Buy This! – Logitech Ipod Audio Station

If anyone is interested in an awesome Logitech Ipod AudioStation for $29*, you may want to check out the following…

When first released, the audio station was reviewed by as being as good (if not better) than the Bose SoundDock. The biggest downfall was it cost $300.

Then all sh!t hit the fan and everyone started complaining about the touch screen~ish panel on the audio station not working…woops. So, Logitech fixed the malfunctions and re-released it for $149. If you notice any negative reviews online- outside of those on – they’re usually from 2007. Most 2008 reviews don’t mention there being problems.

Regardless, the above link offers the station for $149 with a $70 instant savings and a $50 mail in rebate making $29 your total for a bitching ipod audio station. Of course, this doesn’t include a $6.25 tax or $13 shipping. Limit one rebate per address.

I received mine 20 hours after ordering it by selecting the cheapest shipping option (UPS Ground) and absolutely love this thing. I can’t believe it was so cheap. The cnet review (as always) is dead on. However, I’m waiting for it the touch screen to stop working like the 2007 models but a) has a 30 day return policy b) I purchased the $2 Assurz plan that allows for returns within 90 days and c) it has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re freaked out about CompUSA having gone out of business, you can buy the same thing through – which I assume acquired when CompUSA went out of business.

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