Great Exit Strategy, Sweetheart

The following kind of a cool Huffington Post write-up contains a variety of pundit takes on HRC’s psychotic/irrational RFK assassination comment and “apology.” While occasionally obnoxious, Olbermann is dead on during his “special comment” video at the bottom…

I sure hope Obama doesn’t die between now and the convention because I’m pretty confident the Democratic National Committee/Convention won’t be mentioning HRC’s name when looking for a replacement candidate.

Furthermore, RFK Jr’s bullsh!t and unmoved response makes you wonder – while a stretch – what benefits he has received or could receive from the Clinton’s in the future. Though not applicable, if someone brought up the assassination of my father during any political moment, I would unequivocally denounce any sort of endorsement.

I wish to type so many offensive expletives but I digress…

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