Every Pundit and Their Brother Has a VP “Short List”



#11 African American Man President – no, that’s not propaganda but this race is done. especially, once he picks a running mate: VA, NM, NC, PA, or PA 2. long shots – KS (now that’s how you deliver a horrible democratic response to the state of the union), the general, or the loose cannon from DE. regardless, it’s over.

I’m looking forward to the official “short list” coming out over the next few weeks! I’m “guessing” Webb will definitely be on there since he has vast military experience, bipartisan stances, and the southern/appalachian vote is invaluable. Does Obama need a PA or OH VP? He’s polling strongly as of recent in PA and OH since the last 8 years have screwed each state good enough. How about a VP that can draw the Latino vote? I’m not quite sure mccain will woo many Latinos. Should be interesting…

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