Obama is an Empty Suit and the Last 8 Years “Blame Game”

Two things my republican friend (no plural) and family member (no plural) have started saying recently is that Obama is an empty suit and the last 8 years should be blamed on the democratically run congress which gained power in 2006.

These two things said by two different people – while geographically in different places – were brought up at the same exact time. This being said, I assume there’s some sort of “obama is an empty suit” and “blame the last 8 years on the last 2 years of the democrats having control of the congress” mass email floating around. I’ve got a “slight” issue with both…

Blaming the Last 8 Years on the Last 2 Years: While the democrats gained control of the congress winning senate seats they should have never really competed for in 2006, they have not had enough of a majority in the congress to get anything done. Hey, I’m definitely not complaining about a stalemate in the congress compared to the idiot of the United States having the ability to control whatever a republican run congress does like the first 6 years of his presidency.

Obama is an Empty Suit: Rather than believing what’s in a mass email like Obama is an empty suit, hates america, won’t save the flag lapel pin companies from bankruptcy, is a Muslim, swore in on the Qur’an, etc – how about you read a book? Seriously, go buy (or check it out from your Library) Audacity of Hope. Truly read it. If you finish and have no idea where Obama wants to take this country, you’re clueless and can’t be helped. Otherwise, if you’re lazy, do some research. Search the internet and see what he’s done over the last 12 years politically and over the last 20 years professionally/educationally. I won’t even post the quick wikipedia links – I assume it would be better if you searched and found the information on your own.

I leave you with this (yes, overplayed) clip…

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