Politics, Parenthood, and the Pockets on My Shirt…

It took us just short of a year, but, now OFFICIALLY introducing BccList.com blog commenter: Ryan THE Conservative!


I’m a Conservative by definition, and a Republican by default.  Truthfully, I am neither a true Republican or Democrat, as both parties are shining examples of what is wrong in American politics.  Politics has always drawn my attention though, so much so, that at one point in my past, I gave consideration to ‘throwing my own hat in the ring’ of Oklahoma politics, however I came to my senses and quickly entered the private business sector.

Currently, we as Americans are under the rule of the Obama/Leftist experiment.  This experiment in Socialism has proven to be a miserable failure, fueled on by partisan political maneuvers on both sides, a reckless economic situation, and a liberal media that is in love with the “Supreme Leader”.  I am one of the not so few, those that look at the U.S. Constitution as a basis for our great republic, one that sets forth our inalienable rights in the Bill of Rights, set forth by a group of great men who knew all too well the pitfalls of big government and extreme taxation.  The Obama administration stands for class warfare, wealth redistribution, and the nationalization of private enterprise.  Of tremendous importance, is the assault on the American Oil/Gas industry, of which is lauded by all within his corrupt administration.  Recently, there was a GE television commercial incorporating Budweiser employees making their product, then explaining to everyone at a bar how the beer wouldn’t be cold without their technology producing the power to run the refrigeration system used to chill the popular lager.  I argue that in the same sense, the American Oil/Gas industry does MORE, in fact there would be no plastic components, fossil fuels, and availability of such materials to even create the components of everyday life (and GE’s parts) that put together the power grid that ‘cools the beer’ of all.  Drilling for oil and gas in America is patriotic, and socially responsible given the recent charge that windmill farms are warming the earth, contributing to the farce of ‘global warming’.  For the first time, I will readily admit ‘man’s’ contribution to ‘global warming’, the environmentalists are actually speeding it up by installing these non-sustainable energy sources.  It’s ridiculous.

Next item: I’m all for isolationism.  I’ll go along with the leftist agenda of pulling all troops out of trouble areas throughout the world.  Let’s bring them home, and line them up along the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico.  The problem of illegal immigration will soon be solved by this.  In the past when confronted with a problem with foreign governments we utilize ineffective tactics such as embargoes and sanctions to deal with rogue governments and their leaders.  This is parenting 101: the other day my son threw a metal toy truck across the living room.  His defiance was impressive in that he had good distance, but unacceptable as we don’t throw things in the house.  I took it away and explained he would be without the toy for a week.  This had no affect on him whatsoever, he has at least 30 other similar trucks to play with.  The same applies to dictators of countries like North Korea, Iran, and Cuba: it doesn’t affect them in a meaningful way.  Instead, we should stop buying their products, stop trade all together, and become a self-sufficient nation.

Lastly, political posturing of both sides annoys me.  The recent focus on Romney’s family and the constant ‘doting’ the press does on the First lady is of no significance to my voting decisions or me.  I’m concerned with the President’s war on domestic energy production, his neurotic need to interject himself in controversial agendas such as directing his Justice Department not to prosecute the Black Panthers for election tampering and focusing on the Trayvon Martin case.  These two issues should not be a part of a Presidential agenda, it should be job creation and energy independence for instance.  My annoyance has eroded due to the skewed perception of American ‘media’ to the point it now equals my annoyance level I find when I wear a shirt with no pockets on it.  Sure, I can survive my day without an extra pocket to keep up with my things, but it makes it easier.  I am hoping the President buys some shirts with a pocket, and puts a copy of the bill of rights in that shirt pocket, and references it often.  He won’t, and the political posturing will continue, and the Republicans will point their fingers, as will the Democrats, and nothing will get done.  It’s an election year and so the games are in full swing.  I think I’m going to go change my shirt to one that has a pocket in it, and God willing in November when a Republican is elected to the highest office in the land, I will have some money left to put in that pocket.

3 thoughts on “Politics, Parenthood, and the Pockets on My Shirt…

  1. Well, now I know what FNC is spewing 24/7. It must be invigorating to fire off missives without a single credible link to back it up… this is the internet, not page 6 of a newspaper.

    Are there any facts that back up the “…assault on the American Oil/Gas industry”? Oh here’s one….. Fact: Under Obama, more domestic drilling than the last 3 administrations… http://wapo.st/pVBmzw and http://bit.ly/q4ydMe.

    How about… “The Obama administration stands for class warfare, wealth redistribution, and the nationalization of private enterprise.”

    Let me provide another fact: the richest 10% control 67% of Americans’ net worth (http://bit.ly/fT95ye ) and you apparently think that’s just fine, well I don’t…

    Where in the US is your evidence of the Obama admin standing for privatization? Health care? Student loans? Auto Industry? Please… if you believe healthcare, education and getting my own goddamn credit score should be profit generating endeavors by corporations (that are now considered “people”), and for doing the least possible for the most money, because hitting stock projection is more important than ethics. You’ve seen corporate profit numbers lately? http://usat.ly/ICFObw ….You think big oil is struggling? How about the military industrial complex?

    Illegal immigrants? Are you living in 2002 or what? Don’t let facts get in the way of your isolationist fetish…. http://bit.ly/HYhvq8

    Your Reagan trickle down, your Bush tax cuts, your fake wars, your chicken little sky-is-falling propaganda, have only maintained the structure, the status quo, and padded the off-shore accounts, but have never done a anything to improve the quality of life for Americans.

    But I get it. Your intimate reverance and defense of the “Constitution” & “Bill of Rights” is more head-in-the-sand make believe that this “group of great men” were infallible… instead of just another batch of power hungry slave-masters. Didn’t you love it when they wrote that ALL men are created equal?

    You’ll fight to the death to protect your version of history from being rewritten TRUTHFULLY and expose the manifest destiny/imperialist colonization, genocide and slavery that you seem to think are so much God given rights.

    Finally, your brilliant “Obama/Leftist experiment….This experiment in Socialism…” is nothing more than tea-party, protest-sign hyperbole and the cherry-on-top that clearly exposes you as yet another greedy, closed-minded & intellectually lazy neo-con. Will your next column focus on “Kenya”?

    Here, watch this…. http://youtu.be/Tq1zpHF0J04


  2. Wow, if I were on a fishing expedition to get the biggest Lib on the site to bite, I got ’em. Thank you for your response! I actually read your comment twice, once to try to garner your point (I received it), and second imagining James Earl Jones’ voice, the second round was more entertaining.

    We’re not in 6th grade, therefore I don’t feel the compulsion to reference/leave footnotes on a commentary. The piece is intended to incite discussion, and after reading your points it’s clear you and I disagree on pretty much everything. I’m going to guess you’re a proud ‘intellectual’, someone who has probably give or take $100k in student loans, and has participated in at least one, if not more ‘occupy’ rallies. If I’m wrong and you haven’t, you should. They are filled with people who share your ‘I’m a victim’ mentality, I think you’d really enjoy it. My points are based in reality, however my viewpoint is one of smaller government and self-sufficiency, yours is ‘10%’ control everything and big government must save us all…it’s nonsense, although you’re entitled to your opinion.

    For the record, I’m not a proponent of the tea party movement, however will consider writing something on Kenya. Give the people what they want, that’s my policy. 🙂 I wish you the best in your day Mufasa, it’s a real jungle out there!

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