Top 25 List of Things Those Under 35 Experienced – Per the Media

While somehow stumbling across (and becoming mesmerized) by a YouTube clip of the Challenger exploding, I simultaneously saw the last 29 years of my life pass before me. So, I created a Top 10 list of things those under 35 experienced and sent them to my “Bcc: List” for review. I forgot to include a ton in my original email, but, without further ado I present the good, bad, and indifferent…

  1. Challenger Explodes – pretty sure every kid in America was watching it live.
  2. Princess Diana’s Death – seems like just the other day cameras were peering into a paris tunnel to get any piece of possible footage.
  3. Columbine – everyone else is just a copycat.
  4. Waco Nightmare – what are those tanks doing and why aren’t people leaving the building?
  5. Timothy McVeigh – rents a ryder and blows up a completely random a$$ government building. michigan militia, what?
  6. 9/11
  7. Olympic Park Bombing – Richard Jewel, you little fatty. you just look guilty.
  8. Internet Boom/Bust/Boom Again – anyone up for another bust?
  9. Break up of the USSR/Fall of the Berlin Wall – the East German’s now know what bananas are so that’s good. and, we don’t have a bunch of nuclear missiles pointing at us just waiting to go off. star wars – not good.
  10. Saddam Captured/Killed – why the hell not? seemed like a good idea. at least now Iraqis can have a public opinion while dodging gunfire and our troops roll through IEDs. ugh.
  11. African American Man President – no, that’s not propaganda but this race is done. especially, once he picks a running mate: VA, NM, NC, PA, or PA 2. long shots – KS (now that’s how you deliver a horrible democratic response to the state of the union), the general, or the loose cannon from DE. regardless, it’s over.
  12. Katrina Failure – “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Actually, George Bush apparently doesn’t care about the entire country.
  13. Baby Jessica Falls Into a Well – how and why? well, they go her out so that’s good.
  14. JonBenĂ©t Ramsey – it got creepier and creepier thanks to John Karr.
  15. Steve Bartman – silences Wrigley by touching a ball that Alou could have easily caught. with the momentum gone, the cubs make a few routine play mistakes and their hopes at a World Series dissipate. we (andy, molly, and I) are at the game and go from drunk/happy to sober/sad in about 90 seconds from the point that he touches the ball. I permanently give up on the cubs…the cubs have a real curse not like the boston red sox’s previous curse. UPDATE: Z was at the game with us too. my bad. I sort of blocked that day out of my mind FOREVER.
  16. Oakland Earthquake During World Series Baseball Game – Al Michael’s talking over it and collapsed bridges will stick in my mind forever.
  17. Exxon Valdez – the first of many oil spills but that one stands out.
  18. OJ Car Chase and Subsequent Acquittal – everyone remembers where they were during both. If the glove doesn’t fit he still killed two people.
  19. Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan – “My knee!”
  20. LA Race Riots – Rodney King and Reginald Denny…an eye for an eye.
  21. Biggie/2pac Murders – see above “an eye for an eye.”
  22. Unabomber – dude was straight up creepy and I will point out a U of M alumni!
  23. Magic Johnson & HIV – I guess this is what happens when you start sticking your dick in everything.
  24. Bill/Monica Lewinsky – see above “I guess this is what happens when you start sticking your dick in everything.”
  25. George Bush Steals 2000 and 2004 election – four/eight years later, the GOP (and Americans) finally realize and openly admit the mistake made.

I’ve obviously missed some things and it’s a shame Bartman touching the foul ball earned the most characters typed, but, my “dream” is to find clips of all of these events and turn it into a 5 minute video. Sort of like that lame Billy Joel song but a video, better, and not including annoying music.

Special thanks to Nora, Amy, Ericka, Jodi, and Conor. Feel free to add comments and I will add to the list accordingly.

Buy This! – Logitech Ipod Audio Station

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When first released, the audio station was reviewed by as being as good (if not better) than the Bose SoundDock. The biggest downfall was it cost $300.

Then all sh!t hit the fan and everyone started complaining about the touch screen~ish panel on the audio station not working…woops. So, Logitech fixed the malfunctions and re-released it for $149. If you notice any negative reviews online- outside of those on – they’re usually from 2007. Most 2008 reviews don’t mention there being problems.

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I received mine 20 hours after ordering it by selecting the cheapest shipping option (UPS Ground) and absolutely love this thing. I can’t believe it was so cheap. The cnet review (as always) is dead on. However, I’m waiting for it the touch screen to stop working like the 2007 models but a) has a 30 day return policy b) I purchased the $2 Assurz plan that allows for returns within 90 days and c) it has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re freaked out about CompUSA having gone out of business, you can buy the same thing through – which I assume acquired when CompUSA went out of business.