bristol palin Pregnant!

bristol palin is set to deliver possibly 2 babies in less than 12 months as seen on here?  Wow.  Nice work!

Who vetted sarah palin?!?  I’m not kidding – as noted on previously – I think the gop is purposely throwing in the towel for the general election.  I’m not sure why they would do this other than our country’s crumbling infrastructure.  Any thoughts?

Maryl, thank you.

1 thought on “bristol palin Pregnant!

  1. The bad news: Bristol Palin is pregnant.
    The GOOD NEWS: It was an immaculate conception!
    Should play right into the hands of the Evangelicals, aye?!
    The baby’s name will be Gustav.

    They weren’t sure if the “young man” was going to marry her, but Bush sent Dick Cheney over with a shotgun, just for a little “talk.”

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