Video: Florida School Board Gunman – Crazier than Glenn Beck

The gunman’s agenda seems fueled by tax increases (and subsequent cuts) required to balance a school district’s budget. This blood is on your hands, Fox News + Glenn Beck + 9/11 Truthers + Obama Birthers. And, V For Vendetta. And, Anonymous. Welcome to the world we live in. The world I’ve been warning against since about 6 months after Obama got sworn into office.

As mentioned here, where was this insane group of people – hopefully they would have acted saner – when Bush was actually screwing our country and personal liberties?

P.S. The lead “negotiator” – Superintendent Bill Husfelt – did a hell of a job. His supporting cast not so much. Nor, would I have performed well under the circumstances. This could have been a lot more of a fcked up situation.

4 thoughts on “Video: Florida School Board Gunman – Crazier than Glenn Beck

  1. this is one of the craziest things ever caught on tape. the fact that no one (innocent) got shot blows my mind. did this guy legally get this handgun in spite of his criminal record? regardless, homeboy was clearly out of his mind.

  2. This posting will, without doubt, become one of your
    ‘classic’ liberal rants…It combines Fox News, Glenn Beck, and
    George W. Bush all together without a connection to a story
    involving a firearm. All I can say is WOW…and how refreshing to
    know that those on the left are STILL blaming Bush… Come on Libs,
    if you’re creative enough to push all of this together in relation
    to this goofball in the video, surely you can come up with real
    talking points. I think the left is in trouble…Yes, I am starting
    to see the cracks, it’s in trouble. Time for Life Support for the
    Liberal Cause. The majority of America does not share in Obama’s
    Progressive/Socialistic agenda. Ryan THE Conservative

    • I’d tear apart left wing extremism too if they were promoting revolutions, uprisings, rebellions, 2nd amendment
      remedies, etc like Beck, Angle, The Republican Party, Fox News, Rick Barber, The Tea Party, Limbaugh, Bachmann, etc, etc, etc.

      While I’m annoyed with the president, the GOP really screwed the pooch by dropping their drawers to get tax cuts for the rich through. The republicans were soooooo close to limiting Obama to one term and then the party caved on DADT/START while looking cowardly on tax cuts for rich and the 9/11 responders bill. Both parties are chock-full of idiots. Amazing.

      I’ll definitely continue blaming Bush’s incompetencies until we’re out of this shit…1-3 more years.

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