Microsoft Hotmail: False and Misleading Advertising Part 2

Microsoft Hotmail’s false and misleading advertising part 1:

Well, the geniuses at Microsoft are at it again…


“Now up to 70% faster.”

Seriously.  Prove it.  Of course, I assume Microsoft wasted money handpicking some firm to run some sort of test proving Hotmail could perform up to 70% faster.  Note: up to 70% faster. WTF? From what I’ve experienced, Hotmail seems about 3% (I made up that number like Microsoft made up theirs) faster than it did in 2002.  So, technically Microsoft isn’t misleading since 3% is “up to 70% faster.”  Ugh.

“Now avaialble on your iPhone.”

Hotmail has always been available on an iPhone. Unfortunately, when you set-up your Hotmail email account on your iPhone, it downloads EVERY message in your inbox.  Yes, every message.  I don’t think I’ve ever deleted an email in my Hotmail account.  So, 15,000 emails downloaded.  50 of those emails showed as new.  Figuring I should be able to delete those 50 emails so my iPhone Hotmail inbox would show 0 new messages, I was disappointed to see…


Worthless.  Note: this annoying “bug” doesn’t happen with Gmail.  Why?  Because Google doesn’t put out a shiatty product.

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