Overreaction of the Month Award Winner!

By now, I assume everybody has seen this video…

But, Chief Daryl Roberts of the Hartford Police Department definitely wins the “Overreaction of the Month” award when he publicly/ridiculously said

“We no longer have a moral compass. We have no regard for each other.”

Hey Daryl, heads up – Everyone is taught (or should be taught) that you NEVER touch an injured victim. What were they supposed to do, drag him aside and possibly injure him more? Traffic was stopped – it’s not like cars were continually running over the old man. As you notice within the clip, people eventually go over to the victim within 30 seconds or so. But, rightfully so, they didn’t move him. I’m sure 911 calls were made. I’m sure everyone was in shock and didn’t move quick enough. But, Daryl, congrats – you win the award. Nice work!

P.S. I saw this story yesterday and caught (in the background as I was getting ready for work) the NBC Today Show anchors talking about the incident. But, I didn’t hear their commentary. If they (or anyone else) made the same point I made above, excuse the repetitiveness.

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