Creepy Hoodie Footie PajamaGram Commercial

If you get a Hoodie Footie PajamaGram because of this creepy commercial, you need to get an effing divorce! No, seriously – listen to the commercial. It’s DISTURBING!

To repeat/reiterate: If it turns out your husband/boyfriend bought a PajamaGram because of this specific commercial – I haven’t watched other PajamaGram ads to see if they’re equally weird – divorce him the day after you get your Hoodie Footie as a gift.

Of course, this creepy PajamaGram ad was on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor – would you expect anything else?

VERY Important Note:

I only watch Fox (once or twice a month max) to get my blood pressure up and to make sure the right is still more insane than the left.

8 thoughts on “Creepy Hoodie Footie PajamaGram Commercial

  1. I don’t get it. This is america, they are selling a product. If it was sex or drugs or some other nonsense I guess it would be a good commercial or product. To that other person and you, I watch keith oberman once a month to make sure that the right is right on and to find out about fox news because he’s aqlways jealously talking about them. LOL

  2. What is the problem with these pajama’s and fox news? I
    love both of them!!!! I think you sound a bit creepy! Smile and
    enjoy life!

  3. My husband sent these to me for valentines day & I love them! If something makes me happy, he is happy. I don’t know what your problem is with there product, but get over it.

  4. It’s the radio ads during Rush that are reallycreepy. I’m right all the way and these ads are so weird. The woman sounds like she has her hands down her pants while she’s talking. Any ad that basically infers you’ll get laid when you buy your wife pajamas with feet in them is truly trying too hard. They can keep them on the air forever with the knowledge that the ad doesn’t work.

  5. And keeping the desire (or thought potential) is very important. Take it from me, it’s hard to keep thinking in this absurdly conservative city: talk about knee jerk attitudes. It’s time to leave!

    As far as other attitudes have weighed in, it is important to think like an individual, otherwise you’re part of a mob.

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