Polls Narrowing – Huh?

I don’t get the MSM’s recent analysis that the polls are narrowing – specifically, CNN.com’s ridiculous mainpage story from Wednesday that even dared to say Obama’s lead was small and narrowing.

Without being said, Obama’s 47% base of support isn’t moving before the election regardless of what unfolds over the next few months.  So, instead of leading nationwide by 6% points, he’s leading by 5% points in some polls – 47% to 42% with 8-10% undecided.  How is that narrowing?

Regardless, as I’ve noted in the past, the candidates haven’t even shared the same stage yet.  I assume Obama’s poll lead will grow by 10%+ points once mccain has had the displeasure of actually debating somebody that understands the world.

Moreover, you can’t find too many people that care about mccain’s possible vp pick – exception, palin since she’s a decent looking woman and I’m sure all the bikers across this great land would love to see her compete with cindy in the Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Paegent.  But, of course, mccain won’t go after that coveted Alaskan vote.  Bluntly stated, nobody on anyone’s short list for mccain excites the GOP.  On the other hand, you’ll see at least 2-3% bump in Obama’s numbers once he announces whichever Catholic VP he selects unless it’s JFK/RFK.

When all is said and done, should Obama continue to lead in the polls by 5-10% – which is a guarantee unless something “crazy” happens – the general election decided by (obviously) electoral votes will be a landslide as originally seen on BccList.com here and here

7 thoughts on “Polls Narrowing – Huh?

  1. Polls are worthless at this point…pay them no attention until October, and then watch them in relation to the surprises. I don’t know that the whole Catholic thing is as big a deal as a couple of other “potential issues that no one in the media or America will admit”, of course I am Catholic, so maybe my perception is skewed. I could only hope for RFK, Jr. to run as VP on the Dem./Lib ticket…he’s a total nut…yep, I nominate him. 🙂

  2. Jamie,

    Thank you for the feedback.


    There are a ton of baby boomer Catholics that battled their morals concerning birth control vs. the church back in the day. This same (large) group of Catholics and are willing to vote democratic regardless of pro-choice views of Obama if that means their religion would be represented by a VP.

  3. I’m fairly certain that in this campaign, thus far, abortion is pretty low on the list of ‘hot button issues’ for Americans. Just because Obama is pro life today, doesn’t necessarily mean that later this afternoon or tomorrow, or perhaps next month he won’t flip flop on this…I cite a pattern of behavior on this one.

    The Catholic Church is not a democracy, and so irregardless of what a ‘large’ group of Catholics are willing to do, I’m willing to bet in the end they vote for McCain. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Odds are they will tell the pollsters they voted for Obama, because it makes people for some reason ‘feel good’ to do this, but when alone in that voting booth, when the curtain is drawn…they’ll vote for McCain, or as I like to refer to him: NOT OBAMA.

  4. Obama definitely won’t be changing his position on abortion.

    Catholics will vote where there’s a Catholic candidate representing their religion – except for the crazy hardcore and/or racist Catholics.

    Hence, mccain better counter with a Catholic VP (Ridge) though I don’t think I see one on his short list of Romney, Liebermann, Palin, Pawlenty, Cantor, fill in the boring blank, etc.

    Or, does Obama wait things out – since his base/lead in the polls aren’t going anywhere – and see if mccain chooses to pick a non catholic before countering with Kaine?

  5. Crazy hardcore and/or racist Catholics…nice.

    Obama-Mania has gripped you my friend, and therefore anyone who dare questions or challenges Obama’s stance or the man himself, must be a, yes you guessed it, a racist!!! Nothing could be further from the truth, but unfortunately you’re echoing the rhetoric from the left.

    I am not a racist, but am Catholic. In order to be in good standing with the church, you must believe in what the church stands for, among those things, being against abortion, for life (and yes that means anti-death penalty)-bet you didn’t see that one coming, and practice this. Anyone who claims he or she is pro-choice, but still is a catholic, is not…plain and simple.

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