BccList.com Surpasses 500,000 Visitors

As long time commenter (and now contributor) Ryan “THE” Conservative can attest, BccList.com was never about traffic/number of visitors when launched in May 2008.

Meaning, at one point, Ryan mentioned something like: “This blog will be up to 100,000 visitors in no time.” I was thinking — at the time — 1,000 visitors reading my therapeutic rants would be pretty cool. Well, Ryan, you were right (and thank you for continuing to read my diatribes)!

Here’s a link to my first few postings on May 24, 2008.



“Why the blog?”


Yes, back in the day, I was an awkwardly bitter person — especially towards the likes of Hillary Clinton, Carl Icahn, and john mccain.

While I still have little tolerance for Tea Party bigots (I.e. Fox News), horribly designed websites/services (E.g. Hotmail), etc. I’m pleased to have focused my attention elsewhere as of late. Thank you for reading…here’s to the next 500,000 visitors!

Note: I completely understand 500,000 visitors in over 4 years — or about 350 visitors a day on average — isn’t phenomenal (and barely blog posting worthy). 🙂

3 thoughts on “BccList.com Surpasses 500,000 Visitors

  1. you should be proud….i can’t even get my family interested in what i’ve got to say most days (haha) so to get that much traffic means you are doing ok. I think the recent focus of your blog has got you so many hits because of the fantastic work you have done and the great atmosphere you have provided. I think the standard you have set has attracted some really great minds and i love coming here to read what everyone has to say. Cheers !!

  2. YOU have done FANTASTIC my friend, and yes, even though I don’t agree with everything you post, for instance anything regarding Barack Hussein Obama in a positive light or anything in favor of the criminal Trayvon Martin, this site is a shining example of free exchange of ideas and commentary. Keep up the good work, it’s an honor to post on a site that you post on. Good things.

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