Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw = Brutal

I tuned into Meet the Press yesterday for the first time since Tim Russert passed away.  Actually, I “iTuned” into it via a video podcast.  Regardless, aside from the iPhone being the coolest thing ever (more later), I’m glad I didn’t waste my time sitting in front of a tv.  In short – Brokaw is garbage.  Seriously, has anyone else seen MTP over the past few weeks?

Not only were Brokaw’s questions and follow-ups “softballs,” but, he’s not an entertaining guy to watch and you can tell they (collectively) aren’t putting half of the effort into the show that Russert used to.  I can also assure you that MTP hosted by Tom Brokaw won’t have to worry about the younger generation “demographic” tuning in.  I assume grandpa mccain might like Brokaw as the host if he wasn’t so gosh darn neutral on-air.

Moreover, I had the displeasure of watching an episode that started off with Carly Fiorina (McCain supporter) and Clare McCaskill (Obama supporter) running their mouths and making meaningless/repetitive points.   No, this blog didn’t turn all sexist…Carly Fiorina, Clare McCaskill, and Hillary Clinton annoy more people than just sexist males.

How can Brokaw label Fiorina a successful business woman when she nearly ran HP into the ground?  And, I’m not sure how McCaskell earned any public speaking spot on Obama’s campaign because it’s like listening to a high school librarian talk for 15 minutes straight.  My ears started to bleed but I fought it out until the second half.  While Part 2 was slightly better, this week’s episode of MTP was sloppily/lazily put together like a public access television show.

To conclude this rambling post, what a waste of a 1 hour time slot on Sunday morning when there’s nothing else on.

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