FOX and NBC Primetime Live Blogging

I missed my opportunity to live blog during “the moment of truth” and “hell’s kitchen” but I am riding the wave right into “america’s got talent.” Thankfully, the game is on the small tv in the corner. I guess I’ll coin the phrase: “What Would David Hasselhoff Do (WWDHD)?”

Too late

Acronym: WWDHD

Definition: What would David Hasselhoff do?

I think I saw Kevin Garnett just go off before halftime. Sick. The guys here think “hell’s kitchen” totally kicks “america’s got talent” and “the moment of truth” a$$.

The halftime show is about to be over-just in time for the next primetime television show to start! Woops, america’s top talent has 30 minutes left. It will be over soon. I hope the NBA game is going well.

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