDIATELY marked as a hoax.

  5. I have seen pictures all over the internet with Sarah Palin at different times during her “pregnancy.” Some days she is flat as a pancake and the next day her stomach is sticking out. Then, yet again, after that one was taken there is one that shows her like she is shown on the video; legs crossed and leaning forward. This is just too weird. Something does not add up. Two words come to mind…empathy belly.

    The worst thing that comes to mind is the fact that if in fact she was pregnant, and her water broke, she still chose to stay and give a speech and then take an 8 hr. flight to Alaska. This was supposed to be a high risk pregnancy and any woman worth her salt would high tail it to a hospital, any hospital, once her water broke. Pro life??? Hmmmm… She is nothing but a bunch of contradictions rolled into a bad 60’s hairdo.

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