Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw = Brutal

I tuned into Meet the Press yesterday for the first time since Tim Russert passed away.  Actually, I “iTuned” into it via a video podcast.  Regardless, aside from the iPhone being the coolest thing ever (more later), I’m glad I didn’t waste my time sitting in front of a tv.  In short – Brokaw is garbage.  Seriously, has anyone else seen MTP over the past few weeks?

Not only were Brokaw’s questions and follow-ups “softballs,” but, he’s not an entertaining guy to watch and you can tell they (collectively) aren’t putting half of the effort into the show that Russert used to.  I can also assure you that MTP hosted by Tom Brokaw won’t have to worry about the younger generation “demographic” tuning in.  I assume grandpa mccain might like Brokaw as the host if he wasn’t so gosh darn neutral on-air.

Moreover, I had the displeasure of watching an episode that started off with Carly Fiorina (McCain supporter) and Clare McCaskill (Obama supporter) running their mouths and making meaningless/repetitive points.   No, this blog didn’t turn all sexist…Carly Fiorina, Clare McCaskill, and Hillary Clinton annoy more people than just sexist males.

How can Brokaw label Fiorina a successful business woman when she nearly ran HP into the ground?  And, I’m not sure how McCaskell earned any public speaking spot on Obama’s campaign because it’s like listening to a high school librarian talk for 15 minutes straight.  My ears started to bleed but I fought it out until the second half.  While Part 2 was slightly better, this week’s episode of MTP was sloppily/lazily put together like a public access television show.

To conclude this rambling post, what a waste of a 1 hour time slot on Sunday morning when there’s nothing else on.

Jim Cramer – Classic

The upcoming market meltdown (presumed after the government bailouts) had me thinking back to last year when Jim Cramer said Bear Stearns was dying.

At the time – though I casually followed his investing show Mad Money – I was more amused at him flipping out on live tv rather than really paying attention to the shiat that was going down behind the scenes in the financial/housing markets.

Again, this clip is from almost a year ago.  Yes, you’ve probably seen it before.  If not, enjoy…

Hopefully, he shorted some Bear Stearns stock…amongst other financial companies.

mccain the Comedian – Part 2

I realized one thing last night – the best way to go to sleep is to listen to mccain talk.  It’s better than NyQuil and/or warm milk with whisky.  Regardless, mccain continues his comedy tour.

Of course, nobody laughs at the following “Dr. No” joke…

Of course, everybody laughs at the following unintentional joke…

I actually thought he died seconds 13-21 but he continues breathing another day.  Enjoy every second of every day. Tick, tick, tick…

Best Interviewer Ever! Bush Grilled in 2004

6:34-7:11 – A random change of subject that makes no sense in the context of this interview.  Fortunately, the interviewer was able to get the idiot of the United States back on “track.”

9:08-9:43 – A (long term) functional democracy in Afghanistan and Pakistan was created in conjunction with our support…ha!

I will say – though he was still an idiot – bush was much more articulate here than he normally is in front of a podium and teleprompter.  Congrats to the christian right wing.

mccain the Comedian

Maybe after he loses the general election, mccain will decide to live out his next 12-24 months of his life by touring comedy clubs.  He’s so damn funny it’s funny.

It’s encouraging that he has to look around and find cindy so she can remind him (on the fly so I’m sure that’s a truthful answer) how many years it’s been since he’s had a cigarette.  Also, I love the mccain shocked face look during seconds 8-10.  I can’t wait for this fall!

You’re a Democrat and Want to Castrate Obama Like Jesse Jackson? Know the “Facts”

Dear Jesse,

Talking  down to black people?  I forget, how do Sharpton and you make all your money?  That’s right…talking down to black people.

Bla, bla, bla – the only recent “centrist” position that Obama has taken that I don’t get is the FISA Bill vote.

If you’re a democrat going nuts about the Obama’s death penalty support (e.g. for child rapists) or the expansion of faith based programs, go ahead and read Audacity of HopeHe explained his positions there almost 2 years ago.

If you’re pissed about his “flip flop” regarding Iraq withdrawal, you haven’t been watching the debates.  “We will be as carefully getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in.” Remember that Obama debate quote?  16 months for a withdrawal was a forced number based on a 1 or 2 brigades per month estimate – what happens if we’re out in 14 months or 22 months?  Six of one, a half dozen of the other.

As for the FISA Bill, Obama didn’t have to vote at all since mccain was busy “campaigning” and of course didn’t cast vote.  HRC purposely voted against the bill – ha!  Understanding her voting history for Bush plans that assist big business, you know Hillary would have been a “yea” otherwise.  Regardless, unless there is some unexplained reasoning behind his vote, it was straight up stupid.

There is a thought that Obama voted for the FISA Bill because as president he can bring criminal prosecutions against telecoms AND/OR the administration that ordered the illegal wiretapping even though the civil immunity was passed via this bill.  Moreover, there is a thought that the passing of this bill doesn’t matter since Obama believes he will be the next president in a few months and can fix things in January.

Regardless, for the first time in the 5 years that I’ve casually followed Obama as a politician, I don’t understand one of his votes.  And, I thought he was black Jesus.  Damn.