And Then There Were (Supposedly) Three

Tim Kaine, Joe Biden, and Evan Bayh.

It truly doesn’t matter since the general election race is over.  It’s worth noting, I’ve not really paid attention to the VP vetting process once Obama’s additional vote getter – Jim Webb – ADAMANTLY said he would not seek the position.

Regardless, the “scary” thing about all three of these candidates without military experience is that mccain will immediately select a Tom Ridge (security of homeland security from the purple state PA) or somebody with vast military experience to scare the shiat out of us.  Of course, there will be an October Surprise in an attempt to solidify that fear.  But, I don’t think any of Obama’s current and continuous/unwavering 47% support is going anywhere regardless.

Blue = positives.  Purple = so-sos. Red = negatives…

Tim Kaine: Mainstream Media’s shoe in. Born in a purple state – Minnesota.  Went to school in a purple state – Missouri.  Catholic – but, not your normal Catholic.  He took a year off to work for a Roman Catholic missionary.  Mayor, Lieutenant Governor, and now a Governor of a red state that is turning purple if not blue – e.g.  Kaine, Webb, Obama finally up in the VA general election polls, etc. Aside from the aforementioned lack of military experience (all three “front runners”), somebody find me a negative other than his receding hair line and cartoonish looking face.

Joe Biden: Fan favorite during the 2008 dem debates.  Old as the day is long.  Catholic. Vast foreign policy experience/connections.  Born in PA. But, the plaigarizing “scandal” from a past presidential run and being only a senator from an “unimportant” state (Delaware) doesn’t help.

Evan Bayh: Who?  Exactly. Senator and current Governor of Indiana. Awkward HRC supporter. I’d rather see mccain have to waste money in VA trying to beat out Obama with Kaine as his running mate since mccain will probably carry Indiana even with Bayh on the ticket.  Also, not a Catholic.

10 thoughts on “And Then There Were (Supposedly) Three

  1. Since Rove hasn’t (formally) joined the mccain campaign yet, I’m sure the surprise will be pretty lame since his current camp has their head so far up their a$$ it isn’t funny. If Rove eventually comes on board, the surprise will be pretty well thought out so your guess is as good as mine.

    The more blood and/or osama bin laden’s face on a video/audio tape the better for mccain. Though, I’m sure Obama will need to be VERY QUICK to point out “none of this” (whatever this is) would have happened if we actually fought the war we should have 7 years ago.

  2. I am hopeful that the GREAT ARCHITECT will join the McCain campaign sooner, than later. Present company excluded (you’re from Chicago right?), America doesn’t really know a whole lot about the Obamas…I’m willing to bet that there are skeletons in the Senator’s closet that will surface in the coming months.

    Anyone who surrounds himself and consorts with known Anti-American radicals that despise this great country are bound to have a myriad of secrets come to light.

    I’m patiently waiting on the Republicans to pull their heads out of their A$$’s and figure out what we don’t know about Obama…it’s out there, I know it! Again, I’ll just keep clutching to my religion and guns until the truth finally comes out.

  3. I respectfully disagree, there’s more dirt out there, whether it has been unearthed yet, is another question; perhaps the dirt is being saved for the near future…who knows? such is politics…

    Bill Ayers yes, don’t forget about his Rev. Wright, the head of the church he attended for many years…I listen when I go to church, and agree with the overall focus of the church, resulting in my returning and maintaining a membership…Mr. Obama must have agreed until it wasn’t politcally kosher.


  4. Nobody cares about Reverend Wright – he’s sooo 3-6 months ago. The only good thing for Obama is that Wright continued to turn himself into a joke of a character post the “controversy.” Better yet, now “less intelligent” Americans know that Obama isn’t a practicing Muslim even though I’m not sure why that would be an issue.

    If Penn can’t find it, nobody can except for maybe Rove. But, almost nothing he can find matters…we (collectively as a sane nation) don’t want 4 more years of the last 8.

  5. Ryan

    Not to worry Swift Boat veteran has already published a book on Obama or Boo Boo (my pet name for the Illinois Messia.

    John O’Niell

    As you may recall, I was privileged to play a role in helping prevent John Kerry from being elected president when my fellow Swift Boat Veterans and I released the book Unfit for Command. As liberal as Kerry was, America faces an even more liberal threat today: Barack Obama. Fortunately, investigative journalist and National Review Online political reporter David Freddoso has written the book every voter needs to read: The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate.


  6. August HAS to be the month that McCain’s camp reveals whatever it has in the ‘shock and awe’ category of information. We need the Swift Boat Veterans’ help to bring to light the FALSE HOPE and trickery of Obama…wow, that sounded dramatic, but it’s true.

    Both candidates are in a tie in the reputable polls, and now is the time to sink the Obama campaign much like Kerry and Dukakis’ campaigns during the summer months of yesterday.

    Wow, I still have to laugh when I think about the Dem.’s running Dukakis…Priceless, ranking right up there with Jimmy Carter, by far America’s WORST president of all time!


  7. and I already know…Mass Emailer has another pick for the worst president, but hey, I like to poke a stick every once in a while to keep things interesting…

    Agree to Disagree. 🙂

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