Great Exit Strategy, Sweetheart

The following kind of a cool Huffington Post write-up contains a variety of pundit takes on HRC’s psychotic/irrational RFK assassination comment and “apology.” While occasionally obnoxious, Olbermann is dead on during his “special comment” video at the bottom…

I sure hope Obama doesn’t die between now and the convention because I’m pretty confident the Democratic National Committee/Convention won’t be mentioning HRC’s name when looking for a replacement candidate.

Furthermore, RFK Jr’s bullsh!t and unmoved response makes you wonder – while a stretch – what benefits he has received or could receive from the Clinton’s in the future. Though not applicable, if someone brought up the assassination of my father during any political moment, I would unequivocally denounce any sort of endorsement.

I wish to type so many offensive expletives but I digress…

Nice Work Icahn

Coming from a guy that bought a bunch of stock in Motorola, Yahoo (recent – hahahahah), and continues to think Blockbuster is worthwhile while sitting on their board of directors, I wouldn’t trust Carl Icahn to balance my check book or present “Becoming an Trader” at a high school career day. Did I mention he’s a New Yorker – I wonder why he would diss Obama publicly? HRC?

The president himself (obviously) doesn’t cut/raise interest rates though he appoints competent people to do so. Appointing competent people is something Bush failed to learn while earning a C average in high school but still getting into Yale, running numerous oil companies into the ground before becoming governor in Texas, choking on pretzels, invading the middle east, declaring mission accomplished, dancing like a goon while soldiers are dying, etc. But, I guess he’s a strong believer in Jesus so 28% of people are still giving him a pass. Rot in hell.

And, no, increased capital gains taxes and/or increased payroll taxes for individuals making over $250,000 a year has nothing to do with the value of the dollar/inflation. Don’t let the republicans fool you AGAIN – your paycheck isn’t going to be impacted by any (applicable) Democratic tax increase. If you would be impacted by the aforementioned taxes, please send me a check as I’m starting a Range Rover fund so I can run over things and spend a lot on gas.

P.S. Soros and Buffett on the other hand – supporters of Obama – are as good as gold and we all know gold is increasing in value as the dollar tanks.

mccain’s Pastor Problems – Refresher

Not that pastor issues should really matter to either presidential candidate, but, let’s take a refresher “course” of mccain’s pastor support…

Pastor Rod Parsley…thinks Islam was a “conspiracy of spiritual evil.”

Pastor John Hagee…says the Catholic Church is “The Great Whore,” Hurricane Katrina was a result of our sins, and blames the Holocaust on the disobedience and rebellion of the Jews.

So, who has a pastor problem now?!? It’s weird mccain had to denounce support from Hagee and Parsley after he wrapped up the GOP nomination, eh?