mccain the Comedian

Maybe after he loses the general election, mccain will decide to live out his next 12-24 months of his life by touring comedy clubs.  He’s so damn funny it’s funny.

It’s encouraging that he has to look around and find cindy so she can remind him (on the fly so I’m sure that’s a truthful answer) how many years it’s been since he’s had a cigarette.  Also, I love the mccain shocked face look during seconds 8-10.  I can’t wait for this fall!

4 thoughts on “mccain the Comedian

  1. McCain is the best chance that America has at this point; I will concede I am not a fan of McCain’s, but at least he has a resume. Obama has a pretty flimsy resume and flip flops on everything…President Obama is just about the scariest and worst thing that could happen to America.

    I think you should re-consider and vote Republican…

  2. Thank you for the introduction…I like your website, and was hoping that you might allow a right winger in on future political bantor. I’d be curious to see if I could sway your vote too, along with others???…Probably not. 🙂

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