Abortion + Catholic Vote = ?

Obama can’t get them all – but, he can get a large enough chunk by selecting a Catholic VP.


Weird timing – I posted an abortion related Catholic vote comment here yesterday at noon and received the above link via email from The New York Times around 4 pm.  I’m not sure when the NY Times article was originally posted, but, it had nothing to do with my comment.

Regardless, I assure you Obama’s VP will be a Catholic.  There’s a reason Caroline Kennedy is vetting potential candidates.

While I previously posted that Bob Casey Jr. could be in the running, I think Kaine’s political experience and carrying Virginia is probably more important when vetting a VP candidate.  How important is the Latino vote and/or New Mexico?  Answer: Pretty fcking important. Bill Richardson is a Catholic with vast foreign and energy policy experience.  Interesting that you don’t hear his name mentioned that often as of late.  Is Judas the dark horse?

11 thoughts on “Abortion + Catholic Vote = ?

  1. Re-arranging chairs on a ship that is going to sink…Obama will pick a Catholic, no he won’t, maybe yes, he will…doesn’t matter. McCain will win in ’08.

    Having a VP who is Catholic won’t save the Catholic vote; Catholics are PRO LIFE…they’re not going to vote for Obama: think about it: furthermore the Latinos should be lining up behind McCain due to his stance on immigration, and subsequent attempts at a more moderate immigration reform plan that failed several times, even with the help of the beloved Ted Kennedy.

    If Obama, the CHANGE MESSIAH is such a revolutionary, why would he listen to his VP on the abortion issue when appointing Supreme Court Justices? The answer is: he won’t!

    Obama will surround himself with those who have ‘drank the kool aid’ and will essentially be “yes” men (and women). He has bigger issues than this…like inexperience and a divided democratic party to contend with. You can’t just ignore 18 million of your party…come on.

  2. I’ll be very interested to see where the Catholic vote goes. I’ll guess more than 50% will go to Obama regardless of his VP. Obama doesn’t need more than the small swing he’ll get once he picks a Catholic running mate.

    I’m trying to figure out how you think mccain has any chance in the general election with what’s currently known – Obama’s base of 45-48% isn’t going anywhere regardless of what happens leading up to November 4th.

    It’s over. Good night and good luck. We’ll see the GOP again in maybe 2032 if a leader finally emerges from a party in shambles.

  3. Obama is slipping in the polls and people are getting tired of hearing about him in the press constantly. It turns out, that he is very little in the substance department and very strong in the “reading from prompters and saying ‘uh’ alot departments”. McCain is gaining momentum.

    We still don’t know what will come out about Barry Hussein (sorry I know we’re not allowed to mention his middle name)…and his “base of 45-48%” is not safe…this is politics, and thus everything is subjective.

    I can relate to your passion about Obama by citing my own passion about Bush in ’00. The race is far from over my friend…I suggest you warm up to the idea of a Republican Victory.


  4. Well, polling in August has called the race, and with the illustrations on this website, WOW, maybe I should just take the signs from my yard, ask for my money back from McCain, and change my party affiliation to Socialist, I mean Democratic… What I don’t understand is why the race is still on, let’s just call it, right?

    That’s bull-hockey and you know it. You’re a sharp guy, you get it. This race is far from over…I guess maybe I’m in denial, too much time spent clinging to my guns and religion in a bitter fashion perhaps. I doubt it.

    McCain will win, Obama will lose…don’t forget to inject race and arrogance into the race either. That’s right, introduce the ‘elephants in the room’ into the conversation so that the left can paint it as a racist comment, instead of a truism…yes I like that word…that will inevitably dictate some of what is realized on election day.

    I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it. Agree to Disagree.

  5. If the Catholics are so strict, why would they support McCain and his pro-death penalty?

    I’m Catholic and i’ll support Obama and so will the majority of the church i belong to, why? because it’s full of fairly progressive Catholics. The Parish Priest even talks openly about supporting gay rights.

  6. You can’t be Catholic without being guilty most of all. Perhaps guilt not faith is playing the biggest role when especially it comes to white Catholics.

  7. White Catholics are definitely the problem, racists anyhow…if only they could be PROGRESSIVE…that’s a GREAT word!…Progressive. It is inspiring like HOPE and CHANGE…drink that kool aid guys, nice.

    Oh wait, I’m a white catholic…nevermind.

    Liberals are wrong, whether they are Catholic or not; perhaps if more converted from being a Muslim to Christianity, sat in a racist church for over 20 years, surrounded themselves with anti-american racials, and offered such answers to the world’s problems as ‘inflating your tires to solve the energy crisis’, then the world would be a better place…doubtful.

    Sounds like you guys are deacons at the first Church of Barack Hussein Obama. Do you guys get that Chris Matthews tingling up your leg when you see him talk? I’ll bet so. Good for you. I am just wondering what he will do after he loses this election…I’m guessing sit and pout about it in the Senate.

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