UPDATED: Responses to Neal E. Boyd Poll Question Comments!

Poll comments as originally seen on BccList.com here and on PollDaddy.com here

I’m gong to assume that with the question that you have been compelled to ask, you are at the very best case scenario, a disgruntled high school dropout. You have made me, and all who read your post here, just a little more less intelligent.

Nope, I finished high school. Then, I finished college. Now, I have a job. Did you mean “a little more less intelligent” or “a little less intelligent?” You tell me what makes sense…

your a dick head and you are completely heartless! dont think there are any other words for you except scum.One day something is gonna happen to you Karma!!!You have no ideaa what he has gone through in his life.Get a life and learn to love others.

“your a dick head should” should start with “You’re.” Also, I think dick head is supposed to be one word or at least there should be a hyphen. You spelled idea wrong. Why is something going to happen to my Karma? I made a simple observation while being disgruntled that the basketball game wasn’t on the main television at the house of 2 straight dudes because they were watching a guy that presumably can’t reach his cock belt out a song on NBC. Lastly, I do love others and I know exactly what he has gone through in his life – he ate way too much food and didn’t exercise enough.

You are a very sick person!

No, I feel pretty good.

I thought he probably coudln’t but then again I don’t know how long his cock is, I might be pleasently mistaken

Jon, that’s exactly right! Maybe we’d all be pleasantly surprised. Hence, I ran a poll. Thank you for the feedback!

What a stupid and totally immature question. Seriously, don’t you guys have better things to do than publish stupid stuff? Neal E Boyd is amazing. He has a incredible voice and I think he is pretty cute too. So, to answer your stupid question…YES, I think he is able to reach his cock…and compared to you guys he probably makes your “Thing” look like a Baby Toy!!!

Hold up – you call me immature but then go onto say his cock probably makes my “thing” look like a baby toy?

I know one thing he can do that you cant. He can make money. Unlike you who is probably in your parents basement right now wishing he was him. take care loser

I’m living in a third floor condo and make a modestly successful wage. Regardless, thank you, I will try to take care.

If he can’t, I am sure his lovely girl friend can.

For the sake of everything holy, I hope he has a girlfriend. My assumption is that his cock needs attention if he can’t reach it. Again, I’m not necessarily saying he can’t. I ran a poll to get some feedback.

Whoever posted this comment probably doesn’t have a dick, or has one for a brain. What a moron.

I do have one but – consistent with popular science – I don’t have one for a brain.

There is no way his tiny arms can make it around. I hope he wins so that he can hire a professional ballwasher. Sent via my basement computer.

Hahahahaha – sent via my basement computer. On a more serious note, that’s exactly what I’m trying to say! Those arms aren’t getting down there around that layer of “protection.” I think it’s impossible.

I really love all the people that blindly defend someone they have seen on tv. Jo , Kevin, Frank I am looking at you, for all you know neal goes home to jerk off to kiddie porn only to cry himself to sleep because his tiny arms can’t reach his cock and balls.

Ok, I’ll leave that one alone.

ALL OF YOU ARE SICK!!!!!!!!!!! GO GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate when people don’t read the responses of previously submitted comments. I am not sick and I have a job! Ugh.

Are you kidding me! Yes I know for a fact that he can and it is incredible. So try another subject.

I’m not kidding you.  Gross.  And, I’ve tried a lot of subjects on the blog.

What a childish, idiotic question!! I cannot believe you would even THINK about asking a stupid question like that. Neal E Boyd has more talent in his little finger than you have in your entire body. Why don’t you get a job and quit typing such nonsense on the computer. You and others like you make me sick! No wonder the world is in such a mess!

It’s not a stupid question – I don’t think he can reach his cock.  Childish?  I’m pretty sure watching america’s got talent is repulsively childish.  FOR THE LAST TIME, I fcking have a job!  Lastly, are you blaming the world’s mess on me rather than the bush administration?  Come on!

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: Responses to Neal E. Boyd Poll Question Comments!

  1. and this is why i don’t watch this crap on tv…people take it too seriously and then need to google this person’s name and then they stumble upon your little blog and get pissed off. I still don’t know what this neal boyd dude looks like…and i don’t really care…certainly not enough to look him up on google and come across a blog making fun of him that would enrage me.

  2. Watch the YouTube clip in the original posting and you’ll get a good idea of what he looks like. I’m not making fun of him but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw him perform on easily the worst show that exists (america’s got talent) is there is no way those arms are getting anywhere near his penis.

  3. Maybe one of the funniest things ever. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

    Did you actually post those replies on polldaddy? because that would be awesome.

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